3 March 2009

First, a thought: I’ve alluded to this a bunch of times but, really, isn’t amazing how deluded and detached from reality private sector leaders have been since the 80s? In an unpublished essay (I just barely wrote that with a straight face), I note that the Nabisco “sell out” in the 80s seems to have created a paradigm shift. So the question now that the schmucks brought us where we are is whether there’s a significant number of replacement leaders available. Are there really replacements for the Pandits, the Wagoners?

Anyway, on with the show….

How to treat a cat properly (this is dedicated to Michael Phelps, of course): Stuff one into a bong.

You’d think that alleged tech geniuses could see that a benefit of having iPods and iPhones in the house would might serve as inspiration for the kids to learn how to think outside the box instead of, oh, better means of extorting. The genius of Bill Gates:

There are very few things that are on the banned list in our household. But iPods and iPhones are two things we don’t get for our kids.” -– Melinda Gates on the two items you don’t want to be caught dead with in the Microsoft chairman’s home

Professor Krugman tells us that Ben Bernanke studied and studied and studied the Great Depression and got it wrong. In passing, we also learn that we can put gobs of blame for the current state on Milton Friedman.

Professor K also informs us that it’s not just Obama dropping the ball on the economy; other nations’ governments are failing the test of leadership too.

An obsession: Rachel Ray. Don’t ask, can’t explain it, just am. And now she decided to go after the lad market (dying as it is (or is the lad market going after old guys?) and show that she’s actually hot.

Let’s say my (non-threatening) obsession with RR is weird. Well, this is what happens when one spends too much time contemplating one’s (obviously innie) navel.

GOP leadership: Michael “Da Man” Steele slams Rush. Rush’s fury then helps Steele realize that he didn’t say at all what was in mind, that he ended up saying the opposite of what was in his mind. (This is the same great leader who once lied to voters and claimed that he was a Dem.)

Proof of treason: John Woo’s DoJ memos.

You know that the collapse of Big Journalism is a bad thing. Tom Tomorrow shows you. The tragedy is that it has resulted only from gross ineptitude by management ( a new theme for this era…). Simply put: It did not have to happen, it was caused by ineptitude. Hope the Times does a story on it so that the rest of the media might learn their lesson….

Speaking of which, a query: There appears to be a solution: The Wall Street Journal’s model: online sub for about (very approximately) half a print sub. (The Nation, too, has pretty much the same model.) Well, how’s it working? I find it fair enough, specially if it preserves the enterprise. Really do like the lame idea being floated of the Times giving subscribers free Kindles for e-delivery instead of paper.

More than you ever wanted to know bout the secret history of orange juice is here.

Laura Bush is still a dumb idiot. The latest proof is here.

Go here now and follow instructions.


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