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Laffs and Surprises; Out of My Mind for 18 August 2009

I agree with that vile piece of garbage, Ted Nugent about this — but then, I would.

Another newspaper that won’t be missed. This is inexcuseable editorial ineptitude.

Actually, by and by, U.S. papers are pretty crappy. Read here what’s better, and what they should be.

I did declare meaningful healthcare reform dead, didn’t I? Obama did too! So who cares now whether it passes? The final bill will be garbage and probably will make things worse, certainly not better. After all, pretty much all that will be left will be compulsory coverage. That is, more people will be allowed to pay premiums to the insurers so they can be denied necessary coverage. It takes a sick mind to consider that reform, sick or a lying sacking of shit. Thank God, Barack Obama is president! And Mr. President, thank you and the MSM for reinvigorating the GOP: now needed more than ever. Assholes. Had the traitors on the ropes…. It was great giving a mandate to a Dem president so he could let GOPers and rightist Dems call the shots….

The public option: Back from the dead or did the House fail to get the news of its death?

Professor Krugman has his little obit for healthcare reform here. I only beg to differ on his point that Team Obama failed to comprehend the importance to progressives of a public option. Until proven otherwise, I believe, Obama personally doesn’t care. All he cares about is re-election and leaving office wealthy and lionized. Fool me once…. Attention, Mr. President: That’s one lousy reason to be president. The only way you’ll get re-elected is McCain/Palin redux because you’ll have a series of inexcuseable failures and the nation will be in the midst of the second dip of a W-shaped recession, thanks to your efforts.

This might be nice: The lack of a public option will may doom Obamacare.

This does worry me: How will the leftist journalism and bloggery  survive?

Wingnuts: Delusional. Liberals: Droning in denial. (And another example is here. You know, the market for bullshit has, like, eclipsed the old market for truth….)

The perverse genius of Niall Ferguson: Slammed for writing lead paragraphs can be interpreted by readers as racist, he bleats about his proof that the allusion was not a racist one wrong. His focus is, ultimately, on proving he isn’t a racist nor was the writing meant to be racist. Completely ignored is main issue: How did readers perceive the writing at issue. Ferguson deliberately ignores that to distract with his being. Well, I’m sorry, writings are, well, rad; a reader does not investigate the writer to double-check his intent and mentality, etc., as they read. It is this deep stupidity that is one of the things I so hate about the modern conservative. Or more simply, he is utterly dishonest, full of shit. As Professor K says, the turd is simply a poseur. Given his dishonesty, his intellectualism is shallow and false. Professor K provides an example of his shallowness, his willingness to substitute glibness for, you know, actual knowledge. Perhaps he can be sent back to his country….

Jeb Bush had his own bubble.

Proof that the wingnuts hate America.

Hotter than Palin (to me, at least).

Incredible! Most companies that back-dates did not get caught!

Let’s get justice for a genius driven to death by haters.

How to get high: Snort your money. Really. A possible explanation for the mania on Wall Street — it’s not just greed??

Let’s mangle us some English!

Now for a little topical humor for the young people (and young at heart):

I love this song, perfect Reggae-ish beat for the heat and sweetly melancholic lyrics:


Watch it Now; Out of My Mind for 31 July 2009

Lucky you; couldn’t do this on Blogger:

Why the Big Media so-called journalism — inanity is a far better word — won’t be missed: This idiocy. Meanwhile, the Big Media hasn’t done their “Infinite Debt” yet. I mean, the debt industry is or should be a huge story and the Big Media are… sucking off the Establishment, doing the nation a disservice.

Go here and do this. Dunno that it will help but surely it can’t hurt.

Gotta love here! Sarah Palin is a serial quitter. And Faux Nooz viewers want her to be a homemaker.

Professor Krugman has the longish version explaining the necessity of the public option. Remember: There’s no reform possible without a public option. No public option means we will be forced to give more money to the private insurers who can deny coverage we pay for with our premiums.

No shit?! Karl Rove was involved in this?? Who woulda thought… (thanks to the water-carriers)….

Query: If Canada’s healthcare system’s so awful, why do Canadians have a greater life expectancy?


Hmmm…. Obama fails, popularity drops.

Amazon sued for stealing a copy of “1984” with student’s school notes incorporated. That’s what it gets for taking the stupid and lazy solution…. (More here.)

Fight the system.

Click on the image to see where they found Jesus now!
Click on the image to see where they found Jesus now!

This is your project for the weekend.

Your dog really wants you to buy him this. (Although for all I know, you know someone who light like it for himself.)

Why we’re in Afghanistan:

Free the music:

The Rage and the Humor; Out of My Mind for 22 July 2009

The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary; men alone are quite capable of every wickedness. — Joseph Conrad

Patience has its limits. Take it too far, and it’s cowardice. — George Jackson

It does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no God. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg. — Thomas Jefferson [not much of a Christian Founding Father, huh?]

Chaos is inherent in all compounded things. Strive on with diligence. — Buddha

Attention, wingnuts and the rest of the America-hating GOP “conservatives”:

He, who by good deeds covers the evil he has done, illuminates this world like the moon freed from clouds. — Buddha

Of course, when one provides journalistic excellence — journalism that matters — you can attract an audience even if you’re a newspaper.

Cretin: This WaPo putz has it exactly backwards: Cronkite left no legacy except nostalgia for an era of journalistic honesty and competence.

Assholes: The Israelis, picking on the castrated, impotent Gazans.

Asshole and cretin: Beloved Leader’s anti-sex abstinence policy increases teen pregnancies.

Indeed, why not increase taxes on Big Wealth when gratuitous, unnecessary cuts helped fuel the speculation bubble that brought us to this point in the first place?

Assholes: Whoever did this.

Essential reading: How to protect yourself from surveillance so you can excercise a little freedom.

His crime: Being black. Charges dropped but that's almost besides the point. Click on the image for the full story.

Assholes: Everyone who drove this man to suicide. But in an oppressive capitalist/corporatist state, I guess one shouldn’t be too surprised.

Man held for contempt for 14 years freed. (and yes, the sentencing judge: asshole.)

Boycott of the Day: Jamba Juice. They earned it. Some things are too sacred to rip off without getting smacked for it.

In 1933, the American advertising industry loved Hitler.

Delayed for hundreds of years! Medieval military records available online at last!

Good, healthy games for your kids that don’t require their sitting on their growing asses.

See how cool Shaquille O’Neal really is!

Dead: The inventor of WD-40.

Dead: Half of Peter and Gordon.

Just in case you need to know how to raise an ape in your family (warning: may be outdated).

How We Fail and are Failed (a Continuing Story); Out of My Mind for 18 June 2009

Would you cheat on this woman? (More below.)

“A bird that you set free may be caught again, but a word that escapes your lips will not return.” — Jewish Proverb

See who’s bullshitting you and is an untrustworthy lying sack of shit here (assuming you need the help).

Incredible! Movie stars are actually being held accountable: no more big bucks for tabloid stars whose movies keep bombing.

This is awesome: Applying for a job requires you to give up social network names/IDs and passwords. It’s only unjust and offensive but not completely insensible. The solution, of course, is to change everything as soon after the hiring issue’s resolved…. On the other hand, it is now apparently quite legal to take pictures in Vancouver, unlike, oh, say London. (Of course, this is in anticipation of the Olympics. What choice does the city have once the tsunami of tourists hit?) Not that we’re any better, of course.

The falseness of the bogus medical malpractice “crisis” again exposed.

I often disagree with this guy but he has a good point: Maybe (notwithstanding that it was gamed), the Iranians actually elected the guy they wanted. What I find scary is that what he describes as the majority of the electorate actually sounds alot like our own Christofascists.

What you can do with an iPhone. I love being able to take a teeny adequate camera with me all the time ’cause you just never know…. It’s the Kodak Brownie of the 21st century 🙂

Professor K makes his case for his growing contentment with if not love for Obama and ever-so-slight optimism for the economy. Case is good, I’m just not persuaded about Obama; me, I’m still without hope, I think it’s the Clinton-Republican era all over again. And he’s right on the economy: the worsening stopping doesn’t mean things are improving significantly. (Example here of something over-hyped.) And there is of course the impending anticipated mortgage and credit crises. And that Wall Street was saved to refuse to extend credit (beyond the fact that the demand should be punk in the first place) is, at the end of the day, not so important (other than to the Masters of the Universe and their politician-puppets). And look, Obama did something right!

Game of the day.

You really have to hope California is no way our future.

God bless Big Pharma: They love profits so much more than, oh, making people healthy.

Harvard discovers that the free exchange of ideas is a good thing. Of course, in this era, there’s no reason to conflate elite school with actual academic excellence.

Update: The GOP still has nothing but “No” and hate. On the other hand, when they act as if they have anything to offer, it’s awful.

And a man who voted to impeach for lying about infidelity must resign his seat.

Less than FDR, less than Hoover??

The ineptitude that allowed 9/11. (The report is here.)

Micro$oft’s Bing says Buy a Mac.

No Hope, Out of Love, Out of My Mind for 5 June 2009

We are formed and molded by our thoughts. Those whose minds are shaped by selfless thoughts give joy when they speak or act. Joy follows them like a shadow that never leaves them. — Buddha

Early on in his (I use the term most loosely) administration, wasn’t Beloved Leader pretty damn popular? Given his bullshit policies and betrayal of the American people, it’s quite possible the love for Obama will be as fleeting as that for Beloved Leader.

Speaking of which, if it’s true that GM’s workers are being screwed by the Obamaite in charge… well, it shouldn’t really be much of a surprise, should it?

See here all the poisons we slap on our faces and bodies.

This is awesome!

And speaking of awesome, the pathological greed of the destroyers of the economy is pretty damn awesome as well. These people weren’t our best and the brighest but simple sociopaths — who Obama clearly feels are the ones who need true help as opposed to, you know, an impoverished middle class in a consumer society. (But you know, he just wants to get the economic numbers up enough to get re-elected, he doesn’t care about fixing anything substantive or structural.)

Read here how one congressman brings home the bacon.

Fine: The first zero-G wedding is planned; but when’s the first zero-G honeymoon?

This should not be news: Major colleges lie and worse to boost their “ratings”.

WTF: Russia probing Microsoft for improprieties.

Great moments in the world’s greatest health care system: Computers go down, the ill and injured get turned away from ERs. Tell me that makes sense! Tell me that society’s cumulative intelligence is so low you can’t even call it intelligence.

You know leaking secrets, even en masse, is OK when it’s the GOP betraying and endangering our nation.

See what’s on Obama’s Crackberry(R) here.

Awww! See and hear apes laugh here!

(Click on the image to see it legibly and for the story.)

This is awesome-cool, this is moreso.

Tiananmen @ 20.

I can’t believe this is kosher.

Stormy Thursday: Out of My Mind for 4 June 2009

Jeez, if you go by greatest harm to the nation, I’m torn whether Ronnie Raygun is the worst president since the Civil War, beating even Beloved Leader. (I refuse to go back further than the Civil War because of simple historical ignorance.) I contend that the nation’s elite — Big Business — developed a very screwed up attitude on Ronnie’s watch that resulted in the current Global Economic Meltdown. This is of course the worship of immediate profits at any societal cost: CDOs, investing in money-losing businesses for no good reason, taking on gobs of debt for no good reason, and so on and so forth. Dunno that Beloved Leader did quite as much harm….

Our freedom just took another hit. Some judge thinks it’s OK of FISA to unconstitutionally destroy our freedom. (Read this too.)

Fun! Learn how to make exploding drinks here!

Book of the day for pre-teen girls.

Watch the power of belief:

Genius chimps!

Learn about the real world beyond your computer here!

The world’s greatest health system insures that after your life is saved you wish you were dead.

Is this the world's greatest invention??

Proven: Bill O’Reilly accessory to Tiller’s assassination. More proof here. Video elsewhere on the site.

Super-Sized! Out of My Mind for 30 May 2009

Little evil would be done in the world if evil never could be done in the name of good. — Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

About the video is here.

Like a wet dream, it’s kind of exciting but has nothing to do with any reality: Another expert — ex-FBI interrogator — on the inefficacy of torture. But really, if Dick Cheney and his cohorts are for it, it has to be bogus….

Play cop: Who looks guilty to you?

The latest failure of e-voting.

Idiot. Again, why does Big Media feel any need to promote an asshole like this? Is it a death wish?

I kid you not. A client wrote this about me in an email to the office:

p.s. mitchell looked pretty dam good in those jeans but then
i only noticed his backside.

You’d have to know her to know that while this is of course somewhat complimentary, it’s also very, very creepy….

Watch actual destruction of our planet here.

Global correction: Mancow was not tortured but tortured us. But don’t they all…?

Just about all you need to know about the GOP hypocrisy on Sotomayor is here. Even shorter version (again): The party who got Clarence Thomas on the SCOTUS bench has no right to go racial.