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Out of My Mind for 15 August 2009

Normally, I save the fun stuff for the end but this is too awesome; the world can wait a few minutes to go to Hell….

Professor Krugman agrees: even when the Times does good work, it’s often still somehow lacking, like this.

Another hypocritical GOP asshole: Chuck Grassley: Votes for “death panels” then, against them now. Reason for change: no better reason than to stop Obamacare. More here. Of course, it would help the debate if the Big Media bothered to make clear at all appropriate times that one of the big objections to the public option is that in a lot of states, health insurance is a political-contribution-purchased monopoly so f course the pols there are paid to vote against competition.

Speaking of which, how well does the UK healthcare system work? And it was created by a conservative “icon”!

To me, this is funny:

Boswell says the president told him “he’s willing to be a one-term president if that’s what it takes to get healthcare and energy reform.”

But will he be happy to be a one-termer because his services to Wall Street fail to really fix the economy? You know, like despite everything he does, instead of an L-shaped downturn we get a W-shaped one with the second valley coming around 2012? Four years of recession and near-recession and relative impoverishment usually isn’t a winning platform.

Coming this Sunday: Smackdown! Maddow vs. Gregory. The freaky looking white boy hasn’t a chance, unless he games the match….

Busted: Bob Dylan. For walking around a neighborhood looking for a house while wearing a hoodie. So maybe it’s not racism, maybe cops are, along with the rest of rightist society, just gtetting really stupid?

Awww! I love red pandas almost as much as “real” pandas….


Damn Right I’m Out of My Mind for 30 July 2009

Mr. President and members of Congress, Al has a message for all of you....
Mr. President and members of Congress, Al has a message for all of you....

These rightist assholes want to use tax money to destroy my family and families like ours, who have adopted children from other nations: Families for Orphans Act, House Bill 3070 sponsored by Congresswoman Diane Watson (D-CA) and Congressman John Boozman (R-AR), companion/related Senate Bill 1458 sponsored by Senators Mary L Landrieu (D-LA) and James Inhofe (R-OK). Why the bill sucks is at the above link or here. Yeah, yeah, I know that the rightists’ support for family values is solely lip service, pandering to know-nothings. Still, when its, or at least comes close to home….

And the Foreign Adopted Children Equality Act (FACE Act), introduced in the Senate as S. 1359 (Senators Landrieu and Inhofe) and in the House as H.R. 3110 (Rep. Watson and Boozman), sucks mightily too.

Mr. President, a grateful nation thanks you -- for nothing.
Mr. President, a grateful nation thanks you -- for nothing. Making George W. Bush look less odious every day....

Barack Obama: Two-time loser. Refuses to fix the system that allowed if not enabled the global financial crisis and now has lost healthcare reform (assuming he wanted actual reform as opposed to a means to get more money to the insurers). I say real reform is dead. It’s not going to happen so stop with the hoping. (And yes, I’ll be as ecstatic as the morning after last election day to be wrong.) Elected with so much good will if not a mandate and has done absolutely nothing significant with it.

Fact: Medicare sucks fiscally less than private insurance.

Scumbags: Every so-called journalist who reports crap like this without prominently noting that the person they’re writing about is a complete hateful idiot unworthy of a public platform or the publicity they’re giving him. Too much fact for you, Mr. and Ms. Reporter? Then I don’t care if your employer goes out of business and that you never work in your chosen profession again. And this how low the so-called journalists are going, the scope of their failure and disservice to our nation. Really, who needs them? Not in theory but in practice?

You must love this: The sellers of crap mortgages make more money ensuring that the loans go bad than refinancing because of fixed fees. It’s the new profit: Just extort unconscionable fees. And our leaders clearly approve of this.

Corrupted watchdogs?

Oooh, EMI is trying to kill itself! It’s like soon the only way to get recorded music will be by stealing it….

The books you buy, the records and films you buy — why in God’s name should you think you’d have them forever to own and use and enjoy? If you believe (or think) that, the sellers say you’re wrong.

Oh, no!!! Reverend Ike is dead, and with him, a wee piece of my youth!

Don’t let the kids see this! The case for bad driving!

Thank you, global warming, the Northwest Passage is a reality at last!

Why people find assholes so credible. You too can be Bill O’Reilly or Rush or Glenn Beck.

Douchebag: If you had any doubts about Maureen Dowd, you’re right (me too). She’s well past her expiration date.

Racist cop asshole.

Assholes: The wingnuts and Lester Brickman have no problem with wasting court resources to enable a company’s advertising claims. They just don’t want courts used for, oh, individuals’ redress.

Sad but all true....
Sad but all true....
Looksl like they didnt have no Dont ask, dont tell during the Civil War....
Looks like they didn't have no "Don't ask, don't tell" during the Civil War....

Syfy. WTF? How stupid does one have to be to come up with that stupidity and to sign off on it? And what’s the pay? That kind of stupidity is endemic (fallout from the Raygun era)….

Click on the image for the full story. Me, I have to find a place that sells this fine product.

Uhh, not really....
Uhh, not really....

Still Here, Still Enraged; Out of My Mind for 28 July 2009

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without. — Buddha

Scumbags: Bio-Pirates.

The world’s greatest healthcare insurance system: The GOP doesn’t want you insured, just to pay premiums and get no service or coverage. I’ll ask: Do the fuckers really believe this crap they spew or do they say it solely because they’re paid to? Congress no longer leads, they just shill for their paylords.

Lying scumbags: These senators who want to institutionalize the insurers’ refusal to cover and call it reform. Now, I wait for Obama to simply say he will sign no bill without a vigorous public option. Bets?

Cretins: To the Times, it’s front page news that texting while driving is really bad. (And this one is little better. Or this.) Tell me that any paper who can make a call like that is of any importance to the world.

Scumbags: The RIAA: More proof that all the theft isn’t actually hurting the recording industry. Still no proof to the contrary…. Me, I see all the “thievery” not so much as a free alternative to buying but as a replacement of free radio as a try-before-you-buy system. Me, I think it’s nuts that anyone would really think that people would continue to buy freely without being able to get any idea what’s on album, whether it’s anything they’d care to buy, that people would continue to buy deaf.

(The story behind that last video is here.)

Cretin: Anyone who could watch this and say Palin has anything to offer in any leadership position whatsoever:

Dead: Merce Cunningham. (Check this out too.) A leader from the time when there was an avant-garde, before the only avant-garde was among the speculators looking for new but insensible investment devices….

The dirty secret of the Kindle: It’s ugly to look at.

This is where I’d love to live (at least if I could get broadband). Although maybe I’d like to visit some of these places or some of these.

Almost Anger Free! Out of My Mind for 23 July 2009

bunny burger

All tragedies are finished by a death, all comedies by a marriage. — Lord Byron

An intellectual snob is someone who can listen to the William Tell Overture and not think of The Lone Ranger. — Dan Rather

I’m living so far beyond my income that we may almost be said to be living apart. — e e cummings

For courage mounteth with occasion. — William Shakespeare, “King John”

Losers: Trying to win hearts and minds in Afghanistan by destroying — bombing — peoples’ livelihoods. Another “success” is here. (We haven’t actually made the country governable yet, have we?)


(More here.)

Historical asshole:

You know you always wanted to know: The truth about John Dillinger’s putz?

Learn how to judge women’s beauty.

There may be hope for my wife’s bitch, Lucy.

The ignorance of youth: Lots more than you realize.

Here’s Your Sunday Boom Boom Pow! Out of My Mind for 19 July 2009

(Blogger’s note: Clearly have been using “asshole” a lot lately. The word may offend but you know I’m right about everyone of them. Meanwhile, I’m exploring alternatives, just not today.)

What I pray for:

(More about that last video here.)

Read here how Big Journalism failed us on the inevitable financial disaster.

And contrary to the know-nothing, care-nothing water-carriers, looks like the stimulus is working.

The lies of the tort “reformers”. Truth is, there’s little to reform, just the elimination of punishments for wrongful behavior. Modern conservatives, remember, do not believe in facts. So when they claim to present any, you can safely presume they are in fact made up out of nothing, pure lies.

In the corporatist world, the destroyers get rewarded by being given the opportunity to make money by correcting their prior bad acts. Can you see what’s wrong with that picture? The wrong-doer is rewarded instead of punished.

Single video double-feature: Apollo 11 landing anniversary and Cronkite memorial:

Assholes: Bob Woodward thinks that attempt to peddle in influence buying and selling now makes WaPo’s new publisher qualified to be publisher. This so stupid a position, nothing needs to be added: committing a single major mistake is the one thing that makes her qualified?? And firing Froomkin? That we’re to take as… what? Firing a new media star is a good idea?

Asshole: This guy who believes newspapers offer nothing online justifying charging. He is so wrong. Media have to stop giving stuff away or, for that matter, allowing their stuff to be stolen. Rolling Stone did it partly correct with the Taibbi Goldman Sachs piece: no legal copies available online while the issue was on the newsstands. In a rush to read the piece? Buy the issue. He claims newspapers are worth paying for either. Wrong: They can be extremely efficient packaged compendiums of news, insight, opinion, entertainment and features and services. He also says you can news wherever online. That is true up to a point but it becomes up to the publisher to make a paper or a sight a go-to place. Times journalism is essentially available in one place. Wall Street Journal material: ditto. McClatchy journalism: a few places. Yeah, crap has limited value in this new world but, really, other that guys who’d lose jobs, what else is the downside for losing crap?

Asshole: Ben Stein: There is no excuse for someone with his background to take money for pushing a switch and bait scam like this. On deck: We’ll see what the Times does in response. Hint to Pinch and Steve (because the rulers of Big Jounralism don’t actually follow news or anything): If you fire the fucker, I’m sure cancellations will be capped in the single digits. Or taking a proper stand might attract readers.

Assholes: Everyone who is still in denial about how Prop. 13 destroyed California.

Assholes: [GOP] senators who think people making $350,000.00 and more a year cannot afford a small tax increase. (And this is connection with the health insurance reform which, if it works, may well save the schmucks money in the long run.)

Assholes: The inability to find any links is proof I’m right (although I am anyway): Not a clip to be found of the night that Cronkite got up from his desk to spend nearly half a broadcast explaining Watergate and its importance.

Asshole (second redux): Amazon and the theft of the Orwell books. Wouldn’t the right thing to either get the publisher or Amazon to pay the rights holder whatever they’re entitled to — that is, make the sales proper after the fact — instead of stealing the books back? I’m sure there’s out of pocket costs to the innocent buyers but aren’t they the last people to be inconvenienced? (Yeah, yeah, I know, that’s so old fashioned….)

Did Big Labor have a big win that Big Media, in their water-carrying way, is required to spin as a defeat?

Assholes: All these sick, sick wingnut emailers. Correction: These rightist water-carriers from Big Media outlets are worse.

Assholes: Everyone who claims to find Sotomayor unqualified but has no issue with Clarence Thomas (who, for you young people, was completely unqualified and even unfit and who has yet failed to rise to his responsibility).

Near-assholes: Nevada; two lousy senators and a housing market that’s a huge stinking crater. And Arizona is about as bad.

Assholes: Sarah Palin apologists.

Assholes: Goldman Sachs (and here too):

Here, laugh at this Goldman joke before it comes true.

Assholes: The RNC promotes anti-Semitism hatred of Jews.

Assholes: Anti-public option proponents relying on the CBO’s cost estimate. The thing to keep in mind is that without significant reform, costs will continue to spiral out of control and actual care and coverage will continue to deteriorate. So how do the CBO estimates compare to that?

Assholes: Michael Steele and the scumbags who appointed him:

These assholes coulda been president special appearance by water-carrying simian asshole David Gregory):

Greenwald says goodbye to Cronkite, filling in the missing blanks in the coverage, moreso the current failings of modern journalism. Again, journalism serves the people or it’s irrelevant. The publishers and producers have cast their vote, for irrelevance.

Found! A brief write-up describing how Cronkite gav a big, maybe crucial push to the Watergate story. And P.S., he’s one journo who never gave an sign of being sorry for bringing down a louse of a president. When you have morals, you have morals. Only water-carriers regret.

Asshole: because he is completely dead wrong:

“I think there are a lot of critics who think that [in the run-up to the Iraq War] . . . . if we did not stand up and say this is bogus, and you’re a liar, and why are you doing this, that we didn’t do our job. I respectfully disagree. It’s not our role” — David Gregory, MSNBC, May 28, 2008. [Link.]

(Well, in his defense, David Gregory has clearly achieved great success by being a cunt.)

Who delivers real job growth? First clue: Not the pro-business GOP.

Tom Wilkes, graphic designer supreme, dead.

See: The new Hollywood tragedy. (I don’t care either.)

(Click on the image for more.)


That’s the Way it is….Out of My Mind for 18 July 2009

Happiness is not achieved by the conscious pursuit of happiness; it is generally the by-product of other activities. — Aldous Huxley

It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious. /.

Once, news anchors weren’t shallow assholes (but then, it was a different world, where decency was normal). Once, an anchor actually mattered. Good night, Walter; you weren’t replaced and you certainly won’t be (but you’ll still be the punchline to a Hughes Rudd anecdote, to me):

And what he did that a modern anchor never would: This for one.

And here, Cronkite remembered.

Assholes: The “centrist”, “moderate” destroyers of true health insurance reform (named here, traitors all).

Assholes: The American Conservative Union, claiming to be a think tank when it only whores opinions. For that matter, add the Heritage Foundation.

Asshole (redux): Just to make clear: If Amazon has an issue with an ebook, you stop selling it, you don’t steal back peoples’ copies. Again, if the book is sold, it’s sold. And who just wants to license a copy and have no control over it?

Asshole (still): Mark Sanford: Not just used taxpayer monies to fly to his whore mistress but the fucker had to use it to fly first class. Honorary additional assholes: The peoples of South Carolina who don’t have enough of a problem with this to chase him out of office, clearly a state without honor (or very much of anything else).

Assholes: All of Moscow’s Chechen puppets, starting, but not stopping, with this one.

Assholes: The Big Media Journalists who ran away from covering this, thereby proving their irrelevance to societal well-being and therefore their utter unimportance.

Asshole: This car dealer who tweaks sales by giving away AK-47s.

Asshole, now and forever:

Asshole: The CEO of Porsche: makes the company just about the most profitable car companies around so the profits could be used for a ridiculous act of hubris as opposed to, you know, keeping the company running or something silly like that.

Assholes: All them banks claiming profits (“cooking their books”) while they stay on the edge of collapse.

Assholes who still have to take racist shots at Obama.

Asshole: Rolling Stone finally posts the entire Taibbi Goldman piece.

To me, it’s a little sad how ATT got blind-sided by the resulting stress on its network from the iPhone. I mean, way back in June 07, who could see the success or effect of the iPhone? That the 3G and 3G S are MMS-capable before ATT is just more of this sad story. But good for Apple: ATT cannot afford to let Verizon get one to sell. (Of course, I’m so happy finally having 3G service it doesn’t bother me that ATT’s 3G network is allegedly the worst in the nation.)

Anyone care to see a story about faaat North Carolina twins?

So there’s the joke, about the busted psychic. If she was a real psychic, she’d have known that the customer was an undercover cop who was going bust her. Update: Three psychics fall to a TV interviewer:

Leadership We Need, and Hope; Out of My Mind for 10 July

Beloved Leader couldn't have done this any better....

As Big Journalism implodes and collapses and stuff, here’s one asshole who deserves — well, as one of the terminated, it’s hard for me to say fired — let’s just say he’s well qualified to seek a new profession as journalism is clearly wrong for him, given his utter lack of perspective and ability to perceive and acknowledge reality.

What do you think? Don’t you think plagiarism is deliberate or results from some form of imbecility, neither of which is appropriate a professional, legitimate journalist? I mean, how the hell do you copy something unconsciously?

Whoa, it’s Jayson Blair time at the Times again!

By all means, let’s worry about closeted gays serving in the military, not America-hating Nazis (or, for that matter, Christofascist proselytizers).

Unrest in China: what it’s about.

Are we dead in the water, with no future?

You don’t get published via Kindle; you give Amazon all your rights for your work to be available on a Kindle. Sweet! Not.

GOP family values: Getting your parents to pay off your mistress.

Palin lies. (More here and here.) Yeah, yeah, what else is new?

Palin’s enablers. (Remember, the whole GOP loves her, don’tcha know.)

Levi: Greed, not insanity, made Palin a quitter.

IT departments of small amd mid-sized businesses are interested in Macs and iPhones. I see it as cost-cutting in the IT industry created by the shitty difficulty of maintaining windows systems. Ditching one IT guy can save far more than the expense of switching to Macs and iPhones (which we know works wonderfully with Macs).

Too big to fail, now too big to jail.

A single GM car outsells Buick and Caddy!

Another teeny piece of my past, gone….

Read: The autobiography of Professor Krugman’s favorite science fiction writer.

The comic book of the day is here. (More here.) Another funny book is here. Remember, kids, these are good for you! (Well, at least the second is….)

I can’t afford to eat here anyway.

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