Month: April 2011

The Liars that Doom Us and their Lies

Doomed! Yet another lie on which policy is set. I’m sure this story will make the front page of the Times but too little, too late. As for TV nooz… their days of calling out liars of importance are long past.

Doomed! Even more policy-making lies here and here.

Asshole: Republican flack David Brooks. Thanks, Pinch and Keller for allowing him a prominent platform. Guys: Your debasement of the Times is a bigger problem that online freeloaders. Just saying. Alienating your audience is always a brilliant business plan.

Asshole: Trump the President is a far bigger one than we even thought. (More here. Of course, it takes New Yorkers to dump on the Trump.)

(More here.)

If the Fed’s stimulus (QE2), at the end of the day, is merely for the speculators and cannot provide the necessary stimulus the economy needs, to say Bernanke wimped out at his press conference is pointlessly simplistic.

See how much Bernanke's corrupted Fed cares about stimulating the economy as opposed to stimulating the speculators who created the fiscal disaster.

Doomed! This is fact, Jack:

I have to say, even I thought that we wouldn’t make the same mistakes we made in 1931; I thought we’d make different mistakes. But somehow conventional wisdom has gelled into the view that the course of wisdom is to forget everything we’ve learned over the past 80 years. (Link.)

Doomed! Republican fiscal irresponsibility is being tested in the U.K., and it’s failing. Onward to America!

Doomed! More lies setting policy.

Doomed! Dead: The last hope for stimulus for the economy. Longer version here.

Disgraceful in every way.

American leadership:

How the deranged liars do it.

One Picture… The E-Z Reader Edition Returns

While those of us paying attention still worry about Fukushima Daiichi…:

(More here.)

Inside Fukushima Daiichi 1.
Wear this and be marked a possible terrorist (which I suppose is why I got an extra look-over while entering International Departures at JFK in 2007).

Doomed! Another policy-setting lie from rightist whores.

Racist asshole: Donald Trump. He’s gonna prove the way to the GOP nomination is by blatant racism.

Shoulda had this for Sunday…:

America Might Possibly Rise Again, Although it’s Doubtful

Reality check! It's been worse. Of course, you need an improving economy to reduce the ratio which, sadly, we aren't going to get.

Guess Obomba’s all ready to lynch Bradley Manning now. (More here.)


His remark was not intended to be a factual statement. (Link.)

Employment’s actual better in the dynamic Socialist States of Europe than in the U.S.

We’re no longer sick patients in need of healthcare but consumers, apparently. Think about it and you’ll realize how perverted an idea it is.

All QE2 would have actually stipulated was the speculative part of the economy, so work, doesn’t work, no matter. (Link.)

The state of the Union. Saw “Inside Job” Easter. Got me thinking awful, awful thoughts about the kind of direct action needed to turn this nation back towards something like normal.

Asshole! Michigan Republican State Senator Bruce Casswell.

Traitor. Future president. My least-liked Jewess.

Fiscal responsibility, Republican-style: There are no economic circumstances that don’t require tax cuts for the wealthy. (Sober qualification: Yes, I know it’s universally warranted because it goes with shrinking government. But when it releases excessive funds for speculation, you get a disaster — like 2008. So supporting cuts just to shrink government and ignore the economic circumstances — not a good idea…. If government must be shrunk, raise the speculators’ tax rates.)

The great thing about the Right: Being defeated and proven wrong never stops them from trying again. That’s why the Civil War hasn’t actually quite ended.

F*** Tennessee.

F*** Kentucky. See why municipal corporate welfare is such an awesome idea — just not for the citizens.

Just another reason Paul Ryan is an asshole. And a reason Eric Cantor is one too!

Weak moment of objectifying women, including the president of the former United States: Picture sitting across from this during negotiations.

Nothing Changes for the Better (Except Maybe in Laos)

Happy Belated Tax Day!
President Palin: Only a patriot when shes paid to be one.

Doomed! Not just because our pols are throughly corrupted but the voters are so ignorant.

TSA: Sick, sick, sick. And I’m sure they have achieved a super-high level of success in stopping terrorism with this.

Ever so slightly amazing who doesn’t pay taxes. Why, this almost makes the case for a McGovern variant on a flat, deduction-free tax with a zero rate or even rebate only for those with a fixed low income….

Can this young man truly be part of the best and the brightest if he just learned that in a corporatist profit and wealth-driven state, the best work for the brightest is asinine ways to make money as opposed to creating anything of real value or providing any significant service?

The crap that is “Ryancare”. A reasoned analysis here.

Prof. Krugman: “[H]igher taxes alone can’t resolve our long-run budget issues, because of rising health care costs, which will eventually swamp even a large tax hike if they continue.” A most excellent reason to maybe do something serious about long out-of-control healthcare costs. It’ll never happen.

Doomed! Just a reminder that while housing is in the crapper, which is too say a significant amount of wealth has been lost by the middle class, there’s going to be no significant recovery soon. Remember: The Republican “growth” in 00s was awfully anemic.

Doomed! Nothing like setting a destructive policy based on bullshit.

There are facts and there is self-promoting horseshit: The difference must be learned:

The disaster that was the S&P downgrade of US debt. Wait, where's the disaster? Click on the image!

Long time, no video. Here:


We went to war in the Nam and this is what we ended up with in our “defeat”*:

(*Attention defeat-obsessed conservatives: Looks like we pretty much won in the long run, huh? What do the people lack now that they would have had if the nations in the region weren’t communist?)

Attention, Ben Franklin: We Failed

Leadership we deserve, leadership weve earned. He made his wealth with lies and abuses of the bankruptcy system. Why does he not deserve to be president of modern America?

What I’ve been saying forever — this is the awful endgame we’re failing to stop at the cost of our nation:

It’s not nice to say this (but the truth is rarely nice): whatever they may say, Republicans are not concerned, above all, about the deficit. In fact, it’s not clear that they care about the deficit at all; they’re trying to use deficit concerns to push through their goal of dismantling the Great Society and if possible the New Deal; they have stated explicitly that they want to reduce taxes on high incomes to pre-New-Deal levels. And it’s an article of faith on their part that low taxes have magical effects on the economy.

Obama believes that the major social insurance programs are a good thing, and has extended them with health reform. Some of the best-known research by his chief economist is his work debunking claims that tax cuts for the rich pay for themselves. (Link.)

And this is what America has come to. (Gobs of raw data here.)

Larry Summers (also a certified asshole) proves his unfitness to be a leader, specially in these times. Felix Salmon:

Summers, of course, has made very good money for himself from financial innovation — over $5 million for one day’s work per week from hedge fund DE Shaw in 2008 alone. And he has lost vast amounts of other people’s money using financial innovation: $1 billion of Harvard’s cash, to be precise, lost in misadventures with things called forward-start interest rate swaps.

Doomed! By lying whores.

See how Jamie Dimon and Chase are screwing us.

The presumption of innocence still exists for lying, thieving Big Banks and their loan servicers.

It just keeps getting uglier in Arizona. And Florida is vile in its own way too.

President Palin claims that Wisconsin “won”. Won what? Record hatefulness? Institutionalized corruption?

[Rerun but too sweet not to repeat:] The Washington Post Company: Corporate Welfare Queen. Without government handouts, it’d be nothing.

Happy Days are… Somewhere….

Traitor. Asshole. Our next president. Needs a batting.
Still: Traitor. Asshole. Our next president.
Shameful how we raise taxes on our wealthiest citizens.

Why is America in the toilet? Because of leaders like this guy:

Doomed! Prof. Krugman left out those who pontificate without caring to know what they’re actually talking about.

Doomed! The Republican effort to increase out of control healthcare costs. (A GOP win-win: Bankrupt the government a little, send a little windfall to their true supporters in Big Business — and leave everyone else worse off.)

See the wealth of the 99% disappear....

Cute how the Big Media forgot or can’t accept that the Heritage Foundation is simply a horseshit factory and offers nothing of any greater value. Always was, still is.

Wow, looks like we have the worlds greatest tax burden. Well, a fact or two wont set Our Leaders straight....

Hey, look! Medicare just got hit with it’s first mortal wound! Anyone really think the Dems can prevent it’s death now?

It couldnt hurt.

Special E-Z Read Post!

"You will believe everything in this post because it's all true!"
You can see the powerful job growth fueling a powerful recovery. Just not in reality. Click on the image for a little reality.
There's a reason Republicans get dissed here and in my circle as dumb. Here, they're more against Medicare cuts than Dems than deliriously vote in people who slave against their interests. Pretty dumb to me. Actually, stupid. Or kinda retarded. Click on the image for more.

What will we tell the People? That socialized medicine is accomplishing what private sector healthcare isn’t?

Paul Ryan’s lies exposed.