Month: July 2010

This Time, Bigger is Better

Another victory for the Cheney/Rove/Bush administration, the policies of whom have half-lives second only to Stronium-90.

The Afghan WikiLeaks: another perspective — they’re not so reliable because the military can’t be trusted to communicate within themselves honestly. Me, I say that while that lowers the accuracy, it points out just a little more Fail to the pointless war. Meanwhile, the conservative press has it somewhat in perspective: There’s nothing per se new in the leaks. If you were paying attention, there’s nothing new in the general scope of the story. What’s new is the loads of forensic proof — that what’s they’re missing or deliberately ignoring.

Like their Republican puppets, the corporatists hate the killed in action, and they steal from the survivors.

Doomed: Because liars set economic policy.

Doomed: Because retards set economic policy.

Doomed: Because anyone not certifiably insane is considering an extension of the Cheney/Rove/Bush tax cuts. They did nothing good originally, other than create an unnecessary fiscal deficit and would be even worse now.

If you think this is bad news, you have things exactly backwards. President Palin’s media supporters are already downplaying a defeat in New Hampshire with the old “It doesn’t matter what happens here” claim.

Assholes: Roger Simon and the rest of the awful. vile Politico gang of bullshit artists (and I use the word artists lightly).

I cannot embed this so click on the link to watch it….

Sad, sad, sad: The Anti-Defamation League, now just a supporter of the most vile right-wing politics. It’s been years — decades — since they did anything of value. (More better put here.)

Asshole retard: Paul Ryan. A lying panderer like every other Republican.

Good for Sandra Bullockcalling out Big Oil deceivers. Now if she could do herself a favor and stop getting involved with assholes… I know that would hurt People magazine but it would be good for her….

Now I understand why I don’t care see to “Inception”: it says not caring whether you live in a world with any connection with reality is okay, that it’s hero is self-deluded like a wingnut. (Link.)

How we got to the moon (back when this nation was able to do things):

I loved this show, specially the latter part of the run with the Raymond Loewy-designed Cessna 310


As Good as it Gets

Now we know... DoD tweeted their position....

Evil prevails when good men do nothing — Edmund Burke

I like living. I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow, but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing. — Agatha Christie

Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die. — Mel Brooks

If built in great numbers, motels will be used for nothing but illegal purposes. — J. Edgar Hoover

Really, it didn’t taken genius to realize the war in Afghanistan was doomed and worthless. For those who cannot learn from history nor current facts, here’s proof. About the documents here. More background info here.

Teabag Jesus!

The Afghan Fail analyzed so well you’ll cry. Link.

What WikiLeaks may do for us next. (More here.)

Pentagon: The leaks are only embarrassing, don’t threaten national security. Well, who needed the Pentagon to tell them that? The threat — like Paki support of the Taliban and terrorists is old news. The new news is that it’s old news… I mean, to those paying attention.

Doomed: Because the record (and Old Testament) is clear; one thing worked — a healthy government stimulus — and nothing else and Our Leaders either don’t get it or just can’t bring themselves to do what they know needs to be done. Read this and this.

Doomed: A somewhat dispassionate analysis based on facts and knowledge.

Doomed: Because Keynesian policies work and Our Leaders refuse to use them — because Obomba was clearly elected with a mandate to continue failed Republican policies.

Doomed because stupidity and greed and cupidity rule (thank you, Greatest Generation).

Doomed: Because of those who believe life goes on so what do things matter. Okay: A new normal of 9-1/2% unemployment and a significant loss of wealth is acceptable, huh? To be that, you have to be a Forbesian milion-/billionaire or a fool who believes whatever you’re told to believe no matter what it does to you (e.g. Teabag-cllass retard).

Life in these here modern, America-hating United States — the arc of our history in a phrase: “…taking it from napkin doodle to TSA confiscata….” (Link.) From progress to mindless repression….

American Justice: Busted for taping a cop pulling a gun.

Seymour Hersh — a dying breed: A real reporter who reports (oh, wait, he’s a dick, so the Elite Journalists can ignore his work, facts and all):

Asshole: President John Sidney McCain III — opportunistic, unprincipled flip-floppinh retard.

Asshole: I’ve hated Carly Fiorina from the get-go and she becomes ever more hateable. Now she loves the teabaggers.

Assholes: The Great Rightwing Bullshit Machine for which the Elite Media feels compelled to be an uncritical echo chamber.

A small victory for freedom in the war against it by the copyright police.

Again: The suppression of the copyright cops is not a good thing.

Why is Tina Brown making believe her husband is any sort of world leader? I mean, is this crap for real?

Just throwing this out here but maybe this bureaucratic inanity is the result, in whole or in part, of deliberate Republican mismanagement because one of the ways to destroy government is by making inept and hated?

I loved this guy's stuff. And he was an inspiration. Click on the image for an obit. And if you don't find this funny, you have probelms and I don't like you.

There are people who would get turned on by this (question: everyone is smolking tobacco or are there any substitute fillers for non-tobacco smokers?):

Because we need it: comedy relief:

That's a fact, Jack.

The New D&D: Deluded and Denying — That’s What Makes the World Go Round

There's still a need for newspapers after all. As wallpaper. Click.

Gone, baby, gone: Daniel Schorr — a real reporter — R.I.P. No replacement available. Our loss. (The “official” obit is here.)

When the Republicans regain power (or do I just mean more control?), clearly it will be a return to the bad days of the Cheney/Rove/Bush administration. Lucky us. Thank God, Obomba and the Media Elite echo machine helped re-empower them after the 2006 and 2008 elections.

Did you know the Roberts Supreme Court is even more conservative other recent courts? Knew it for years but the Times just found out, despite their complete coverage of the court. Do you know from the piece just conservative it is? Dunno but it’s conservative in the anti-respect-for-the-law way the wingnuts falsely accuse the old liberal courts of being. Think the Big Media echo chamber is going run with this one? Doubt it.

Someone thinks Obomba’s irrelevant energy bill might have a few crumbs of good in it by the time it’s passed (no thanks to Obomba of course, he doesn’t lead). Link.


The Vatican still has no problem with priests having abnormal sex. (Link.)

Financial Reform Fail.

Me, I always wondered how things can be safer when capital and profit rule….

Economic downturns are unavoidable. Depressions can be avoided.

More dead: Kodachrome.

Obomba: How he fails.

Atrios is dead wrong about this (though I wish he’s right). Unemployment is not going to be9+% for the next 18 months — it’s gonna be much longer and personally I think it’s the new normal. (More here.) If job growth was so punk during the good times of the Cheney/Rove/Bush years then when will we ever have robust growth again? (Of course, I joke; the prosperity of the Clinton and Bush years wasn’t a genuine growth but the growth of credit and speculation.) This, however, is funny in a macabre way.

Asshole: Ben Stein. (But that’s only been known for decades.)

HAMP=FAIL. But the fewer homeowners “helped”, the better. And Atrios raises a good point: Accountability, anyone?

Liberal PBS runs rightwing hagiography unedited, gives spew of lies legitimacy. (Link.) Of course, PBS hasn’t been liberal for years, only in the rightists’ lies, not in any sort of reality as normal people understand reality.

Andrew Breitbart: The correct solution would be a public lynching. Really.

The Republican Movie of the 20th Century:

Fact: America doesn’t need Tennessee. Quit, baby, quit! Don’t want to be Americans? GTF out of our country!


Assholes: Random House. Of course, these days, profits aren’t earned, they’re stolen….

Today’s lesson in literary history: L. Frank Baum was cool!

This May Well Be a Lull Before Another Storm… or not

Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. — Jack Benny

A parable for our times:

No surprise here: The failure of the Fed.

How we can survive the economic hard times....

Obomba’s energy Fail. Watch the Gulf spill here!

How Obomba fails: He refuses to take responsibility. I’ve been holding off on this for time reasons but the Obomba strategy is clear: Only do things that can be boasted about as accomplishments but aren’t because of fear of fighting the corporatist establishment, like reform-free reform bills and a D.O.A. stimulus. I cannot predict the future but I’d love to get back to this issue someday….

What makes European trains run on time?

No, not fascism. — Maggie Koerth-Baker

Teabaggers love crap like this douchebag.

What I don’t understand about Andrew Breitbart: Who the fuck is he that the Media Elite feel required to be his echo chamber? Why do they do it? Who needs this? More specifically, who needs anyone who needs it and why do those retards dictate what’s determined to be newsworthy?

So the story’s getting some buzz but since the point of the story is the failure of the elite media to, you know, bother to get a story straight — like here and here and here — the question is: Did the Elite Media learn the lesson? Or maybe their audiences only learned again how inept, which is to say ultimately irrelevant, the Elite Media are.

Qualified props to the Times for this front page story. Of course, it’s not going to get picked up by the Media Elite echo chamber — it’s not as important as an Andrew breitbart lie.

Media Elite asshole: John Stossel.

Unsupervised: Medical devices’ proprietary, life-threatening software.

This is sickening: Sarah Palin + Kate Gosselin + the kids.

Another endemic failing of the Media Elite journos: The compulsion to offer ignorant opinion instead of substantive reporting;  a fresh example.

(About the viddie.)

What we need in a smartphone: bloatwarea feature of Android’s open app marketplace. Any piece of garbage a developers wants to put out, he can, thanks to the complete absence of supervision. See this too.

Still hard....

The Bullshit that is Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal

This couldn’t be a bigger crock of shit if it came from Andrew Breitbart (thanks to Google for busting the paywall!) — imagine, a House whitewash is going to bring down the party in the next election, while Republicans fucking their stepsons’ wives won’t:

House to Try Top Democrat


House investigators have laid out a series of ethics accusations against Democratic Rep. Charles Rangel, the once-powerful tax-writer who is one of the most senior members of Congress, presenting his party with a new complication in advance of the fall elections.

Mr. Rangel, of New York, will have the opportunity to defend himself at a public trial before the House ethics committee beginning next week, according to a statement Thursday from the panel, formally known as the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct.

If found guilty, Mr. Rangel could be expelled from office or face a lesser sanction such as admonishment. With nearly 40 years of service in the House, the 80-year-old lawmaker has been in Congress longer than some of its younger members have been alive.

Mr. Rangel said Thursday in a statement that “at long last, sunshine will pierce the cloud of serious allegations that have been raised against me in the media” over the past two years. “I will be glad to respond to the allegations at such time as the ethics committee makes them public.”

The committee won’t detail the specific charges against Mr. Rangel until next week.

A person familiar with the case said the investigators found evidence of violations of ethics rules involving Mr. Rangel’s alleged use of a rent-stabilized apartment in Manhattan as a campaign office. Investigators also found violations involving his use of congressional stationery in seeking support for a City College of New York center named after Mr. Rangel, this person said.

Committee investigators also allege that Mr. Rangel’s financial-disclosure statements didn’t accurately reflect his ownership of a vacation villa in the Dominican Republic, the person familiar with the case added.

A broader set of questions about the congressman’s activities had surfaced in the past two years, and it wasn’t clear what determination committee investigators had made about them. Those included how Mr. Rangel financed the purchase of the Dominican Republic property. One of his attorneys has said he paid no mortgage interest for more than a decade.

A special investigative panel set up by the ethics committee spent months looking into allegations. Thursday’s action by the investigators is similar to an indictment.

“The investigative subcommittee has said that there was wrongdoing. Now there will be public hearings” to determine if the charges can be proven, said Robert Walker, former staff director of the ethics committee.

For that process, the two Democrats and two Republicans on the investigative subcommittee will present evidence to eight people on the full House ethics committee, also equally divided between the two parties.

Mr. Rangel stepped down as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee in March, a week after the ethics committee found him guilty of violating House rules by failing to properly disclose a trip to the Caribbean underwritten by corporations. He later reimbursed the costs of the trip using funds from his campaign account.

Voters in Mr. Rangel’s Harlem district have already re-elected him once since some of the ethics questions surfaced. A public trial over the allegations, however, could pose problems for his fall campaign.

At the same time, on the national political stage, a trial might allow Democrats to move Mr. Rangel’s problems out of public view well before the fall election. Democrats might also use the case to argue that Congress is effectively policing its problems. Brendan Daly, a spokesman for Speaker Nancy Pelosi, said the “action today would indicate that the independent, bipartisan ethics committee process is moving forward.”

Ms. Pelosi, when campaigning in 2006, had promised to “drain the swamp” if she became speaker. Republicans argued that Mr. Rangel’s alleged violations show she has failed in that promise.

“Instead of presiding over ‘the most honest, most open, and most ethical’ Congress in history, Washington Democrats have presided over a string of bailouts, job-killing government takeovers, and other backroom deals,” House Minority Leader John Boehner (R., Ohio) said in a statement.

Former Rep. Tom Davis, who once led the GOP’s House campaign committee, said Republicans will “try to add this to the narrative in terms of a corrupt Congress.” On Thursday, the Republicans’ national Senate campaign committee cited the investigators’ action in noting that it has called on Rep. Brad Ellsworth (D., Ind.), a Senate candidate, to return campaign cash from Mr. Rangel.

Mr. Rangel’s re-election chances hinge largely on the Sept. 14 Democratic primary, since his district is so heavily Democratic.

His challengers include state Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV, son of the man Mr. Rangel unseated in 1970. Also seeking the seat is Vince Morgan, a former aide to Mr. Rangel, as well as Jonathan Tasini, an antiwar activist, and Joyce Johnson, an Obama supporter.

Mr. Tasini on Thursday called on Mr. Rangel to drop his re-election bid. Mr. Rangel has suggested the ethics inquiry may help him with voters who think he is being unfairly criticized.

Several organizations called on Mr. Rangel to step aside rather than stand trial. “Rep. Rangel has toughed it out as long as he could, the time clearly has come for him to resign,” said Melanie Sloan, the executive director of the nonpartisan Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington.

The last lawmaker to stand public trial by the House ethics committee was Rep. Jim Traficant (D., Ohio), who was expelled from Congress in 2002.

Write to Brody Mullins at

Still Doomed, Thanks to Our Leaders — and Us For Keeping Them in Power

Make your own. Click on the image!

Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve. — George Bernard Shaw

I have noticed that the people who are late are often so much jollier than the people who have to wait for them. — E. V. Lucas

Once upon a time, America was capable was capable of far more than getting involved with pointless, doomed wars and replacing investing with speculation and worshipping a generation of conscripts who returned to raise two generations of stupid, greedy people. Once, we were capable of doing things. See it now:

Traitors: National insecurity: How the Republicans’ fealty to private sector profits at everyone’s expense has made America less free and more at risk.

Traitors: Enough of general bashing, here’s how they’ve been destroying America: Republican fiscal irresponsibility.

Proven traitors: Teabaggers=America-hating corporatist whores.

Does Obomba have balls?

Query: Is this corrupt enough you to admit Our Leaders are pretty thoroughly corrupted?

BP is hard at work to make sure scientific information regarding the Gulf spill stays secret — and apparently there are any number of scientists for whom this is not a problem. (Link.)

Doomed, beause this will not suceed, it will lead nowhere, but it may be fun to dream…:

Doomed (thanks to Republican policy): The nightmare that is the post-bubble housing market. Hey, Greatest Generation, thanks for the two generations of greedy retards you raised. Good going!

Ugly. And dead on true.

Doomed: Because the Republkicans make sure we don’t (or don’t allow us to) learn from past mistakes. (Link. Link.)

Obomba calls out Republicans on unemployment insurance — you know, too little, too late. I call him out on his failure to pass a non-speculative economy-growing, job-creating stimulus.

Asshole whore: Niall Ferguson — first-rate bullshit artist.

Dem scumbag: John L. Sampson.

Doomed: Standardized stupidity. You know the South’s standards will rule.

It takes a great nation to criminalize growing healthy food. America is great.

Good news!

Sir Harold Evans — a former first-rate journalist who turned a whore for Murdoch, a “notable economist and historian”? Nowhere in the world except on his wife’s irrelevant, crappy blog.

Sarah Palin jokes: What happens when she’s elected? Jokes retroactively stop being funny? On the other hand, there’s nothing funny about this:

Traitors: Rightwing lies, bought by the media elite: The latest harm done.

Republican scumbags.

Apparently it’s legal to take photos in public? (Link.)

Faked lie of a photo....

Revealed: That Arizona anti-immigration bill got passed because the governor hates her own state.

Goodness, Steve Jobs maybe got it right. Why anyone expected the competition to admit to their own flaws instead of lying….

This is exactly ass-backwards: The Windows/Office monopoly is forced on us; there is not a thing Apple makes that is any way forced on us.

Nexus One is so successful Google’s quitting production of it.

R.I.P., Kodachrome….

Apocalypse Coming

The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd; indeed in view of the silliness of the majority of mankind, a widespread belief is more likely to be foolish than sensible. — Bertrand Russell

Democracy is a form of government in which it is permitted to wonder aloud what the country could do under first-class management. — Senator Soaper

Proof that Reagonomics was a failure economically, only a success in the Republican ability to sell a Big Lie through the compliance of the elite press. (Click on the graph for the story.)

Apocalypse Soon: It’s coming.

Apocalypse Soon: What the 2010 Republican victory will bless us with. Well, what would you expect from the party that hates America? Anything good for we, the people? Of course, this kind of disaster is easy to make happen, thanks to the Media Elite, who did a great job us into Iraq buying Republican lies, for example. (That social irresponsibility is why if the old media disappears tomorrow, it would be a minor loss.) Why it’s going to happen is here. Throwing away a mandate for change certainly doesn’t help….

Doomed: Because policies are based on want the elites want, independent of any other reality (cf. HAMP — “helping” people who can’t afford to pay something to pay even more than what they can’t afford) but for pols lying to us to convince us they did something good when all they did is to screw us. In a sense, then, all pols are Republicans. What set this off is here.

Doomed: The simple version, from a guy at Goldman. The good news — no “double dip” ahead — because the economy is and will be so punk for so many years to come.

How Obomba fails. How Obomba failedHow Obomba failed. Actually, I maybe disagree with that last one…. (In his defense, we let Our Leaders get away with crap like this.)

Doomed by retarded assholes like Jon Kyl.

Doomed because Republicans hate small businesses — you know, the ones essential for a healthy, non-predatory economy. Do you know if Our Leaders didn’t rig it so speculators couldn’t lose money, maybe there’d be more investing instead, which would be far better for nearly everyone?

Doomed: Because Big Banks are Obomba’s only important constituency — he’s their bitch.

Doomed: Because Obomba failed, because people are “ill-informed”. (Link.)

Wall Street is safe from financial reform. Despite the bill, none will be coming. Obomba will make sure of that.

This will be good news if it leads to anything….

Silly me. Isn’t it clear HAMP is meant to help the lenders or investors in fake crap debt not just get their money but to get extra money for making inappropriate loans or investing in crap debt? Helping underwater homeowners was never the real plan. And what’s the point of making underwater homeowners who could never afford their homes in the first place pay more to stay where they can’t afford to stay? (Link. More here.)

Financial “reform” (another Obomba fiscal black hole that will waste money and fail to reform anything): An interesting factoid.

Objectivist asshole: Greenspan finally speaks wisdom, comes out for a little fiscal responsibility. (Link.)

Think the Teabaggers aren’t puppets of the people who create what they claim to protest against? Well, they are against people who oppose corporate support of terrorists. And they’re lying retards.

Afghanistan: The eternal Fail.

Elite Media bullshit.

This guy is completely wrong, merely a believer in the lies that rationalize selfish, anti-societal behavior. Or maybe he’s just an Objectivist retard.

Why President Palin will be elected: She gives men hard-ons. Really:

Looks like Steve Jobs wasn't complete wrong. Unless you prefer "spokesmen" lies over facts.

My hero: Peter Jenner, man of sense.

Another sad day for CNN, now more irrelevant than ever, with the ratings to prove it.

The modern Elite Media journalist: No experience required. Not that experience helps when the Elite Media doesn’t give a shit about factual accuracy.

Wrist: slapped. Yay, Goldman!

The Vatican must be getting ready to ordain women as priests. Reason I say so: They say it would be as bad as raping kids from the pulpit. But for location of the abuse, the Vatican is fine with that. (Link.)

History: When the Elite Media saw nothing wrong with spreading complete bullshit instead of calling the lying Republican retards on their idiocy, thereby giving the completely illegitimate legitimacy. And thus begins a slippery slope where the Elite Media just can’t point out really, say, Sarah Palin’s profound unfitness to lead this nation anywhere right and good. Make fun of her in their snotty way, yes (and strengthening among the retards in the process), going for the substantive argument, no. More here. Another example here. Really, if the purpose of the Elite Media is to put up with 99.44/100% crap because of the .54% of competently reported importance and significance, they’re doomed and the loss will be, well, I guess regretable.

Pretty much the only provision of the Constitution the wingnuts support absolutely.

Ahh, them was the days when they could have a commercial about….