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Is this the Last Post? Out of My Mind for 27 July 2009

All the negativity is getting to me….

Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night. — Edgar Allan Poe

Dope: This guy thinks the salvation of news papers is to prevent bloggers from copying (“posting”) articles or significant parts of articles. I guess the overwhelming majority of us who make little or no money doing this will somehow find the money to pay the newspapers. Clearly, the proponent is some post-Reagan putz with no comprehension or understanding of reality. Firstly, partial posts or citations sends eyeballs back to the original source. We just gave them more hits for incresed advertising and, God forbid, new readers or viewers. So shithead here thinks we should pay to help the producers’ businesses. Second, much of most articles and stories are rewrite of public events or the public record. There is, at the end of the day, damn little to protect. Last, I still like to think that journalistic outlets, ultimately, must serve the public good. If, as many if not most have been choosing to do, they decide to foresake the public good with their obsession with the bottom lines they’ve weakened, well, then, who needs them (and, yes, as a recent lay-off, I do feel bad for all the lost jobs)? If a paper doesn’t want to contribute to society, I say good riddance. (The link to the article that set me off is here but in view of the would-be savior’s anti-dissemination of information of course I must ask you to ignore it. It’s posted strictly so the curious reader can assuage himself that I’m not making things up.) Yes, by all means let’s further stifle the free exchange of ideas, like Judge Posner recommends in a piece that cannot be parsed because it’s over-writen by a non-expert steeped in ignorance of the subject for which he offers solutions.

Asshole and cretin: Prof. Lester Brickman: Third-rate law school professor, inept law school dean, and apologist for the corporatists, those profit-above-all unaccountable entities and destroyers. But maybe he and his ilk are right; the proof that we are second class citizens after big business lies in the fact that large corporations — the ones so dependent on worms like Brickman — are nearly never punished, let alone significantly for their wrong-doing while, say, a black male citizen can be arrested for trying to get into his home. But tank the global financial system? Less than a slap on the wrist — indeed, receive government handouts to get back to profit-making destruction — thanks to Brickman and his ilk.

We have the greates healthcare system in the world. Click on the image for the truth.

Does it really matter whether Congress is a Dem or GOP majority? The real majority is the do-nothing, greedy-fuck stooges of the 1%ers, our oligarchy’s elite, the corrupters, the destroyers of America. I assure you, the Founding Fathers are whirling like dervishes in their graves.

How to score: Join the GOP!

“Sick” doesn’t begin to describe these people. (“Demented”, or maybe “DeMinted”, is a start.) First, their kids must be taken into custody then the parents shot Tiller-dead.

Assholes: The health insurance industry whores who keep claiming there’s a medical malpractice crisis. (Well, there is — incompetent medical personnel who go unpunished.) As the insurance industry and doctors prattle on about it, there’s no such crisis. The proof is here and here and here and here. Incredibly, I never seen a scintilla of proof that there was or is any such crisis as claimed.

The way of the world....
The way of the world....

(More about that last video is here.)

God knows, my standards are low but I don’t believe this belongs on a news show:

Assholes, cretins and scumbags: The “Blue Dog” Dems. (Again, they’re why it doesn’t matter which party is the majority in Congress. The dysfunctionalism bought by the corrupters moots the issue, makes it irrelevant.

Honestly, looking at this I cannot fathom how the comrades failed in all their endeavors....

The Rage and the Humor; Out of My Mind for 22 July 2009

The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary; men alone are quite capable of every wickedness. — Joseph Conrad

Patience has its limits. Take it too far, and it’s cowardice. — George Jackson

It does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no God. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg. — Thomas Jefferson [not much of a Christian Founding Father, huh?]

Chaos is inherent in all compounded things. Strive on with diligence. — Buddha

Attention, wingnuts and the rest of the America-hating GOP “conservatives”:

He, who by good deeds covers the evil he has done, illuminates this world like the moon freed from clouds. — Buddha

Of course, when one provides journalistic excellence — journalism that matters — you can attract an audience even if you’re a newspaper.

Cretin: This WaPo putz has it exactly backwards: Cronkite left no legacy except nostalgia for an era of journalistic honesty and competence.

Assholes: The Israelis, picking on the castrated, impotent Gazans.

Asshole and cretin: Beloved Leader’s anti-sex abstinence policy increases teen pregnancies.

Indeed, why not increase taxes on Big Wealth when gratuitous, unnecessary cuts helped fuel the speculation bubble that brought us to this point in the first place?

Assholes: Whoever did this.

Essential reading: How to protect yourself from surveillance so you can excercise a little freedom.

His crime: Being black. Charges dropped but that's almost besides the point. Click on the image for the full story.

Assholes: Everyone who drove this man to suicide. But in an oppressive capitalist/corporatist state, I guess one shouldn’t be too surprised.

Man held for contempt for 14 years freed. (and yes, the sentencing judge: asshole.)

Boycott of the Day: Jamba Juice. They earned it. Some things are too sacred to rip off without getting smacked for it.

In 1933, the American advertising industry loved Hitler.

Delayed for hundreds of years! Medieval military records available online at last!

Good, healthy games for your kids that don’t require their sitting on their growing asses.

See how cool Shaquille O’Neal really is!

Dead: The inventor of WD-40.

Dead: Half of Peter and Gordon.

Just in case you need to know how to raise an ape in your family (warning: may be outdated).

Here’s Your Sunday Boom Boom Pow! Out of My Mind for 19 July 2009

(Blogger’s note: Clearly have been using “asshole” a lot lately. The word may offend but you know I’m right about everyone of them. Meanwhile, I’m exploring alternatives, just not today.)

What I pray for:

(More about that last video here.)

Read here how Big Journalism failed us on the inevitable financial disaster.

And contrary to the know-nothing, care-nothing water-carriers, looks like the stimulus is working.

The lies of the tort “reformers”. Truth is, there’s little to reform, just the elimination of punishments for wrongful behavior. Modern conservatives, remember, do not believe in facts. So when they claim to present any, you can safely presume they are in fact made up out of nothing, pure lies.

In the corporatist world, the destroyers get rewarded by being given the opportunity to make money by correcting their prior bad acts. Can you see what’s wrong with that picture? The wrong-doer is rewarded instead of punished.

Single video double-feature: Apollo 11 landing anniversary and Cronkite memorial:

Assholes: Bob Woodward thinks that attempt to peddle in influence buying and selling now makes WaPo’s new publisher qualified to be publisher. This so stupid a position, nothing needs to be added: committing a single major mistake is the one thing that makes her qualified?? And firing Froomkin? That we’re to take as… what? Firing a new media star is a good idea?

Asshole: This guy who believes newspapers offer nothing online justifying charging. He is so wrong. Media have to stop giving stuff away or, for that matter, allowing their stuff to be stolen. Rolling Stone did it partly correct with the Taibbi Goldman Sachs piece: no legal copies available online while the issue was on the newsstands. In a rush to read the piece? Buy the issue. He claims newspapers are worth paying for either. Wrong: They can be extremely efficient packaged compendiums of news, insight, opinion, entertainment and features and services. He also says you can news wherever online. That is true up to a point but it becomes up to the publisher to make a paper or a sight a go-to place. Times journalism is essentially available in one place. Wall Street Journal material: ditto. McClatchy journalism: a few places. Yeah, crap has limited value in this new world but, really, other that guys who’d lose jobs, what else is the downside for losing crap?

Asshole: Ben Stein: There is no excuse for someone with his background to take money for pushing a switch and bait scam like this. On deck: We’ll see what the Times does in response. Hint to Pinch and Steve (because the rulers of Big Jounralism don’t actually follow news or anything): If you fire the fucker, I’m sure cancellations will be capped in the single digits. Or taking a proper stand might attract readers.

Assholes: Everyone who is still in denial about how Prop. 13 destroyed California.

Assholes: [GOP] senators who think people making $350,000.00 and more a year cannot afford a small tax increase. (And this is connection with the health insurance reform which, if it works, may well save the schmucks money in the long run.)

Assholes: The inability to find any links is proof I’m right (although I am anyway): Not a clip to be found of the night that Cronkite got up from his desk to spend nearly half a broadcast explaining Watergate and its importance.

Asshole (second redux): Amazon and the theft of the Orwell books. Wouldn’t the right thing to either get the publisher or Amazon to pay the rights holder whatever they’re entitled to — that is, make the sales proper after the fact — instead of stealing the books back? I’m sure there’s out of pocket costs to the innocent buyers but aren’t they the last people to be inconvenienced? (Yeah, yeah, I know, that’s so old fashioned….)

Did Big Labor have a big win that Big Media, in their water-carrying way, is required to spin as a defeat?

Assholes: All these sick, sick wingnut emailers. Correction: These rightist water-carriers from Big Media outlets are worse.

Assholes: Everyone who claims to find Sotomayor unqualified but has no issue with Clarence Thomas (who, for you young people, was completely unqualified and even unfit and who has yet failed to rise to his responsibility).

Near-assholes: Nevada; two lousy senators and a housing market that’s a huge stinking crater. And Arizona is about as bad.

Assholes: Sarah Palin apologists.

Assholes: Goldman Sachs (and here too):

Here, laugh at this Goldman joke before it comes true.

Assholes: The RNC promotes anti-Semitism hatred of Jews.

Assholes: Anti-public option proponents relying on the CBO’s cost estimate. The thing to keep in mind is that without significant reform, costs will continue to spiral out of control and actual care and coverage will continue to deteriorate. So how do the CBO estimates compare to that?

Assholes: Michael Steele and the scumbags who appointed him:

These assholes coulda been president special appearance by water-carrying simian asshole David Gregory):

Greenwald says goodbye to Cronkite, filling in the missing blanks in the coverage, moreso the current failings of modern journalism. Again, journalism serves the people or it’s irrelevant. The publishers and producers have cast their vote, for irrelevance.

Found! A brief write-up describing how Cronkite gav a big, maybe crucial push to the Watergate story. And P.S., he’s one journo who never gave an sign of being sorry for bringing down a louse of a president. When you have morals, you have morals. Only water-carriers regret.

Asshole: because he is completely dead wrong:

“I think there are a lot of critics who think that [in the run-up to the Iraq War] . . . . if we did not stand up and say this is bogus, and you’re a liar, and why are you doing this, that we didn’t do our job. I respectfully disagree. It’s not our role” — David Gregory, MSNBC, May 28, 2008. [Link.]

(Well, in his defense, David Gregory has clearly achieved great success by being a cunt.)

Who delivers real job growth? First clue: Not the pro-business GOP.

Tom Wilkes, graphic designer supreme, dead.

See: The new Hollywood tragedy. (I don’t care either.)

(Click on the image for more.)


!*%@, Yes! Out of My Mind for 13 July 2009

I can’t stop the cursing and it’s a good thing! Fuck, yes, it is!

Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana. — Groucho Marx

Obama’s success: Obscene profits for Goldman Sachs.

Meet another wingnut sicko… God Help us….

Are all Russians crazy-sick? Watch this, read about it.

Learn: How to help ensure a lost wallet is returned.

Whistle blower: In case you don’t know already, chapter and verse on how the health insurers are destroying us for greed.

Meet the Good Guys here!

Again: Even by the low standards of the average pol, Sarah Palin is especially stupid, self-absorbed and fucking nuts, to the extent that, again compared to the average pol, she is unfit for office. She is good, however, as a poster girl for the complete and total irrelevance of the GOP so for that, she is a good thing. Example: her son is a Dem.

Another failure for homeland security; Or, what happens when the crazies are in charge. Ever coming up with new ideas to put us at greater risk and less free….

Everyone has a breaking point, so to speak (and no pun intended), where they say This is it, this is proof that society is deep in the toilet. This is where I say it; disgusting, inexcuseable, and what it says about American society is scary and disgusting.

How does the neo-police state that is the U.K. plan to distract people from their loss of freedom? By promoting orgasms.

The only kind of stimulus package the GOP likes.

I’m fully sympathetic to the reason behind it, still, Hasids rioting:

Declaring Independence from the Bullshit Artists: Out of My Mind for 5 July 2009

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without. — Buddha

If you don’t agree with this, it’s time for you to emigrate, okay?

Why do I so abuse Sarah? ‘Cause she’s hot and she can well be elected president and she’s so Goddam unfit for that office it’s frightening. So I continue to do what I can to chip away at her chances by reminding all what an absolute joke she is.

And Mark Sanford: ditto. Another joke, another putz completely unfit to be POTUS.

Elect a dope, get a disaster. Remember: egotism, narcissism and hubris are not proof of qualification for elected office. Of course, failing to do anything about Prop. 13 doomed Cali anyway....

Water-carrying racist asshole of the day; one of the Washington Post’s “stars”. Probably had no problem with the paper enabling corruption. (More here.) Another WaPo wanker is here. Another paper that won’t be missed…. And here’s more essential insight and brilliance from the WaPo, a newspaper in deep decline for about thrity-five years now….

More GOP delusions, dissembling and/or deliberate lying, granted well-undeserved legitimacy by the Big Media.

Why does the media pay any attention to this douchebag, for what kind of sickos is she given any platform? Here’s another one.

Wanker Joe Lieberman (a clear disgrace to my people), then and now.

Speaking of sickos, does the 2012 GOP presidential nomination require some sort of dementia? I mean, does the candidate literally have to be nuts to get the nod? Example: Mark Sanford, who would rather meet the piece of his dreams than be president. Great family values, great priorities….

Reminder: The next wave is still coming, in which the green shoots get flooded away….

So much for the GOP being the party of morality. Explains Ensign and Craig and Giuliani and Sanford and....

All you need to know about healthcare reform (or perversion thereof) is here.

Can the election-riggers in Iran top this all-American oppression of peaceful assemblies of voters to meet a candidate?

Fuck Goldman Sachs too. Anyone know what the speculators did that created any sort of broad financial health or wealth? Me neither. And if you can’t or won’t buy the “Rolling Stone” issue with the Taibbi piece on Goldman (and you should!), read it here.

And here is an asshole supporter of the speculation bubble.

Something like this coming soon to the TV?? I think, I fear….

Much, Much Mellower; Out of My Mind for 2 July 2009

We’re far less independent than we used to be, aren’t we?

So the guy in this video was worship by us lefties ’cause he said some stuff that we liked to hear, but then the wingnuts started bashing him as being a whacko or something — IIRC. But clearly it looks like he was on to something….

Direct action for the public option. (Where’s Barack?) Stop the presses: Looks like a public option is again a possibility.

Xeni got this right: essential reading; Taibbi on Goldman Sachs. I say: read it, then kill the fuckers (I of course say that the exact same way Bill O’Reilly would were he referring to an abortionist.)

I used to like Harold Baer….

Sanford doesn’t have to quit. He can hang around forever, an inspiration for contempt for the modern, Palin wing of the GOP….

Speaking of what the GOP has to offer the world: Rush Limbaugh, GOP head: Michael Jackson was murdered. By Obama. Gotta be pretty sick to give this asshole any legitimacy.

This is cool!

This is not:

My wife might find this funny.

Wankery is actually a good thing.

Talk about incest! All the world’s ants are members of the same family?

Who doesn’t love day-glo???

What we used to create art before the digital era, brushes before Brushes, as it were. (Then again, this guy adapted….)

God bless the Chinese….

See an obsession.

To me, cars just get better and better (and I don’t refer to the flacid Prius):

The blackest black ever? (Not a [I can’t say the name] joke, but black is my favorite color.)

Who doesn't worship Jabba??

I love the movie this is from!

Short but not Sweet: Out of My Mind for 30 June 2009

I hope that when I die, people say about me, ‘Boy, that guy sure owed me a lot of money.’ — Jack Handey

Today’s dick poster-boy for the twilight of newspapers. Please, Sir, continue to focus on the medium, not the reportage. One priorities are clearly 100% ass backwards.

See photos of the Honduran coup here.

Wow, the aged beneficiary of one of the greatest thieves ever must survive on a paltry $2.5 million!!! I am soo sad for her. All of us non-thieves should suffer with her. Bitch is lucky she’s not moving to jail as well.

Vegan restaurants that no knowledgeable vegan can eat at because… they aren’t vegan, only hold themselves out as vegan.

Whoa! £20,000 to study woman’s asses!?

Arkansas is for scumbags.

Click on the image legible size!

The only Christian assessment of Michael Jackson’s death I can agree with come from my favorite church, Landover Baptist!