Month: December 2010

And As One Year Ends….

Sadly, yes:

Would we be, as Orwell wrote, dominated by a repressive surveillance and security state that used crude and violent forms of control? Or would we be, as Huxley envisioned, entranced by entertainment and spectacle, captivated by technology and seduced by profligate consumption to embrace our own oppression? It turns out Orwell and Huxley were both right. Huxley saw the first stage of our enslavement. Orwell saw the second. (Link.)

Spot quiz! If home prices take another significant drop, would that be a good thing for the economy?

Just in case there was any doubt this side of Schulzberger and Keller that Judy Miller is not a real journalist, here’s the proof.

The Washington press corp has in fact been abrogating their responsibility to the nation since Reagan. Not a new development.

I don’t believe in abusing or torturing animals, but I believe Michael Vick is a victim of racism. I cannot believe white trash being jailed for a year and half for what Vick did.

Actual law and order: I remember the old days when no one would take a thief’s denials seriously. Christine O’Donnell is a documented thief whether or not she’s indicted and convicted. So it takes a kind of retardation to take her crooked-mouthed denials seriously — retards like the Teabaggers and the rest of the Republicans.

Reminder: No matter what they say, like their masters, the Teabaggers hate the American democracy.

Hey, look! Ten significant failures of Elite Media so-called journalists.

The Republicans in Virginia are doing their share to make sure their kids are as stupid as possible. I dunno; if these retards are the future, maybe it’s okay to ignore or destroy the future. FTW and all that….

Republican retardation and lies: The latest way they want to abuse you and crapify your life — their way of thanking you for empowering them.

Bizarre. Why isn’t this revealed no matter what?

Apparently, Bloomberg’s snowstorm failure was worse than I knew. Of course, he’s just another bullshitting pol but still, what with his free pass from the Elite Media one might think he was better than this — actually competent.

What doe the Win Phone 7 do that no other smartphone platform does? Offer a tool by which you can get every app for freeThat’s innovation!

Android malware! iOS can’t do that!

Another opinion:

(Longer version here.)

Again, R.I.P., Rosie — from a time when a Americans were able to do things other than engage in fiscal irresponsibility and wild, insane speculation:

Maybe how Bloomberg should have dealt with his snow…:


The Great Failure that is the American Voter Today

Imagine, if you will, that you live on a block endangered
by a serial killer. You and your neighbors are all at risk.

then you all discover who is the killer.

And then the next
Christmas, you all give him knives, guns, rounds of ammo and the
keys to everyone’s flats.

Then you realize that you just empowered
the deadly threat.

And then in response, all you do is go into

And there’s the American voter, having empowered those
brought us a global financial crisis and who see no reason to do
anything except actually worsen it. How awful, how impossible it
must be to face the reality of the awful thing they did….

behalf of the generation who will inherit this: Thanks, stupid,
thoughtless American voter!

Empower the Destroyers and This is How We are Rewarded: With Endless Disaster. Who’s Happy?

America is now a Geloiocracy.

Outlawed. By Jed Rakoff, so I'm not sure it was a bad decision....

Stupid: Not perceiving what the Republicans are doing. Republicans’ favorite voters.

See how we rape the earth.

(More here.)

Crap the Republicans hope to pull.

Why are troops leaving the military for unemployment when they joined the military to get a job they couldn’t get in the States?

What is it when a union or guild gets beaten up for supporting what it believes in? Why is a guild required to honor those who refuse to support it? What type of retard doesn’t see the idiocy in expecting a guild to act against its and its members’ interests? Why, this retard!

Looks the wingnuts may not be retarded after all, just suffering from a physiological defect.

A reasonable disagreement: I think it’s Tucker Carlson who should have been executed.

Surprise! Haley Barbour is a racist, lying thief and asshole.

Idea! Christine O’Donnell would do fine in solitary confinement pending indictment and conviction. Just her, her God, and her little fingers all together….

You know what it is? We’re inexcusably shameless. So’s the Big Media, though, alienating their audience. Why would anyone pay for stupid?

Asshole, proven: Matt Bai — and add the shitheads at the Times that employs him. Adds absolutely no value to the outlet….

What I love: The WikiLeak haters going nuts over Mugabe’s response to one of shutting down the farce that was his coalition government. I mean, it’s just one more middling act by a nasty dictator, with a negligible effect on Zimbabwe. And I’m sure the bashers have clearly done a great job thus far bringing democracy to that country and this has been an historic disaster.

Asshole: Floyd Abramas, the establishment’s favorite First Amendment defender. He is ass-backwards wrong: As much as possible, the WikiLeaks State Dept. dump is exactly like the Pentagon Papers.

As is typical,
the Pope stayed above the fray
and did not comment. (Link to the Site of the Day.)

Mission accomplished.

R.I.P., Kodachrome.

One of the good guys, gone:

For Bloomberg:

The Holidays Fail to Slow the Tide of Collapse….

The third-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking with the majority. The second-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking with the minority. The first-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking. — A. A. Milne

There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old’s life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish fantasy that often engenders a lifelong obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world. The other, of course, involves orcs. — John Rogers

Doomed! Just in case you need a reminder that $800 billion in gratuitous taxcuts that will do nothing good for the economy is nothing to be proud or happy about, here it is.

Doomed! Fiscal Irresponsibility Rules Again! O’ lucky Americans!

Malaki wants us out of Iraq?? Either he’s joking or he wants us out to let Iran in. But if he thinks he needs us to have a viable nation, he’s so wrong. Just a matter of whose puppet the nation will be. And Karzai misses Beloved Leader.

Why are people surprised when assholes act like assholes?

Revealing this certainly warrants torturing an American in American custody. Not.

Freedom lost. Tough to keep when the citizens are too lazy to care….

Hmmm, Obomba blames his failures on the success of Reagan & Co. in crapifying the nation? He may well be on to something….

This is a piece of near breath-taking idiocy. But then, it’s old media trying to be hip.

The latest chapter in the downfall of America: Laws and rules and stuff that go unenforced are meaningless.

How it began: This guy and his enablers should have been dead thirty-five years ago. Now is too late.

I bite: Why should Obomba enable and empower the Teabaggers any more that would otherwise? Because pioneering retard-pundit Chris Matthews says so?

Maybe God and/or Mother Nature agree with me that Bloomberg is a hubristic bullshitting asshole? Kidding; The inability to deal well with snowstorms is a NYC tradition.

Doomed! Looks the partisan, anti-fact dishonest economists erred yet again. Too bad they’re the ones helping to set policy. A house built on a foundation of bullshit….

Despite letting go of excess anger, I still know the feeling.

Great headline. God, she must have been rather dwarfish, or all in small pieces…:

Man Charged in Death of Woman Found in Suitcase

I suppose if he can blame the worsening condition of America on the Republicans and a retard running against him, that can only help, too. (Link.)

Oh, no!!! American conservatives knowingly lie?? Anyone here shocked?

Big Business to Americans: Not wanted.

Have a cheap laff from a dead empire:


Isn’t This Supposed to be the Season of Good Cheer? Anyone See Any?

The miracle that is me (and the only way I’m miraculous, I assure you):

It is too difficult to think nobly when one thinks only of earning a living. — Jean-Jacques Rousseau

(This is for S. Butchkiss:) This is exactly what’s wrong with modern America:

“The thing I admire most about Don Blankenship is that he’s not afraid to tell the truth,” Ben Parker, an engineering student, tells me as the applause fades. “He’s just like Sarah Palin.” (Link.)

Idiots having their ignorant beliefs confirmed think they’re hearing the truth. If you’re closed to learning, they’ll never learn anything. They’ll stay ignorant and bring this country down.

Doomed! Waking up, had a sort of realization: All these people bemoaning Our Leaders’ failure to do anything terribly helpful, good or progressive, never really go into any great depth why this is so. Me, I believe it’s little more than corruption — or at least an imbalance where Our Leaders simply can’t keep their personal self-interest under control. Whether I’m right or wrong, where’s the deep analyses?

Doomed! It sucks to be retiring now, what with all your retirment wealth lost to worthless pensions and no equity in unsaleable homes.

Is this a great country or what? 50+ million Americans without health insurance — or, as I might put, unable to afford to piss money away giving it to private insurers who may well deny care. I remember when my carrier wanted to deny treatment claiming it was cosmetic when it was to fix a vision issue…. Of course, in our modern era, the only solution for that huge number of uninsured is to force them to buy insurance.

Here’s a solution for the healthcare crisis: Care that is competent and affordable.

Haley Barbour isn’t just a racist asshole but a thief as well.

I agree with Barney Frank but moreso. Retreat from Afghanistan and Iraq now and save hundreds of billions, more than enough for a real stimulus. Leave Iraq fully under Iran’s control, crippling the latter. As for Afghanistan, you know all we accomplished was weakening Pakistan and, whatever we think of the Pakis, not a good thing.

Obomba=Vacuum of leadership.

Doomed! Well, not quite; just that reality may be catching up and biting Wall Street in the ass. Contrary to the Big Media, only a significantly bad thing if Our Leaders toss the Street tens of billions like the last time things blew up in their faces. Otherwise, feh.

Or maybe cyber-leakers can be stymied by keeping embarrassing stuff analog — notes to be destroyed after reading; oral communications — and the organizations will stay as rotten as ever. (Link to Pollyanna’s dream.) Meanwhile, this is provocative but I’m not completely persuaded; maybe it, too, is too tech oriented and overlooks the nature of the players other than Assange and Manning — you know, no realistically broad context. Then there’s this critique.

Asshole: Kevin Poulsen, government rat, only claiming to be a journalist. But that’s the least of, it’s far more complicated. Was Bradley Manning the victim of entrapment?

Doomed! To Our Leaders, enabling Big Business to avoid paying taxes like with a “Dutch Sandwich” is fiscal responsibility. And if allowing Big Business to avoid paying taxes is good for the economy, what’s the benefit of them sitting on tens or hundreds of billions in cash — not investments, cash?

Why Teena Marie mattered:

Marie released three more albums for Motown, but in 1982 she got into a legal battle with the label. In the end she won a landmark lawsuit that declared it illegal for labels to keep artists under contract while refusing to release their work. It became known as the “Brockert Initiative,” after Marie’s real name. “It wasn’t something I set out to do,” she told the Los Angeles Times in 2004. “I just wanted to get away from Motown and have a good life. But it helped a lot of people, like Luther Vandross and the Mary Jane Girls and a lot of different artists, to be able to get out of their contracts.” (Link.)

Assholes: Bob Barr, for speaking out too late, long after he helped empower the crazies, and the Teabaggers for enabling the loss of freedom they decry. (Link.)

I’m becoming convinced the future belongs to those using new (or renewable) energy sources, and doom for those who can’t give up the old.

Again, we all know about TSA Fails like this, but again, any successes from all the abusive tactics?

Is Juan Williams actually America’s dumbest pundit?

Bummer: The Teabaggers hate Scott Brown. So they really do want to see America destroyed, they’re really just a group of retards after all….

An album recorded and mixed on an iPad. (Yeah, yeah, but is it any good?)

Great! Another way I’m defective! And I only thought my problem was just from having curses placed on me a few times….

Goodbye, Freedom, Welcome, Gratuitous Torture

America, land of the torturers. And why is Bradley Manning worth torturing (even if he’s the dope Bruce Sterling opines)? At the end of the day, not a single leak has been shown to be anything of a significant threat to national security. So we’re left with torturing for the crime of embarassing the bipartisan establishment. Truly a great moment in American history.

Let’s see. If I’m facing a fatal illness, the insane right running this country doesn’t want my insurance to pay my doctor for a consult. I suppose if I have a terminal illness, hospice care wouldn’t be covered because that’s too much like a death panel since you go into a hospice not for cure of terminal illness byt for end of life care. Assholes, every one of them. (Link.)

However much you want to dis Pitt and Jolie — and there’s a lot of narcissistic silliness to dis — the fact is, they do good unlike that posturing, bullshitting, rightwing-ass-kissing asshole Bono. (Link.)

Doomed: This got me thinking a wee bit. If energy commodity prices are on a permanent upward spiral due to limited supply/eternally growing demand, then those locked into, say, oil, are doomed, while those who bypass oil for renewable resources own the future. Figure the rest out yourself.

Shameless pandering asshole: Ross Douthat. I mean, I assume he knows better but I can of course be wrong about that. And a 20-something who wants to be a pundit? The modern pundit is little more than a simple bullshit artist. Who in their right mind would want to be one?

Dead: A wee bit of the 80s:

Progress on the March. Somewhere. Clearly Just Not Here. We Don’t Need No Stinking Progress. The Golden Age is Upon Us

Post-holiday correction (I suppose that’s why the holiday’s name is Giftmas):

Doomed! Anyone else see something wrong here? A healthy stimulus to jumpstart the economy and increase tax revenues and reduce the deficit: Bad. A gratuitous essentially meaningless taxcut costing nearly a trillion dollars and ballooning the deficit because it won’t significantly increase tax revenues: Good.

This is what Haley Barbour believes (and the Big Media have no problem with):

“Look,” said Nick Roberts of the Yazoo City Citizens Council, explaining why 51 of 53 Negroes who had signed an integration petition withdrew their names, “if a man works for you, and you believe in something, and that man is working against it and undermining it, why you don’t want him working for you—of course you don’t.”

In Yazoo City, in August 1955, the Council members fired signers of the integration petition, or prevailed upon other white employers to get them fired. But the WCC continues to deny that it uses economic force: all the Council did in Yazoo City was to provide information (a full-page ad in the local weekly listing the “offenders”); spontaneous public feeling did the rest.

At the WCC’s initial meeting at Indianola, Mississippi, in the summer of 1954, it was decided to isolate and silence white dissenters. The Council organizers knew that the Negroes would need white leadership and help—ministers, editors, school-board members—and it resolved to use social ostracism to deny these to them. In Holmes County, Mississippi, a mass meeting sponsored by the WCC asked Dr. David Minter and Eugene Cox and their families to leave the county. Minter and Cox had been running a cooperative farm for Negroes under the auspices of the Presbyterian church. After the Court decision they were seen as a danger. The Cox and Minter families, however, had never been very much involved with the community, and so they stayed on—in spite of threats and the cancellation of their fire-insurance policies. Nevertheless, Negroes became afraid to come out to their farm, and the two families found themselves isolated. The neighboring minister, a conservative and one of the two men who had defended them at the mass meeting, was transferred out of his parish. (A South Carolina minister lost his church after co-authoring a resolution Which denounced economic sanctions against partisans of integration as un-Christian.)

In another Mississippi city, two doctors were told that their white patients would be denied the use of a new hospital unless they agreed not to bring Negro patients even into the segregated wing. (The Council leaders, who expect the Court eventually to abolish segregation in hospitals, believe that the best policy is to keep Negroes out altogether.) And in Clinton, Tennessee, where mob demonstrations greeted the opening of the school year last month, principal D. J. Brittain received so many threatening and abusive telephone calls that he had to change his number. (Link.)

It seems that Marvel Studios believes that white people should have nothing that is unique to themselves. — Council of Conservative Citizens, white-supremacist assholes

There they go again: Yet another TSA Fail. TSA’s retorts notwithstanding, anyone know of an actual success by the TSA airport workers? Yes, I know there have been terrorist aspirants caught — but as a result of airport screening?

Boycott: Beverly Hills restaurant Red Medicine: The owners think new customers should have no idea whether or not the food and place are worth shit. The owners don’t care about us; no need for us to care about them.

Don’t live here: Virginia to homeowners: Drop Dead!

Assholes: The Banks. Again (follow the links).

Asshole: Tennessee anti-terrorist official Heidi Weinberg, who placed the ACLU on the state’s terrorist list. Clearly, having so deluded and ignorant a person in charge of security is a major risk to security.

Christofascist asshole: Micah Cawley.

Confirmed: Jeanine Pirro is absolute garbage.

Asshole: President Rudy Giuliani, friend and supporter of terrorists.

WaPo catches lawmakers whoring, blinks.


Real American heroes — not:

There not anywhere enough videos like this: