America Might Possibly Rise Again, Although it’s Doubtful

Reality check! It's been worse. Of course, you need an improving economy to reduce the ratio which, sadly, we aren't going to get.

Guess Obomba’s all ready to lynch Bradley Manning now. (More here.)


His remark was not intended to be a factual statement. (Link.)

Employment’s actual better in the dynamic Socialist States of Europe than in the U.S.

We’re no longer sick patients in need of healthcare but consumers, apparently. Think about it and you’ll realize how perverted an idea it is.

All QE2 would have actually stipulated was the speculative part of the economy, so work, doesn’t work, no matter. (Link.)

The state of the Union. Saw “Inside Job” Easter. Got me thinking awful, awful thoughts about the kind of direct action needed to turn this nation back towards something like normal.

Asshole! Michigan Republican State Senator Bruce Casswell.

Traitor. Future president. My least-liked Jewess.

Fiscal responsibility, Republican-style: There are no economic circumstances that don’t require tax cuts for the wealthy. (Sober qualification: Yes, I know it’s universally warranted because it goes with shrinking government. But when it releases excessive funds for speculation, you get a disaster — like 2008. So supporting cuts just to shrink government and ignore the economic circumstances — not a good idea…. If government must be shrunk, raise the speculators’ tax rates.)

The great thing about the Right: Being defeated and proven wrong never stops them from trying again. That’s why the Civil War hasn’t actually quite ended.

F*** Tennessee.

F*** Kentucky. See why municipal corporate welfare is such an awesome idea — just not for the citizens.

Just another reason Paul Ryan is an asshole. And a reason Eric Cantor is one too!

Weak moment of objectifying women, including the president of the former United States: Picture sitting across from this during negotiations.

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