The Liars that Doom Us and their Lies

Doomed! Yet another lie on which policy is set. I’m sure this story will make the front page of the Times but too little, too late. As for TV nooz… their days of calling out liars of importance are long past.

Doomed! Even more policy-making lies here and here.

Asshole: Republican flack David Brooks. Thanks, Pinch and Keller for allowing him a prominent platform. Guys: Your debasement of the Times is a bigger problem that online freeloaders. Just saying. Alienating your audience is always a brilliant business plan.

Asshole: Trump the President is a far bigger one than we even thought. (More here. Of course, it takes New Yorkers to dump on the Trump.)

(More here.)

If the Fed’s stimulus (QE2), at the end of the day, is merely for the speculators and cannot provide the necessary stimulus the economy needs, to say Bernanke wimped out at his press conference is pointlessly simplistic.

See how much Bernanke's corrupted Fed cares about stimulating the economy as opposed to stimulating the speculators who created the fiscal disaster.

Doomed! This is fact, Jack:

I have to say, even I thought that we wouldn’t make the same mistakes we made in 1931; I thought we’d make different mistakes. But somehow conventional wisdom has gelled into the view that the course of wisdom is to forget everything we’ve learned over the past 80 years. (Link.)

Doomed! Republican fiscal irresponsibility is being tested in the U.K., and it’s failing. Onward to America!

Doomed! More lies setting policy.

Doomed! Dead: The last hope for stimulus for the economy. Longer version here.

Disgraceful in every way.

American leadership:

How the deranged liars do it.

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