Month: August 2010

The Evidence Mounts….

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark. The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light. — Plato

Just to get into the proper mood…:

A few thoughts: Isn’t Fascism supposed to be easy to take root during economically depressed times when the leaders basically don’t do anything to help? Wasn’t FDR’s great accomplishment keeping government functional, doing or attempting enough to discourage any critical mass of revolution, Fascist or Socialist?

The President of the United States of America speaks:

All you need to know re the March on Washington vs. Glenn Beck’s rally: Progressive vs. Regressive. And, of course, if you can’t tell the difference….

The truth about the teabaggers: They’re no good for America, they’re the destroyers’ shock troops.

Learn how to fight the system here.

The Times caught up to me; What I’ve been saying for months: High unemployment will be with us for at least years if not decades. Do the math. Weak job creation during the Bush prosperity years (based on financial irresponsibility and the housing bubble); significant loss of wealth; businesses looking at depressed sales. Why and how hire now or anytime soon?

And Dr. Doom is wrong; At this point, there really is no significant difference between a double-dip recession and what we have. What’s significant, though, is the failure of Our Leaders to mitigate the crisis or do anything to end it sooner (HAMP for one). Both parties’ leaders did a fine job helping the speculators though. And Obama is handicapped by Republicans’ whose primary goal is helping themselves, at our expense, to ensure he fails so they can be put back in power to continue their destruction of America.

Doomed! This is a great part of the reason why and where we’re (*koff*) heading. Essential reading.

Doomed! History says so.

Doomed! Those in power know better and still do the wrong thing.

[M]y guess is that the president will continue to play it safe, all the way into catastrophe. (Link.)

This actually gives me a little hope. Again, no matter how little I think of Obomba, he is inarguably and significantly better than the alternative.

Atrios errs again: No crisis will spur significant action because Our Leaders are throughly corrupted by the nation’s financial elite, who care solely about themselves. Once every year or two, our votes are wanted and that’s all we’re wanted for.

The HAMP Fail for Dummies: Part 1, Part 2 (a, b and c), Part 3.

The failure of Martin Luther King, Jr.?

Katrina; the truth?

It could happen to anyone, if they were stupid enough, maybe distracted listening to Rush Limbaugh or his ilk… — and this happens all the time:


Special E-Z Reading Edition!

The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds; and the pessimist fears this is true. — James Branch Cabell

What he said. It's directed to the wingnuts but they're, sadly, too stupid to get it.
The critics miss the point...

It’s old news that there is in fact very little intelligence in what the CIA does. This is just the latest version of an old story. (Read about the leak here.)

Have mercy! Someone just realized that our political system is really corrupt! Look! (This, I must add, is not an anomaly.)

Doomed! The Republicans are gung-ho for “fiscal austerity” (excluding, of course, gratuitous tax breaks for the wealthy) — which is proven not to work. An excellent reason to put them back in power.

Get rid of the asshole Alan Simpson now!

Farewell, First Amendment. No more freedom of religion, not very much press left worth keeping free….

Someone is very close to getting it: Our society is breath-takingly corrupt.


Doomed! For the last couple of decades, America’s prosperity rested on a house of cards and the house is still falling (pun intended).

Asshole: Anti-Gay self-hating Gay Ken Mehlman outs self, sort of. Old newsreally old — (for those with working gaydar):

Answer: No. Question: here.

Retard: Marc Ambinder. Every gay-hating closet case should be outed.

Asshole: Michael “Brownie” Brown. I just how how devoid of morality these scumbags are.

The truth about Katrina?

Nettleton [Miss.] Middle School teaches students to be racists. Then again, there is this.

(More about it here.)

Click on the image for different denominations.

In honor of two Summer bombs:


Can You See the Proof or Simply Refuse to?

It is not bigotry to be certain we are right; but it is bigotry to be unable to imagine how we might possibly have gone wrong. — G. K. Chesterton

Facts are stubborn, but statistics are more pliable. — /.

Youth is such a wonderful thing. What a crime to waste it on children. — George Bernard Shaw

Doomed  (redux)! Because instead of rationale planning we get policy from partisan shitheads to whom party orders are all that matters. (Link.)


Doomed! The lie that is austerity.

Doomed! It maybe will be getting a lot worse. Here’s why.

Doomed! A primer on Republican fiscal irresponsibility. Clearly needed more than ever. (Or never if you’re not a retard.)


[W]hile the value of assets can plummet posthaste, it takes forever to shrink the debt that was used to buy them. (Link.)

If you can see inflation coming in this graphic, you're a fact and reality-denying partisan rightist.

The case for making the fiscally irresponsible Cheney/Rove/Bush tax cuts permanent. Hint: There is absolutely no benefit to the nation.

The Great Fail that is Social Security privatization and the insane lies of the wingnuts: It failed in Chile, the rightists’ poster child for its success (which never happened), and then the private investment area has had its now longterm meltdown (i.e. essentially dead in the water). Nothing corrupt leadership in a crisis….

HAMP fails and fails again. But it’s maybe a bigger failure than just failing homeowners. (The very short version how HAMP was designed to fail is here. Actually, it’s just confirmation of what I say all the time: at “best” it helps willing underwater homeowners to give the predatory lenders more money than they would have otherwise gotten instead of, oh, maybe reducing the loan to at least what should have been lent, if not current value, instead of the grossly inflated amount lent.) Bonus Fail: Banks allowed to pull crap in processing applications — as if getting a windfall wasn’t enough….

But MERS can save millions of homeowners by breaking the chain of title and making it impossible to tell who actually has a right to foreclose. (Link.)

What other churches might be objectionable because of the horrific acts of some of its members? Maybe we shouldn’t have Christian churches in the South wherever the Ku Klux Klan operated because years ago proclaimed white Christians lynched blacks. — Dick Cavett

Asshole: Christofascist America-hater Rick Lazio.

Assholes: These corrupt doctors who violate the Hippocratic Oath regularly.

Anti-Semitic Asshole: Carl Paladino — what New York needs in our modern era.

Today’s Army: We’ll make a Christian out of you — no non-believers welcome. (Link.)

Lying whore: Pat Michaels:

Being a Faux News journalist means caring so little for facts that you neither know nor care to whom you give an interview nor why you’re being interviewed. Asshole: Bill O’Reilly, star of the news channel for retards.

Asshole: Jonah Goldberg.

Pathetic: Big Media journalism…. They’re right; if they disappear, who will do the heavy-lifting reporting they’re pretty much already not doing? Of course, copious crap like this doesn’t help….

This article about the asshole, President John Sidney McCain III has it completely wrong by starting from the position that MCain is anything but a little shit. Whatever he is, statesman he isn’t, never was, and never will be.

Asshole: Mitch McConnell. Nothing but….

I guess the tracker, it is fair to say, feels like he’s being lynched.

Assholes: African dictators.

I find this completely believable. You?

Rolling Stone Fail: Hagiography for EPA’s Lisa Jackson here, then her great failure here. You’d think a good reporter wouldn’t fall for hubris (or a “line of shit”)….

(More about the video here.)

(More like and more about the video here.)

How I Spent My Saturday: Wasting Taxpayer Money, Polluting, and Loving it

As was repeated a few times during the afternoon — and here I paraphrase — throwing over-powered cars owned by someone else around a racetrack, using gas paid for by someone else, who can complain?

That in fact perfectly coincides with my personal beliefs: If someone’s inviting me to toss around some high-priced car, with gas someone else is paying for, on track or on street, I’m there.

And so I was at the Monticello Motor Club Saturday 21 August to get intimate and play with a bunch of Cadillac CTS/CTS-Vs, at an event thrown by GM, which is to say, essentially, by us taxpayers.

What we did:

  • Got reasonably but overly well-fed.
  • Saw some guy vomit as soon as he pulled up from his laps. Not a good omen, it seemed, but it ended up auguring nothing.
  • Heard from some head of marketing as well as the guy who was essentially the head engineer of developing the car. The latter also drove an automatic CTS-V sedan prototype around the Nurburing in a record-breaking time. (It was said, and I believe it, that the transmission was so good the guy could just focus on steering and handling and completely ignore anything shifting-related.)
  • Learned to floor a CTS-V sedan, slam the brakes and speed through a slalom. (Mine was a manual with a pleasant shifter and a clutch that made stall every time I tried to get into 1st gear, on both manuals I drove.) And a CTS wagon with a manual would also be kind of attractive.
  • Was taught cursorily (well, much we were taught about driving was cursory, as opposed to the talks from Brembo and Michelin salesmen and the instructor who talked about ABS and stability control — which he delivered, in a sense, as a GM salesman so maybe he wasn’t really an exception) about hand/eye coordination in driving (you tend to go where you’re looking); apexes, turn-ins, etc.; ABS/stability controls; brakes; and tires.
  • Did a couple of laps around a shortened track in a CTS-V 6-speed coupe. Much better than two years ago when I drove an XKR coupe once around a longer configuration of the MMC track. That time, too much track to learn and no opportunity anyway. This time, pretty much the opposite and, I would say, drove much better, and by better of course I mean faster, but better too. Good enough that it was quite nearly addictive.
  • Floored a CTS coupe a couple of times then slammed the brakes (never quite hard enough; always took a second or two to much the aged foot down). On each such run, there was a straight run and one involving stopping in a turn. I must say the stability control system was awesome — probably what I liked best about the car.
  • Got a goody bag with a travel mug.

And yes, about the damn cars: The V was reasonably sweet but excessive: 556 HP, 551 lb/ft of torque; lousy mileage; tires that only last 10-20,000 miles. Ugh. Too wasteful.

Found the rear passenger area of the sedan to be awfully cheap — think Accord, Subaru Legacy, Chevy; maybe a little cheaper. Too cheap for a luxury car. Stunk of Chevy. Hated the instrument panel; simply couldn’t figure out what it was trying to tell me and where the message would be anyway. And never figured out where the gear indicator was for the automatic transmission. And didn’t love the seats — but maybe that was me.

But the “base” coupe — that was love. When I win lotto, I’ll seriously consider one. For the stability control system and looks if nothing (much) else.

P.S.: Video of my laps to follow in a couple of days.

The Canary in the Coal Mine: Dead Yet?

The trouble with being poor is that it takes up all of your time. — Willem de Kooning

Doomed! Again, I wonder if stuff like this is wrong. Maybe all the solution to the Great Recession the nation’s leadership wants is help for Big Finance and crap that can be lied about that makes it look like people are being helped but aren’t actually — cheap non-solutions like HAMP and the flacid nubbin of a stimulus? Or are Our Leaders really so completely wrong like Professor K. thinks? In other words, do Our Leaders know exactly what they’re doing or are they really that inept and/or uncaring and/or clueless?

Doomed! Because Our Leaders are leading us to disaster.

Who’s guilty for the housing bubble:

The mortgages sold to Fannie and Freddie were supposed to conform to specified requirements. Those requirements did get weaker as the credit bubble intensified — a fact some bankers privately mutter the government now wants to forget — but they were still of higher quality than many mortgages sold into private securitizations. (Link.)

Assholes: The RIAA. To them, the evil Verizon-Google deal isn’t bad enough.

American Justice: Busted for traveling with money.


Retards: Rightist racists can’t be racists if they’re right that racism is dead. Of course they’re wrong as usual but the Elite Media gives them credibility.

Again, it’s legal to steal if you’re a Republican polright, Rudy?

If this was funny, it'd be lower down in the post. But instead it's sad but true....

Damn, I had one of these and it was awesome:

Sure I’ve posted this before buy…:

‘Nuff Said. Til Next Time

Something unpleasant is coming when men are anxious to tell the truth. — Benjamin Disraeli

The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. — Albert Einstein

There’s a world of difference between truth and facts. Facts can obscure the truth. — Maya Angelou

America believes in education [not]: the average professor earns more money in a year than a professional athlete earns in a whole week. — Evan Esar

IQ test of the day: If you really believe it’s a coinky-dink that the Beck racist rally was scheduled for the anniversary of the March on Washington, you Fail.

Bloomberg gets it right (a pol who’s not completely brain dead): The First Amendment OKs the so-called Ground Zero mosque. In a system of law, that should be ’nuff said.

Doomed! Here’s why.

The Fail that is Iraq. You think Afghanistan is a Fail? This is maybe worse.

Conundrum du jour: No matter how scumily rightwing a wingnut punching bag gets, it’s still liberal. This is liberal only to a retard.

Murdoch’s corporate gift to the Republicans is not a political contribution but merely a business investment. No Republicans, no business. That’s all. An apolitical capital play. That’s all. Really.

Dead far too late: One America-hating “conservative” traitor to our nation, a pioneer in the historic destruction of America. (Link.) So big a BSing blowhard that Nicholas Von Hoffman had to be replaced by a whiny wimp….

A solution for underwater homeowners (may need to use the Google to smash through the paywall).

Fail: Cheney/Rove/Bush’s No Child Left Behind. But you knew it was doomed….

Asshole: John Bolton. Why is this man’s sick mouthings given any publicity by the Elite Press?

No good deed… of course, when you deal with assholes, no good comes from it….

Likely recidivist of the day. Released from jail for stealing food, after thirteen years….

Asshole: The mentally deranged Glenn Beck. I think maybe it’s time to start running a Hit List….

Maybe this retard was kicked out of Starbucks for being a douchebag? Of course, what’s sad is that she’s a teacher….

Unfunny for the Day (click for legible, then read and weep).

But it now: The Android-powered MotoFail.

The End Might As Well Be Here; the Crap We Put Up with….

This is awesome. Click on the image for the story....

None are so busy as the fool and knave. — John Dryden

Twilight in America: It’s here. (More here.)

Teabaggers fight against freedom, just like their corporate masters want. With freedom-fighters like these….

Warning labels needed for Elite Media journalism.

Well look at this: Obomba does the right thing. And then the Wuss-in-Chief changes his mind the next day — maybe because he got President Palin mad! Nothing like a leader who lets the retards tell him what to do…. Or did he actually flip-flop…? Maybe just another Elite Journo Fail….

The economy is still in the toilet and HAMP is a failure and joke. So anyone surprised that the housing crisis hasn’t hit its worst yet?

Doomed! because the financial reform bill was free of meaningful reform.

Can it be that since most voters aren’t in the 1% (probably far less than that)  for whom this country is run that they don’t agree with policies that hurt them for the benefit of the 1% (probably far less than that)? (Link.)

Doomed! by these assholes calling the shots. Very simple: There are speculators, who do nothing good except create the Global Economic Meltdown, and investors. The latter include responsible lenders, small businesses, etc. Our Leaders only care to help the former. Can it be that simple? Yes it is. The facts show it. HAMP, for example, is a microcosm. It’s goal isn’t to help someone who lost significant wealth but to get more money from the homeowner to the lender. Not just a failure but an inexcusable one.

Doomed! by Republican bullshit like this.

Revealed: The Fed plan to enable the Speculators instead of doing anything for the economy.

Retarded asshole: Marc Thiessen, former Beloved Leader puppeteer speechwriter. How one can keep spewing this shit (gotta be retarded and/or a whore), and how the WaPo can keep publishing shit like this….

Retard — that is to say, the nasty fascist dictator-loving bitch is unsurprisingly dead wrong in her praise for the mass murder’s non-accompliahment. As Al Goldstein would say: “Sharron Angle — Learn how to spell your name and fuck you”:

Fox News’ success: attracting the senile. I kid you not.

Me and McCartney, still working at 64… probably 74 and til death…. Let’s put the Republicans back in power so we can be assured we’ll never be able to be retired unless we’re fired first. (Link.) Is this related news story reality-based or a fantasy completely ignoring reality?

Is this corrupt enough for you? Do you not have a problem with crap like this?


One world my ass. One crazy world:

Music viddie of the day: