Nothing Changes for the Better (Except Maybe in Laos)

Happy Belated Tax Day!
President Palin: Only a patriot when shes paid to be one.

Doomed! Not just because our pols are throughly corrupted but the voters are so ignorant.

TSA: Sick, sick, sick. And I’m sure they have achieved a super-high level of success in stopping terrorism with this.

Ever so slightly amazing who doesn’t pay taxes. Why, this almost makes the case for a McGovern variant on a flat, deduction-free tax with a zero rate or even rebate only for those with a fixed low income….

Can this young man truly be part of the best and the brightest if he just learned that in a corporatist profit and wealth-driven state, the best work for the brightest is asinine ways to make money as opposed to creating anything of real value or providing any significant service?

The crap that is “Ryancare”. A reasoned analysis here.

Prof. Krugman: “[H]igher taxes alone can’t resolve our long-run budget issues, because of rising health care costs, which will eventually swamp even a large tax hike if they continue.” A most excellent reason to maybe do something serious about long out-of-control healthcare costs. It’ll never happen.

Doomed! Just a reminder that while housing is in the crapper, which is too say a significant amount of wealth has been lost by the middle class, there’s going to be no significant recovery soon. Remember: The Republican “growth” in 00s was awfully anemic.

Doomed! Nothing like setting a destructive policy based on bullshit.

There are facts and there is self-promoting horseshit: The difference must be learned:

The disaster that was the S&P downgrade of US debt. Wait, where's the disaster? Click on the image!

Long time, no video. Here:


We went to war in the Nam and this is what we ended up with in our “defeat”*:

(*Attention defeat-obsessed conservatives: Looks like we pretty much won in the long run, huh? What do the people lack now that they would have had if the nations in the region weren’t communist?)


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