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Briefly (if only…), Out of My Mind for 6 July 2009

Since approximately 1980, people (well, and Big Media) have gotten like exponentially dumber and, pardon the expression, stupider. Think I’m wrong? Brit spook’s cover blown, by his wive, on Facebook. How stupid do you have to be to do that, or to marry someone stupid enough to do that?

This is why the speculation bubble must be reinflated.

So, as I was saying about Palin and the continuing need to, well, dis her: She’s stupid, crazy and can yet get elected president. (Me, I’ve stopped underestimating the American voter.) Here is what I believe is the latest insanity from the bitch: crazy tweets (or “twats” — I didn’t make that up) and insane threats of lawsuits.

Ooh, Professor K explains how the public option isn’t the terrible cost the CBO initially claimed but, well, fiscally sensible.


Attention, Sarkozy: All France Did on D-Day was to be Rescued by the U.S. and the U.K.; Out of My Mind for 6 June 2009

Are we not wasps who spend all day in a fruitless attempt to traverse a window-pane – while the other half of the window is wide open? — “Fingers Pointing Toward the Moon” by Wei Wu Wei

Sarkozy = asshole. However, credit is due him: He’s the only major head of government who has a wife with nude pix floating around the web:

The First %^#@ing Lady of France (and not quite ex-groupie), in all her glory.

Really, though, if Bruni is so hot, why is ex-lover Eric Clapton living in Ohio? What does he know that Sarkozy can’t figure out?

This, though is quite sad: The Grammy for Best Polka — history.

More disgusting corporatism.

For those of you interested in penguin skid marks being visible from space….

Barack Obama: Master Flip-Flopper. Obama’s change: Replace a Republican with a Democrat who will institute Republican policies. That’s change we needed — not. And Matt Taibbi is getting pissed too.

Tata has come up with the flat of my dreams (really!).

Truth: Microsoft is funny.

People never learn from genocides, do they? What is it? They hope they get their chances to kill the next time?

I’m sick of the government-can’t-do-anything-better-than-the-private-sector meme. As if recent history shouldn’t have put the lie to that one. and the health insurers’ lies that public insurance must suck has been disproved for, oh, about fifty years now: it’s called Medicare. Anyway, this guy also thinks they’re full of shit too.

What Mumbai Means

I somewhat generally, but cautiously, disagree with this guy but this time I think he nails the reprecussions of the Mumbai attacks. Short version: Not good for us and, I’d daresay, a victory for the Islamofascists, specifically the anti-Westerners in charge of our — correction: Our Leaders’ — allies, Pakistan.

Suggestion: Tell the Pakis absolutely no weapons or military support til they get with the programs again. And allow India its pound of flesh. You: contrition and cooperation.

Twilight of the Funnies?

I happen to have fairly low standards but this offends even me. Particularly, DC Comics (home of Superman and “The Dark Knight”) has suffered recently from a stupid, creatively weak editorial regime. To that mediocrity (in the deepest, most profound sense), editorial has now added gross, stupid tastelessness. (Click on the image for a little more, if you care.)