Month: February 2010

How Mellow a Sunday, Waiting for the Next Foot of Snow….

The wisdom of the wise, and the experience of ages, may be preserved by quotation. — Benjamin Disraeli

Chile, from the shaky ground. A little sane background is here. Imagine: A nation that plans ahead…. Thank God, it can’t happen in a superior nation like the USA!

Oops! Yet another important story the elite media missed. And laugh — you will — at ABC News’ bloodbath. Everyone knows fear of termination ensures quality reporting. Maybe Westin’ll keep on someone who knows who Sibel Edmonds is. And a Times fail is here; just a stupid, stupid mistake.

I have a number of issues with the Faux Bidness Journal (the Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal) but the primary one was that it’s been incredibly tabloidized and engages in gratuitous political trash-talking when the virtue used to be clean, objective reporting. Professor Krugman tells me I nailed it.

Knowledge may be power but ignorance and stupidity always win.

Funny. Never happen.

Ode to a louse of a “leader”:

Our leaders Crybabies:

Amazing! A Republican retires from the House. Incredible!

Query: Just how stupid is President John Sidney McCain III?

Assholes: Utah wants to criminalize miscarriages. Really.

Asshole. Rush Limbaugh. Like always.

Bipartisanship means: What was good for Raygun and the Republicans is not acceptable as to the Democrats.

See the Christofascist victory in Uganda. The nation’s golden age is shortly right ahead….

A Christian pol says President Palin is wicked (unless Bristol is Trig’s mom, then Bristol’s wicked, or unless because it’s a Palin, Down’s Syndrome, in that case, is not a birth defect — you know how slippery the wingnut intellect is).

Jon Corzine still loves Goldman Sachs.


The Senate is holding a hearing today where several current and former Blackwater employees will be testifying, but honestly the only way Congress would stop giving Blackwater money is if it started registering black people to vote. (Link.)

Old Cracker culture.

Sad but too true....


This Post Started Sunny and Bright, Hopey, Changey, But Look What Happened: Reality Intervened… :(

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity and I’m not sure about the former. — Albert Einstein

The American Police State has been renewed. Guess the Big Media elite didn’t feel a need to make much of a story about the continued loss of freedom…. And the police state fails to actually make us any more safe.

How Wall Street fucked the world: Matt Taibbi’s awesome piece is here. The corruption will fry your synapses.

The “liberal” Democratic House has decreed corruption as ethically okay.

Asshole: Retarded Brain damaged wingnut Sen. Jim Bunning gives the hate to the unemployed. Fuck you too, Senator. Actually, since he’s a conservative pol, I guess he’s a retard after all.

Asshole: President John Sidney McCain III.

Asshole — and lying thief: Jamie Dimon.

The perversity that is American Justice. Sick, and I am not referring to the man who was recently jailed.

Bipartisanship is an illusion since there is any meeting in the middle.

What a load of crap about the newsroom of the future. More like the deep failure of the journalist profession. Of course, it’s not like knowledge is required by the profession.

Psycho of the day.
Reading is good.

Apparently, the internet was supposed to fail in 1995. That said, I remember a page 1 article in the Journal years ago that asked why people (not businesses) needed P.C.s. I believe Rupert Murdoch is still looking for the answer to that one.

This used to be a TV for which a better use has clearly been found.

And it gets better:

What I can tell you? To me, this is funny:

Hellzapoppin’ Indeed

I’ve decided to be, or at least work to be, more hopeful and optimistic, but reality doesn’t help….


Anyone know why this photo was considered worth the front page of the Times? Is this the main point of the summit according to the paper: The boredom and disinterest in the proceedings of Obama and Biden? Really?

Knowledge is power. Being kept ignorant is oppression. That said, people want to remain ignorant.

In the 60s, we had nothing good to say about the Pentagon. Seems they’re still up to the same crap we accused them of then.

China hates Obama too? Another fail for Obama?

Oh, look: A GOP-sponsored government fail: Toyota could have been caught but they had their back covered by the ‘Publicans. Remember: Sometimes the government fails and sometimes it’s caused to fail.

This makes me sick. You?

Another dumbass journalist who either just doesn’t get it or gets it but doesn’t want to tell you the truth: Sarah Palin does what she does because she’s stupid and awfully thin-skinned and the media’s obsession with this piece of shit does the country a huge disservice. And it’s that kind of constant failing that is making it such that if the entire Big media journalism enterprise disappears, the loss will be minor. Anyone who gives Palin any sort of benefit of the doubt is some sort of loser. This piece of garbage should only join me on the unemployment line. Asshole. And why the hell does Kevin Smith expect the average reporter to report when he can just regurgitate imbecilic bullshit?

If we boycott all the exploitative corporations, whose services will be left for us?

This makes me wonder: When will be taxed to pay for Wall Street bonuses?

Another school spies on its students.

Flash! If you’re not a supporter of copyright fascism, you’re an enemy of the USA. More specifically, they say using open source is an act of piracy!? We know what that makes me….

Micro$oft strikes in the wars against freedom and knowledge.

Maybe you can meet Tripp Palin here, maybe even ask him who’s womb he passed out of (it’s still an unsolved mystery for me).

This is one of those times that the “good old days” actually were better than the present.

My kind of font....
A different kind of essential reading: Fun at work.

(More about the viddie here.)

I’ll have a double. now:

(More about that last viddie here.)


A guy meets a hooker in a bar. She says, "This is your lucky night. Let's play a game. I'll do absolutely anything you want for $300, so long as you can say it in three words." The guy replies, "Hey, why not?" He pulls his wallet out of his pocket and, one at a time, lays three 100-dollar bills on the bar and says slowly, "Paint ... my ... house."
A man with an incredibly small penis takes his new girlfriend to bed for the first time, and because he's not proud of his incredibly small penis, he insists that they turn off the lights. Once it's dark, he makes his move and puts his erection in her hand, and she says, "No thanks, I don't smoke."

Update: That video of the naked woman splashing in the waves I posted, partly gratuitously, recently in “honor” of YouTube’s censorship of her work? Victory!

Thanks to Google’s Smashing of the Wall Street Journal Paywall, Thomas Frank on the Death of the Dems and Therefore Death of Democracy in America

Thanks again, Google!

It’s no secret that the tea party faithful regard the Obama administration as a Constitution-shredding tyranny. But in a profile of the movement published last week, the New York Times reported the surprising news that many of the protesters have come to this view as a result of their experiences in the recession: “Their families upended by lost jobs, foreclosed homes and depleted retirement funds, they said they wanted to know why it happened and whom to blame.”

An account of a conservative uprising published a few days later by the Washington Post under the headline, “Appalachia is slipping from grip of Democrats,” told the story of a hard-bitten congressional district in western Virginia where the response to the recession has been a dramatic swerve to the right.

The free-market system blunders into recession; its victims flock to the free-market banner. And here we go again.

The backlash against liberalism has been going on for more than 40 years. It is as immediate as this morning’s newspaper but as old as those “Silent Majority” buttons you find at antique stores. Since the days of George Wallace, conservatives have been leading rebellions against hippies, against busing, against Hollywood, against property taxes, against welfare, against evolution, against whatever.

The formula is familiar beyond the point of tedium: Middle-American righteousness, resentment of liberal “elites,” weepy fantasies of persecution set to a country-music melody. Yet its power never wears off. Today conservatives are giddily anticipating another electoral disaster for the “Party of the People.”

For the moment, let’s leave aside the question of whether the conservative rebels can credibly claim that, by raising their voices for tax cuts and deregulation, they are striking a brave blow against the powers-that-be.

Instead, let us pause to contemplate what appears to be the epic dimwittedness on the other side of the battlefield—the years of folly that have allowed the Democrats to wander blithely into the same old snare again and again. The laissez-faire system has just finished giving us a convincing demonstration of its viciousness, but the party of Franklin Roosevelt can’t get out in front of the resulting anger. Working-class Massachusetts and even Appalachia are turning away from it in disgust, but the party of the political scientists doesn’t seem to have noticed.

The answer to the riddle is as plain as the caviar on a lobbyist’s spoon. Democrats don’t speak to angry, working-class people because a lot of them can’t speak to angry, working-class people. They don’t know how. Many of the party’s resident geniuses gave up on that constituency long ago, preferring instead to remodel their organization as the vanguard of enlightened professionals and the shrine of purest globaloney. They worked hard to convince Wall Street that new-style Democrats could be trusted. They accepted, for the most part, the deregulatory agenda of the Reagan administration; in fact, in some fields—banking, telecommunications, free trade—they went farther than Ronald Reagan dared.

Along the way, these new-style Democrats did little as their allies in organized labor were scythed down by organized money; last year they watched as the percentage of unionized workers in the private sector sank lower than any point in the 20th century. The fatuity of it all is surely plain to Democrats by now: They have permitted nothing less than the decimation of their own grass-roots social movement. As a result, in large parts of America, there is no liberal presence at all, no economic narrative to counterbalance the wisdom of Rush Limbaugh.

President Barack Obama might have helped in this regard, using the biggest megaphone in the land to tell us, in the Times’s words, “why it happened and whom to blame.” He might have explained to us how financial regulation was systematically undermined by his predecessors, how the prospect of quick profits bred conflicts of interest throughout the system, and how a delusional free-market superstition blinded the nation to the unsoundness of the financial structure.

He might, in other words, have contested the right’s monopoly on the word “elite.” He might have reached out to working-class voters in the only way Democrats can.

But that would have been divisive. That would have disturbed the confidence of the markets.

Watching the victory of 2008 appear to slip through the Democrats’ fingers is disheartening, but not because it is a story of opportunism and selling out. After all, if Democrats were opportunists, they would be pushing the still-popular “public option” in the health-care debate. Something might yet be salvaged.

No, the Democrats’ problems arise from their convictions, from the botched centrist faith to which so many of their leaders still cling. They do what they do because they believe that those hearty fellows on the Sunday talk shows really know the answer; that the truth really resides in the dusty globalization clichés of the ’90s.


Conceived, Directed and Edited by Amy Greenfield.Camera: Hilary HarrisSome call this art….Screened at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC; The Museum of Modern Art, NYC; The London and Edinburgh Film Festivals.” We do not stand on the shore and inquire of the ocean ha was its movement in the past. we know that the movement of its nature is eternal to its nature.” Isadora Duncan from The Dance Of The Future.

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Can You Handle All This Truth??

Another great moment in America -- another triumph for its destroyers... by which I mean both Microsoft and the pols....

Let us so live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry. — Mark TwainMen, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one. — Charles Mackay

No intelligent man has any respect for an unjust law. — Robert A. Heinlein

I love quotations because it is a joy to find thoughts one might have, beautifully expressed with much authority by someone recognized wiser than oneself. — Marlene Dietrich

Our Leaders’ War on the Middle Class. Dis the bougerois all you want but you can’t have a healthy country without a healthy middle class. Why do you think people come here to make a subsistence living? Cause where they come from, there isn’t even enough of a middle class to support that limited existence….

Another front in the War on Freedom (and another place where we’re losing — and you know whose side President Hopeychangey is on). The document is here. Once again, the question is, what are you going to believe, the lies you’re told or the truth you can see for yourself?

Gone! A little more freedom. Can anyone say America truly is a police state?

Read about the Corporatists’ lies about global warming, and how they create their lies, here.

Another clue to the fucked-upedness of the modern American state. This is simple idiocy, unfortunately prevalent….

The GOP is promoting their own death panels.

And you doubt GOP policy is to destroy America? Read this first; it’s the primer, as it were.

Isn’t it amazing — really — how the Big Media elite just cannot come out and say that Dick Cheney is deliberately lying for partisan purposes?

Or this on the elite are choosing to ignore: How the freedom-hating establishment is using the freedom-loving teabaggers to push their anti-American agenda?

Big Media journo insanity. More of the same here. Another media fail here. And here.

This is bad news.

The real head of the GOP. It starts here (if you can stomach it):

History: Alexander Haig was once actually president.

Assholes: MagicJack.

I love Shanghai!!!

The things greed makes men do….

Sorry, Forbesians: Great wealth makes one wealthier, in no way better.

Crazy Russians…. Anyone have a video?

Awesome, incredible flight of the week.

So I post a video YouTube kicks off of a naked woman splashing in waves. There’s a good reason for posting and it’s here.

New felony: breakdancing.

Isn’t this a better place for a honeymoon than a wedding?

Truth on the streets of not-yet-gentrified Harlem. At least some people can see past Obama's skin color....

This is close to true but is still funny.

Wish your high school was cool enough for this??

(More about the story behind the T here. And here. And all my kid’s middle school can manage to do is accuse my daughter of being a violent lesbian grass dealer — I exaggerate, but less than you think).

Assholes: The IOC. Again.

Come the next Depression — soon!? — all you’ll be able to afford to eat is this.

Something else I said first.

Lego insanity....

The Triumph of the America-Haters

...and whatever you think, they rule us.

“Forget not that the earth delights to feel
your bare feet and the winds long to play
with your hair.”
— Kahlil Gibran

Do I contradict myself?/ Very well then I contradict myself,/ (I am large, I contain multitudes.)
– Walt Whitman

The too short version of the failure of Obama and the Dems.

Has even the best healthcare reform that may get passed already failed?

When titans clash…. And more scum here. And this of course is far worse.

Need another example of what kind of disgusting liars these GOP leaders assholes are? And here’s another; when someone finds something funny like this guy does and Scott Brown does, it’s a sign of mental sickness. (Of course, they have to joke about it because otherwise they might have acknowledge a degree of complicity.) And here’s another piece of scum!


More crumbs for the middle class from Obama. Once again, too little, too late = fail. Here’s the problem Obama’s failing or refusing to do anything substantive about.

Homeland security: Making the homeland less secure….

Props (belatedly) to Andrea Fay Friedman. (More here.) Not that anything good will come out of it, the media will continue to build up Sarah Palin, an artifice that won’t collapse until after her election at which time the whole country will be hurt instead of the egos of a bunch of retards crazy people, but still… for a moment there was a little lucidity…. And Tripp Palin lives on the benefits of socialism.

Big Media continuing fail, the very short version: Elite’s journalism is better than the bloggy time because the bloggers sometimes tell you what actually happened instead of going with the self-serving bullshit of anonymous sources. But then again, passing on the dishonest crap makes one feel like a player and reporting truth doesn’t. And here’s a recent fail from the Times.

And here’s a score by the Times — except for the stupidity of running it on a Sunday (probably more readers, far less play in the Big Media echo chamber).

Reminder: Big Banks’ profits come from stealing from you and me.

Evan Bayh: Traitor to his party, failure as a traitor? Or was it deliberate to avoid the mess of a primary…?

Essential reading: Taibbi’s latest.

Big publisher fail. Of course, you get crap when marketing’s not the most important thing about something but the only thing….