Month: April 2010

This Post is the Real Too Big to Fail!

Order is the shape upon which beauty depends. — Pearl S. Buck

The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget. — Thomas Szasz

This is a most excellent question (but Eliot Spitzer is my man — smart and honest for a pol, with great taste in a pro).

(More about the video here.)

Click on the image to learn about this obscenity.

How stupid is Mississippi, besides stupid enough to elect that fat piece of a whale turd, Haley Barbour gubernuh? This stupid.

Victory in Afghanistan. Not.

It’s dangerous because it can create the illusion of understanding and the illusion of control. Some problems in the world are not bullet-izable.” – Brig. Gen. H. R. McMaster says PowerPoint bullets can kill

Separated at birth? =>
<= Separated at birth?

Great news! The Pope has found something to get pissed about. Just not his molesting priests.

Anchors are generally awfully lame dopes, inherently dishonest in that they act like they know something but far more often either they don’t know anything or, when they do, they’re not actually telling you. By those sickening low standards, this guy is garbage.

Proven? Teabaggers are racists?

Look! Another anti-American Republican leader (see viddie below)! Maybe he’s running to be President Palin’s veep?

A funny joke!

Inside justice; how it happened.

An obsession since the Global Economic Meltdown has been how companies rely for profits on simple stealing from their own customers. You know, like banks with their usury and refinancing the mortgages of underwater homeowners by increasing the amount to be paid on the homes and slapping additional fees for the “help” for the desperate. FYE steals too.

The thing to remember about the crackdown on protecting intellectual property is that it’s so excessive, screwing actual creators and copyright holders as well as people who want freedom to do what they want with their purchases short of illegal disseminating.


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The intelligence in the Central Intelligence Agency. Gotta make you wonder about the intel when it’s filtered through crazies….

Inside our success in Iraq. Seven years into the disaster and anyone answer the big questions yet? Is the average Iraqi better off (if so, how)? Are we safer and better off? Real answers requested, not rightist shiboleths and fact-denying talking points.

The music industry is besides a Fail industry, evil and vile. They support kiddie porn — no joke!

Capitofascism? Maybe just sounds worse than it is…?

I think you need vodka to make orange juice healthy, or less toxic…?

Google=evil. The latest.

CSI makes juror stupid and ignorant and helps criminals avoid arrest or at least reduce proof of their guilt. (Link.)

Obit: I loved this guy hosting Popeye on WPIX in the early 60s.

Actually, this video should make us proud, that this vile, vile law can be responded to freely and creatively:

(Read here how the Googlers tried to lose this viddie.)

(More about the viddie here.)

Not actually funny, is it? (Truth sometimes hurts.)


Anyone See Any Green Shoots Recently?

Just a few of the traitors leading our nation -- to ruin. (Why are these people smiling? Treason pays well? The lionization for destroying this nation makes them happy?) (Time for target practice, President Palin?)

The first sign of maturity is the discovery that the volume knob also turns to the left. — /.

A little perspective: Earth seen from Mars.

Going, going… (do I here a higher bid?): The Fourth Amendment — because the private sector doesn’t give a crap about us.

Freedom in retreat in Arizona where all brown-colored people are required to present full legal papers when stopped by police. “They came for the brown people and we did nothing. Then they came for the….” It’s a great day in America and President John Sidney McCain III’s leadership in his home state was awesome — clearly not the leadership of a maverick or anyone decent. And this guy may well be tripping.

Leadership this nation greatly needsThe Republicans believe there is absolutely no need for financial reform.

As noted elsewhere, all the Goldman Sachs emails show is that the company shorted housing growth. Nothing illegal, just prescient. But what they and other emails show is that you couldn’t and still can’t trust the company’s recommendations; their word is worthless.

Eliot Spitzer wants to know where the prosecutors are re Goldman Sachs. Easy: Doing what they were paid to do — keeping hands off GS!

Maybe we should have nuked the U.S.S.R. Is it too late now?

Victory in Afghanistan? If so, it’s sure to bring global peace and prosperity. (Assholes: Everyone who enabled this awful war.)

A hick, upstate New York judge does the right thing. Too infrequently, justice is done. (Background here.) A little more justice here:

Flash! Not all Muslims are Islamofascists! What’s the next shoe to drop? Not all Christians are in fact Christofascists? Or all priests Church-shielded child molesters?

The source doesn’t matter, whether it’s newspaper, TV or blog. Crap reporting from whatever source is crap. You know; it’s the message, not the medium and no, when it comes to reportage, the medium is not the message.

I am impressed by this. I think. But other than the navel-gazers in the media, I don’t think readers terribly care.

Bing fails for Micro$oft. Amazing how this great innovative company, without its two monopolies pretty much just can’t make a profit.

Maybe I would have said something about Boobquake Day but I haven’t seen any image I like.

(More about the viddie here.)

(About the viddie here.)

The greatest book ever published since I don't know when. I cannot wait to see how awesome the iPad app will be!
This may be a close second. For retards.

Apollo 11 Saturn V Launch (HD) Camera E-8

This clip is raw from Camera E-8 on the launch umbilical tower/mobile launch program of Apollo 11, July 16, 1969. This is an HD transfer from the 16mm original. Even more excellent footage is available on our DVDs at our website at http://www.spacecraftfilms.comThe camera is running at 500 fps, making the total clip of over 8 minutes represent just 30 seconds of actual time. Narration is provided by Mark Gray (me), Executive Producer for Spacecraft Films.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Announcement: The Anger/Rage Quotient Has Now Returned to Normal

Those who educate children well are more to be honored than parents, for these only gave life, those the art of living well. — Aristotle

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity and I’m not sure about the former. — Albert Einstein

If people never did silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done. — Ludwig Wittgenstein

America-hating, America-destroying traitor.

As I suspected (or should that be expected?), financial reform will be reform-free. Instead of enhancing the existing structures, new bureaucracies will be created instead, further assuring wasted money and resources, and the attendant distraction of building what’s unnecessary instead of getting down to (and on) business. (But here’s a more lucid assessment of its imminent failure.) And just in case you maybe think that our leaders haven’t been thoroughly corrupted…. And I hate to say this: If the government can’t some control over Goldman Sachs, it will never be able (willing?) to accomplish anything good or helpful.

This I believe: There’s an equilibrium in the ideal distribution of wealth. There’s a limit how destitute people can get. A healthy middle-class is essential. There really is such a thing as the wealthy being too wealthy. Well, this country is seriously out of whack, nearly all of us are paying, and there’s no hope of a correction because “We, the People” have no influence anymore.

Barack Obama hates freedom. The proof is here.

Our liberators:

The genius of President John Sidney (“Maverick”) McCain III:

Another america-hating traitor.

Principle: Sarah Palin will lead us only when her supporters and dopes make her rich enough. Query: That doesn’t make her some sort of whore, does it?

These are true whores, not President Palin.

Another sin of Big Media: Checkbook journalism. Soon (or are we here yet?), sources will only speak to a reporter for payment of one kind or another. There will be neither objective journalism nor even objective sources…. Of course, at that point, Big Media journalism becomes essentially completely irrelevant.

You want a growth industry? Stupidity. See?

The healthy democracy the Cheney/Rove/Bush administration created: torture minorities.

I really do kind of love how Stanley Crouch tries to go all post-racial. I have no issue with idealism other than its unlikeliness. If only our society was truly so, but Crouch is pretty much a society of one on this….

Redux: Read this and you tell me that the elite media is of any value.

Mitt Romney’s plan to beat President Palin clearly is to out-stupid her. His latest effort is here.

Just in case all the media-peddled lies have made you forget, here’s the downside to coal.

This man’s hiring is proof that the economy is truly rebounding and prosperity is right around the corner or at Goldman Sachs or somewhere but it’s there.

Effing DRM pigs: It’s more important to have the DRM than what the copyright holders want.

Tech is supposed to help. Here’s an example of something new helping someone:

I'd love to get some seat time in one of these!
This, too, but less so.