Sweet Fix

So the phone battery starts dying Sunday morning. Only holds charge for five hours or so.

First place I go to can’t quite do anything on the spot, so go to Grand Central Terminal Apple Store Genius Bar.

First, battery is in fact (understandably) dying. Replaced on the spot.

Also recommends restoring of OS. Wipes the phone.

Go home, restore.

But this is where it gets really cool: After OS is reinstalled, restores phone from last automatic wireless back up to Apple server. This is done every day or so when the phone is connected to a charger and is on wifi.

Takes a couple of hours but everything gets reinstalled, including apps’ login info, contact info, mail, diary.

Only exception is music, for which I have iTunes Match, so I download a dozen or two albums and two playlists.

Please. This is the best.


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