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Why So Happy? Out of My Mind for 12 August 2009

Assholes: Know-nothing pimps of torture.

Mexico: Really, the corruption permeates all levels of its society, doesn’t it? All levels.

What do we have? A statistical recovery?

The world’s greatest healthcare system: The the fee schedules are insane.

Cretins: The wingnuts, in the midst of an economic meltdown caused by an overly free market that cares solely for speculation, worries instead about affordable health insurance that actually covers stuff. The classic fear in a democracy: Ignoramuses riled up by demagogues (and “pundits”).

She’s so presidential…:

Karl Rove: Guilty! (But deep in our hearts, we knew it.)

That waterslide viddie? Faked!

You go, GM! Company’s first real innovation in decades!

What necessity mothers…:

Clearly, people used to have too much free time....
Clearly, people used to have too much free time....

What I’d love for my garage doors….

Wow! Rich drug dealers attract really hot girlfriends!
Wow! Rich drug dealers attract really hot girlfriends!

Watch it Now; Out of My Mind for 31 July 2009

Lucky you; couldn’t do this on Blogger:

Why the Big Media so-called journalism — inanity is a far better word — won’t be missed: This idiocy. Meanwhile, the Big Media hasn’t done their “Infinite Debt” yet. I mean, the debt industry is or should be a huge story and the Big Media are… sucking off the Establishment, doing the nation a disservice.

Go here and do this. Dunno that it will help but surely it can’t hurt.

Gotta love here! Sarah Palin is a serial quitter. And Faux Nooz viewers want her to be a homemaker.

Professor Krugman has the longish version explaining the necessity of the public option. Remember: There’s no reform possible without a public option. No public option means we will be forced to give more money to the private insurers who can deny coverage we pay for with our premiums.

No shit?! Karl Rove was involved in this?? Who woulda thought… (thanks to the water-carriers)….

Query: If Canada’s healthcare system’s so awful, why do Canadians have a greater life expectancy?


Hmmm…. Obama fails, popularity drops.

Amazon sued for stealing a copy of “1984” with student’s school notes incorporated. That’s what it gets for taking the stupid and lazy solution…. (More here.)

Fight the system.

Click on the image to see where they found Jesus now!
Click on the image to see where they found Jesus now!

This is your project for the weekend.

Your dog really wants you to buy him this. (Although for all I know, you know someone who light like it for himself.)

Why we’re in Afghanistan:

Free the music:

This Blog Now Returns to its Normal State: Out of My Mind for 24 July 2009

(More like the above here.)

When a person can no longer laugh at himself, it is time for others to laugh at him. — Thomas Szasz

Don’t take life so serious, son, it ain’t nohow permanent. — Walt Kelly

Don’t ask about my 23 July.


But where’s my escape??

Watch this and chill, the beauty of our nation.

Just do this.

Heroes, doing God's work.

Assholes: The UK version of the RIAA yanks artists video from YouTube for copyright — a video the artist uploaded for elf-promotion.

Like Cory Doctorow says, we should like, maybe love the Kindle. Except it sucks in a lot of ways, and these are the worse.

This is basic consumerism: Your bank fucks you, you fuck them back by shutting down the account (and publicizing it). Except for Wall Street, without depositors, they’re nothing.

Asshole: IKEA: their in-store customer service is like their products: cheap. Unlike their products: real crappy.

Cretin: This publisher cannot art direct a cover to a book.

Asshole: Whoever donated a land mine to Goodwill.

Assholes: California and Chase, the bank that rejected the state’s IOU.

Today’s lesson for our kids; fight the system.

Cretins: The GOP crazies and their water-carriers. Professor Krugman has  examples of the former and the latter.

She's not just cute. Click on the image to find out how.

An aged turtle gets lucky.

Monkeys in the News. ‘Nuff said!

Even More Out of My Mind for 8 July 2009

Let’s try (plug) Firefox and see if we managed not to have posts get eated by… WordPress has no explanation….

What I neither quite understand but amazes me too: People can’t or refuse to get their minds around the idea that just maybe Sarah Palin is quite stupid and/or (more or less) borderline insane. Or, for equal time, that Obama is simply totally dishonest, that he has no interest in actually accomplishing anything of note, that by and by he is simply continuing Beloved Leader’s failed policies with a slicker (or maybe just more liberal-friendly) line of shit. Consider this: is he really significantly better than the pre-Palin John McCain? Given the good will and popularity with which he took office, it is, at risk of understatement, an utter shame. And we re-elect the fucker, shame on us. (Yeah, yeah, I know, the GOP is all out of centrist alternatives to Brother Barack.)

Another policy of Beloved Leader’s Obama likes: Keeping acquitted detainees imprisoned.

Wow! The Times just discovered that the health reform bill is actually the private insurers windfall bill! “All the old news you’ve heard already that’s fit to print….”

GOP idiot: Michael Steele. (Yeah, yeah, an organization whose head is brainless…. But what des one expect from a parody?)

The Just Say “No” generation: They said “No” then did their dope. What else would one expect from the children of Raygun other than good old GOP hypocrisy?

Let’s watch a little good old American nativism:

It can’t(?) happen here:

Anyone care about about one more demon who brought on the financial crisis or can we focus now on the clear need and imperative for structural reform?

Modern leadership: attract whores, do nothing for your people. IThis is Berlusconi's current ho.)

Michael Jackson: Another opinion a sort of dissent.

iPhone app of the day: Smash the $treet.

(More about that last video is here.)

Of course I condone this image. (Click on it for the story.)
Ditto, I'm sure.

Likewise, I guess.

Bam! Out of My Mind for 4 July 2009

If only this was true…. TIme will tell….

Picture 14

My money (well, if I had it to waste) goes on this. I can see this narcissistic quitter use her deserved beatings by the mainstream media as a foundation for a presidential run. Out of politics and the limelight and the adoration that she does in fact get? I don’t think so; people like her don’t work that way. And this guy doesn’t believe her people either.

This is what’s gonna kill all them green shoots and popped the reinflated speculation bubble.

I believe the acorn doesn’t fall from the tree. So the mother was a no-accomplishment scion who showed excellent taste ending up as the last lover of one of the most vile, scummy neocons. So why, in God’s name, doesn’t anyone think her daughter is capable of being the publisher of the Washington Post? Under her management, the newsroom fully signed on with the blatant whoring of enabling corruption. (More here.) Weymouth clearly fails to comprehend the societal importance of a newspaper; her newsroom appears even worse. Disgusting. Inexcuseable.

Snow on Mars.

What will save the economy and jumpstart growth to bring us back to pre-Meltdown levels a.s.a.p. as opposed to years or decades (and relive Obama who doesn’t seem to care as long as the speculation bubble is reinflated as soon as possible)? Padded bras. For men.

(Click on the image for more info about this and for the link to the comic book from which it comes.)

Forget Megan and her idiot robots; here’s your holiday weekend movie:

Deliriously Unfocussed: Out of My Mind for 3 June 2009

The worst taint is ignorance. Destroy this one taint and become taintless. — Buddha

Today has to better than Tuesday. It has to be. I insist. Not that anyone listens to me….

The sad shape of the world:

Picture 27

Scoop (or should that be “Yet again”): Debt is destroying journalism. The utter stupidity of those with too much money… “Let’s by a profitable business then destroy it with the debt needed to purchase it….” Sheer genius; these must be our best and the brightest. Or maybe it’s just Reaganite anti-intellectualism (or “stupidity”) has fully triumphed….

Ooh, this is incredible!

Whadayaknow: Censorship works. As if the Media ignoring stuff doesn’t, you know, make people ignorant….

Thank you, Bill O’Reilly (more here) and the rest of his ilk: Those will suffer as a result of the Tiller assassination. This scumbag is rejoicing. And another:


Unfortunate: The Hummer is not dead. (The Hummer, besides unfortunately named, is the kind of money-losing vehicle Detroit loved to invest in in lieu of putting money in developing, I dunno, maybe something profitable. Maybe it gave Bob Lutz a big fat erection or something, and Rick Wagoner being an ignorant bullshitter just didn’t know enough to say no. A thought to be developed: Along with greed and stupidity, we’ve also suffered from rampant dishonesty.) Speaking of GM, I suppose the remains of the company should be happy that however little the gumint might be doing, it’s pushing the company to do what management could quite manage to do itself. Here’s hoping for the survival of the ‘Vette!

Another wingnut heard from. Why?

Need-to-know: Learn about private-sector spy MediaSentry.

Need some nukes paid for with our tax dollars? Here they are!

Where to go? Here!

Truth! Out of My Mind for 20 May 2009

Proof torture doesn’t work: Our torturers had a mandate to use torture to fabricate proof of a connection between Saddam’s Iraq and Islafascist terrorism (as opposed to Iraq’s domestic-only terrorism) and they failed to do so.

Usury is still legal, gratuitous (as opposed to productive) debt is still big business. And again, those who aren’t indebted with credit card debt will be punished for not being indebted; that’s how fucked up the credit card business is. Really, I don’t quite get the idea of, in a weak economy, impoverishing those who haven’t otherwise been hurt. Also, this silliness that the meltdown has slowed in America means happy days are here again; when this music stops (if or when it actually does), we are so not going to be anywhere in the state we were a year or two ago.

Police brutality, out of control: cops take down stuffed animal.

If someone realizes that they were a dope, isn’t proof that they were a dope and what they said was dead wrong, and given that failure, why listen to them, past, present or future?

I love distraction, or couldn’t you tell? Only way I can work well 🙂

Never too late to learn, even from an old book....