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Watch: The Death of a Nation by a Thousand Nicks….

You either know that this is one of the truly great novels of modern times or you don't and if you don't, it can't be explained. You know or you don't. There's a place in heaven for JDS for this and what he deigned to share with us....

The best and most beautiful things cannot be seen or touched – they must be felt with the heart. — Helen Keller

The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life. — Muhammad Ali

These three are the marks of a Jew – a tender heart, self-respect, and charity. — Hebrew Proverb

When a man is wrong and won’t admit it, he always get angry. — Thomas Chandles Haliburton, Canadian jurist and humorist (1796-1865)

A gentleman is a man who can play the accordion but doesn’t. — Anonymous

Vote: The instrument and symbol of a freeman’s power to make a fool of himself and a wreck of his country. — Ambrose Bierce

Logic is the chastity belt of the mind! /.

Correction: Obomba has one great great accomplishment: He single-handedly resuscitated the GOP. And I say we change the symbol of the Dems to the pussy or at least stop calling it a donkey and start calling it a jackass. (Something of a link here.) Update: Just in case one thinks maybe Obomba has learned his lesson: If so, what the fuck is this idiocy about? he feels he hasn’t been deferential enough to his enemies whose paramount goal is to prevent him from doing anything for the nation?? Just kidding; the questions’ purely rhetorical.

Query: Grading on a scale, as it were, which nation is in fact more dysfunctional, Haiti or the US? A possible hint: America is now clearly a failed democracy.

That spike in GDP growth? Meaningless and actually a bad sign.

Our leaders show their compassion for the suffering Haitians….

Really, those who are granted asylum in the US; is there any rational basis?

Answer: Because none of our leaders care a whit about “the People”. If you need it, the question is here. And that’s also the reason Simon Johnson is dead wrong here. The last two administrations have been fully functional for an oligarchy. (And don’t think ultra-patriotic teabaggers are any hope. At the end of the day, they’re just GOP bitches.)

Pure genius.

If Alito didn’t mouth off towards Obomba or whatever, would he mean he’s not a massive asshole? But of course, it’s the elite media, their professionalism and journalistic skills are sooo limited….

Maybe I’ll get to my ambivalence re: Haiti someday but whatever doubts I have, I must condemn Wachovia for stealing from donations for Haiti.

Clearly, I’ve been derelict in noting that, yes, John Edwards is an utter asshole, albeit no worse than any comparable GOP pol, but an asshole nonetheless. Still would rather have him than Obomba….

The white trash of Virginia censors Anne Frank. You know, there are the kind of victories won when their better to have lost. Like the Cold War; we get the Russian Mafia in Brooklyn, utter expansionism and corruption in Russia and no significant savings in defense costs. Or the Civil War. Really, we should have lost, leave the South as a third world nation full of imbeciles….

When corporate titans battle, we lose. Is this not a great world, is it not heaven on earth?

Hmmm, obscene fees? The risk of the cloud without the ability to backup onto one’s computer? Or less than ideal network quality? I know my choice….

Can this possibly be true? A new trend of relocating trials not for substantive reasons but simply for costs? America dies just a little bit more….

Failing to come to a victim’s aid: illegal?

Shithead: Gerald Boyd. If he knew his lying protoge (who, that said, wasn’t so much worse than the average elite journo) was up to this, how could he defend him?? How do you defend such stupidity?

Reminder: The tort reformers want to reform, just protection from being forced to take responsibility. And they’re ruthless liars.

Libraries are in fact awesome. Here’s why.

Secret Origin of the iPad; the truth is here. Part 2 is here. And why it’s doomed for sure. EveryoneI discussed with it with is amazed and loves it but it has now been cursed. Meanwhile, I’m cool with people dissing it as long as it’s not for failing to be what it isn’t to be, like this dumbass shithead does.

And why a Google phone is better than an iPhone: lousy support, inconsistent features, double cancellation fees, and far easier to have your data disappear. Flash: Anyone so stupid as to not have a problem with that last “feature” is too stupid to have an opinion that matters in the least. In my opinion.

Can this happen here? Or this?? Not that there aren’t far bigger concerns….

Funny or sad and true? I report, you decide:

For those who are into these sort of things, click on the image to see your heaven....

Flash: Boiling eggs can be fun (at least in a wired kitchen).

One of the attorneys for whom I worked could only offer incontinence, nothing like this:

And the story behind that last video is here.

My favorite comic book western title ever... just, you know, saying, not for any particular reason....
Fascism is, of course, complete bullshit, but the fascist aesthetic, that works just fine....
Maybe it's time to learn how to read Braille...?

Toxic, shmoxic — you know mercury is cool fun, to play with, never to eat:


Still Searching for Just a Few Crumbs of Good News….


Maybe this world is another planet’s hell. — Aldous Huxley

A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions. — Oliver Wendell Holmes

Time goes, you say? Ah no! Time stays, we go. — Austin Dobson

Obomba Sate of the Union fail: again giving in to the GOP for no reason at all. Nothing like supporting everyone except the people who voted for you…. Update: Heard and saw parts (full slab of crap is here). Heard some lovely stuff, and the standing Os were sweet. And of course, we’ll get nothing out of it…. I mean, what’s changed for the better now? Why would anyone want to fight for his agenda? And here are a few stats…. And maybe he really isn’t as smart as I thought….

Here’s a cool way to help Haiti. But here’s the sad truth about Haiti. I wish there was a solution and if there was, that it could be implemented (and yes, it’s not just Haiti…).

Professor Krugman doesn’t think Obomba’s spending freeze is a very good idea (and he does so without referring to 1937).

Asshole and shithead: Three years ago, waterboarding worked, now it doesn’t.

American justice: Kangaroo court, American rightist-style.

Reminder: The GOP hates you. Proof here.

Wrong: Centrism didn’t die in Massachusetts last Tuesday. The GOP killed it decades ago. Frank’s analysis is right on enough, his solution unfortunately too late to do more than maybe get Obomba re-elected maybe. (I wonder though wheter there’s a significant number of Dems that’ll have to tack left to get re-elected and to continue a potentially healthy majority.) In either case, though, I’m sure the punditocracy hasn’t gotten or is choosing to ignore the message because these destroyers and haters of America will never do anything to hurt the GOP even as it destroys America. And that’s one huge reason to avoid the news channels: crap journalism wrapped around destructive opinions. Who needs it? My God, porn has greater value than being surrounded by such deep dishonesty….

A good guy dies; Howard Zinn, a teller of truth is gone…. More here and here. And the world’s oldest white-shoe lawyer too.

Zinn speaks:

Racist asshole: Chris Matthews. The fields of elite broadcast journalism are littered with people who don’t deserve to be on the air, to say the least….

The book publishers now want to emulate the RIAA. Amazingly or, given our era’s sensibility of the worship of ignorance and the hatred of knowledge maybe not, haven’t figured out yet that when you give a little away, you end up getting loads more money back.

CNN is a sick, defective, broken organization. Proof is here.

Headline of the day:

McGraw-Hill CEO: If This Wasn’t an Apple-Sanctioned Leak, I’d Already Be Dead

And here is the JesusPad. Non-workers know exactly what they use a laptop for and this is damn close to it.

Maybe pay walls aren’t a very good solution, huh, Newsday…? Maybe journalism that matters would help?

Have I said in this post yet Google=evil? See?

If there were secular saints, surely Mark Twain would be the saint of snark….

Who are the sick ones here?

Steve Tyler broke up Aerosmith to play a bas mitzvah? (Remember, this is not the Faux News Blog: no lies here, just the occasional inadvertent misstatement.)

This would be awesome; the casting of the century!

A joke we would find funny, but too true.

Let the good times roll; I refer, of course, to the past, certainly not now (what can you say about an era about which one of the great things is all the stuff to steal?):

This’ incredible:

The Greatest Disaster to Strike America? Worse than 9/11! President Barack Hussein Obama, the Great American Tragedy


A civilized society is one that exhibits the five qualities of truth, beauty, adventure, art and peace. — Whitehead

Another sad day for the American people…. All you supporters of this awful, awful president — defend this piece of garbage now! A tip for Dems in the House: run the fuck away from any association with this piece of garbage. Dem majorities, forget what he wants, pass what you want. Or start looking for lobbying jobs now. Obomba is well on his way to half of his wish (guess which).

An obit for America.

I thought that Wall Street’s sweats that Obomba was going to do anything to cause the banks any significant pain, if any at all, was an over- or knee-jerk reaction. Well, looks like your blogger was right! Sleep easy, bankers — Obomba won’t hurt you!

Beaten by three cops. His crime? Carrying a soda bottle.

(More about the story behind the photo here.)

Let me make this simple: Once upon a time, individuals were the paramount citizens and businesses were just businesses. Now, corporations rule, so they can do what you and I can’t. In this case, one walks away from properties that are underwater (more here). And I assure you, Obomba is cool with that. (In other words: A corporation makes a bad deal buying property, no problem. I buy a home and see its value crater because corporations had to create a bubble by making loans to people who couldn’t afford them, for amounts greatly in excess of the true value of the property — why, Obomba believes I should suffer with no recourse. But you can’t treat a corporation like that — they’re special.)

Obomba to fail again! Hello, 1937! Hello, President Palin! Hello, ten years of GOP rule!

I should add: Ignore any talk of change from Obomba. If he couldn’t deliver from a position of power, he sure as shit can’t from a position of weakness. Just imagine… quite nearly as bad as G.W. Bush, worse than Hoover… what a Godawful legacy, and, again, tragedy for us….

(Yeah, yeah, who could have seen this coming — I mean, other than the racists, who didn’t see anything like this but at least refused to buy his line of crap?)

Answer: No. Question: See it here.

Meanwhile, just call him Tiger Obomba.

As a New Yorker, I can’t tell you how much I don’t even want to see Harold Ford run for senator. But don’t worry; if he does, there is no way he’ll be elected.

(More about that video here.)

I bite: Why do the elite media love sources with vested interests and then feel no need to report the utter unreliability of the source? No answer here, just someone else asking, more specifically asking why they do what they do. And people don’t or can’t realize the depth and breadth of corruption in our society??

Something to dream about… freedom from corporatist control…. Maybe you can actually do something to regain a little privacy….

How else the government spies on you (and Obomba’s cool with that).

What the Chinese government hates (not that ours is very much better).

American knowledge-hating assholes. And Google=evil.

Bankrupt journalism: The corporations can’t be described as losers without gratuitously dissing the tenants — and then explain why it’s of the least concern to them (hint: it’s actually of absolutely no concern).

I didn’t know this. Did you??

Lies for wingnuts (’cause they believe any stupid crap they wanna believe):

Anger? What Anger? Tributes to the Spineless Failures and the Truly Talented

Five jokes about the Great Failures of the Dems from David (“Get Your War On”) Rees. I approve of each. Truth in humor and all that…. And here’s a lot of the problem: An anti-democratic belief that attracting voters can make up for a short-term loss of financial support from special interests. Money goes to the winners almost irregardless of positions. On the other hand, this is also why the Republicans talk love to the Christofascists before fucking them.

Query: When Obomba says anything (like this), is he completely full of shit?

Please. The only hope connected with the healthcare bill is that it dies and doesn’t get passed. That is, Congress should not pass any version of it. None. And Obomba actually still refuses to get involved in framing a plan…. And what’s wrong for the uninsured with rolling the dice and risking bankruptcy? If they’re uninsured, what do they have to lose? The providers have something to lose but not the uninsured patients. Of course, the easiest thing now, is pull the plug and campaign the ass off saying vote for us and there’ll be real healthcare reform, vote GOP and just get screwed in many more ways…. But of course, the Dems are too corrupt and balless to run on anything substantive…. Short of that, this would be very good news if true. Ditto this. Josh’s belief it must be passed to give the Dems any shot of avoiding disaster in November is dead wrong. Yes, Josh, people do want a de facto tax in return for nil benefit.

If true, this is very bad news: Obomba wants to lead.

Wow! The Village Voice has turned to complete crap!

Asshole: David Brooks. Yes, doing nothing is great when you’re too stupid and uncaring to bother to figure out what might work. Better to keep your money to spend on shit than using it to do any good.

They are fucking crazy in the South. One Republican wants to use public funds to feed stray animals but not students.

This is a very concise summary of the problem everyone to the left of insane rightist face: it’s now harder to get anything passed or done. If it couldn’t have been done before last Tuesday, it’s only harder, if not impossible, now.

I disagree with Atrios about this; There was every reason for Obomba to renominate Bernanke. The fucker was feeding gobs of money to Big Finance’s speculators. What could have possibly mattered — other than massive middle class loss of wealth and jobs…? And I disagree with Atrios about this too: The clock has run out on Obomba; there is now nothing he can do. Eight years of Bush, four of Obomba, then Palin… with a loss of freedom and democracy, with middle class wealth and jobs destruction and rampant systemic corruption… and so much more…. And Atrios fails to perceive the obvious: In the corporatist state, nothing can be done that would deprive corporations of a single penny. And yet another thing Atrios got wrong.

My governor is clearly a shithead (well, he also grew up fairly well off). Fiscal responsibility was laid out in the Old Testament. (You know, that Bible thing all them Christian Republicans allegedly believe in.) But whatever they do, these Christians actually give fealty to Mammon, so when you’re making loads of money, you never, ever save for the downturns. So now this.

Can relief for homeowners that involves increasing the amount they owe on homes with decreased value work? Obomba thinks so!

Corporatist asshole: eBay’s PayPal.

Reminder: Obomba’s toothless plan to help homeowners continues to fail.


Too many more like the above can be found here.

In this vale

Of toil and sin

Your head grows bald

But not your chin.

— Burma Shave

Midnight in America; The Experiment in Democracy is OVER

…government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth….

Sorry, Abe; it’s history now, like you (except people pay no heed to history now).

Anyone really think this is really going to lead to anything good??

Isn’t it incredible? Things are actually worse now under Obama than they were under Beloved Leader. Sure, the Dems inherited a God-awful mess. But the Obama-ites did nothing to help. And now it’ll be legal for Big Corporations to take over…. Let the Great Exodus begin…. There is now officially no hope….

Let’s see…. Healthcare can’t be passed with a simple majority but the 1964 Civil Rights Act was? Any good reason for that?

I should say that this and the last few posts show a lot of despair. That’s me. You need not despair if you don’t follow the news, don’t know your history, don’t understand how these developments — that is, more than ever, the US is not a democracy in any respect but a corrupt corporatist state — will make things worse, and in other words, don’t give a shit. But yes, if your eyes are open, you should be despairing. Things will never get better. When something progressive is lost, it takes generations to get it back.

Look! One of the next failures of Obomba! (No one reading this is stupid enough to actually expect reform from Obomba??) Please, Sir, please just don’t do anything! You do nothing good. The nation cannot take anything  more….

Again, does anyone actually believe Obomba’s going to actually implement any significant reform of Big Finance? I mean, really? Clearly, the elite media are obsessed with the story but they’re idiots and whores, so their opinion’s pretty worthless….

Look at Haiti 360.

OoMM Competition: Will any sort of healthcare bill get passed? if so, other than the de facto tax and windfall for the carriers, what will it include now that it’s gonna get even more watered down?

And what’s amazing is that freedom can actually be profitable but nearly all the corporate overlords are too fucking stupid to accept it. (And the masses wouldn’t care anyway.)

Losers: EFF keeps fighting against warrantless (see the pun??) wiretapping. Too bad Obomba and his massas support it.

Hypocritical douchebag: Speaks out for internet freedom for China while her boss is against it….

Again, national security is predicated on who sells the best job or deal for themselves, not on, you know, the right way to do something, isn’t that right, you failed piece of shit Michael Chertoff?

Pandering to the right is a loser’s game: you get no support from them, alienate everyone, and do crap that’s no good for the nation. Ben Bernanke may well get smacked in the head by that really soon…. It’s great when a nation is ruled by a minority party that’s already shown it’s utter lack of concern for the nation…. Thanks for this great accomplishment, President Obomba!

Personally, I hate right-wing Jews who enable anti-Semitism if it comes from a wingnut, traitors to my people like that fuckhead piece of shit, John Podhoretz.

Look! Yet another reason why I hate the lying thieves of Chase Bank.

A judge shows a flicker of modest sensibility.

Catherine Zeta-Jones-Douglas: It’s official; she’s not hot. But this is, an image for the ages:

I don’t particularly give a shit about the NBC/Leno/O’Brien Debacle of Dumb and Greedy, so this is about all I’ll say, except it’s Pee Wee and Pee Wee roolz!

Okay, and this is funny:

Another Plea

Offering his most extensive public comments about the election debacle in Massachusetts, President Obama acknowledged that he’s taking some lumps but also trying to cast himself as a populist who will “never stop fighting” to bring health care reform and jobs to communities like this hard-hit manufacturing area outside Cleveland. (Link.)

Mr. President, you know you’re lying; you cannot be stupid enough to believe your lies. You did nothing when you had the strength, so you know you’re going to do nothing now. So please, just shut up and stop with the false promises and lies.

Of course, in an ideal world, someone who so quickly and completely betrayed his supporters and the voters who bought his line of shit would simply resign. You’ll hang on but hopefully do nothing because in your casee, all you’ve done is to make matters worse?

The wars? Failed policies.

Healthcare reform? No reform, just a de facto tax and a windfall for the carriers.

The Great Recession? Only ones who received significant aid and help were the speculators who created the disaster.

The housing crisis? Fully support the enablers of that awful macro-economic policy.

2010: The loss of Democrat majorities.

Things will not get better on your watch. Please at least do no more harm since you’re clearly unable to do any good.

A Historic Fail

Empowering the party you decisively defeated at the expense of your own party, supporters and, for that matter, the overwhelming majority of the nation’s citizens. Beat that, George W. Bush!

Damn! can Obama be worse than the little Bush? That would be too difficult for me to wrap my mind around but I wouldn’t reject the idea either.