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Out of My Mind for 5 August 2009

Freed! From a couple of months imprisoned in North Korea: Comrade-journos (whih is to say real, non-MSM journos) Laura Ling and Euna Lee. (More here.)

Big Pharma’s deadly fraud: The story and the proof.

Sub-cretinous idiots with too much time on their hands and no sense; read about them and their stupidity here.

A tiny bit of justice: Creationist owner of creationist amusement park busted for tax fraud; him and Al Cap[one…. He would have paid his taxes, it’s just that God told him not to….

The shame that is modern journalism: a pathological refusal to deal in facts and accuracy, everything must be undercut to the point of meaninglessness. Maybe the MSM’s infected by this pathology…? And here’s another, related example of their inherent corruption and deliberate dishonesty.

America: It ain’t what it used to be (which I of course credit to what I call the Raygun counter-revolution*.) We’re ever more subsumed which is to say we’re ever more losing freedom…. (*For every revolution, there’s an equally powerful counter-revolution of one sort or another.)

What makes ours the World’s Greatest Healthcare System!

The GOP believes there’s no problem for which tax cuts aren’t the solution. Bad idea (you knew that but here’s proof.) Republicans: Only good if you hate America.

Cretinous scumbag: Orly Taitz. Can’t someone please shut her up since the MSM seems to find her newsworthy? And if you don’t believe she’s utter garbage, here’s proof.

Murderous Christian scumbag? Blackwater founder Erik Prince.

So, the next Mac OS has more pre-orders on Amazon than Win7. What I wonder: What percentage of PC owners buy upgrades as opposed to just getting them with new hardware as compared to Mac owners.

This is cool! (Warning: Site takes forever to load.)


That’s the Way it is….Out of My Mind for 18 July 2009

Happiness is not achieved by the conscious pursuit of happiness; it is generally the by-product of other activities. — Aldous Huxley

It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious. /.

Once, news anchors weren’t shallow assholes (but then, it was a different world, where decency was normal). Once, an anchor actually mattered. Good night, Walter; you weren’t replaced and you certainly won’t be (but you’ll still be the punchline to a Hughes Rudd anecdote, to me):

And what he did that a modern anchor never would: This for one.

And here, Cronkite remembered.

Assholes: The “centrist”, “moderate” destroyers of true health insurance reform (named here, traitors all).

Assholes: The American Conservative Union, claiming to be a think tank when it only whores opinions. For that matter, add the Heritage Foundation.

Asshole (redux): Just to make clear: If Amazon has an issue with an ebook, you stop selling it, you don’t steal back peoples’ copies. Again, if the book is sold, it’s sold. And who just wants to license a copy and have no control over it?

Asshole (still): Mark Sanford: Not just used taxpayer monies to fly to his whore mistress but the fucker had to use it to fly first class. Honorary additional assholes: The peoples of South Carolina who don’t have enough of a problem with this to chase him out of office, clearly a state without honor (or very much of anything else).

Assholes: All of Moscow’s Chechen puppets, starting, but not stopping, with this one.

Assholes: The Big Media Journalists who ran away from covering this, thereby proving their irrelevance to societal well-being and therefore their utter unimportance.

Asshole: This car dealer who tweaks sales by giving away AK-47s.

Asshole, now and forever:

Asshole: The CEO of Porsche: makes the company just about the most profitable car companies around so the profits could be used for a ridiculous act of hubris as opposed to, you know, keeping the company running or something silly like that.

Assholes: All them banks claiming profits (“cooking their books”) while they stay on the edge of collapse.

Assholes who still have to take racist shots at Obama.

Asshole: Rolling Stone finally posts the entire Taibbi Goldman piece.

To me, it’s a little sad how ATT got blind-sided by the resulting stress on its network from the iPhone. I mean, way back in June 07, who could see the success or effect of the iPhone? That the 3G and 3G S are MMS-capable before ATT is just more of this sad story. But good for Apple: ATT cannot afford to let Verizon get one to sell. (Of course, I’m so happy finally having 3G service it doesn’t bother me that ATT’s 3G network is allegedly the worst in the nation.)

Anyone care to see a story about faaat North Carolina twins?

So there’s the joke, about the busted psychic. If she was a real psychic, she’d have known that the customer was an undercover cop who was going bust her. Update: Three psychics fall to a TV interviewer:

The Rage Still Burns; Out of My Mind for 16 July 2009

Stupid: Thinking (or believing) that this is leadership. It isn't.

Assholes: Boulder, Colorado.

Assholes: China’s treatment for internet addiction was electroshock. Clearly, this is why the iPhone’s coming to the PRC sans WiFi. (Hey, PRC, 3G is almost as good and far more available, so web access is why you want your phones without WiFi, you’re idiots!)

Assholes: This company who used a photo of murdered newlyweds for promotional uses. For businesses, the ends always justify the means. Businesses are at least amoral, Steve Forbes to the contrary. (He thinks one of the great things about capitalism is the freedom that attends it like in Singapore, South Korea and banana republics. Then again, Forbes is proven stupid, having been dumb enough to try to be a pol.)

Assholes: Another business that requires blatant, deliberate, knowing lies for promotion.

Another shithole we allow to remain a shithole (more here):

You knew that Wall Street wasn’t really all that rational unless following the herd right or wrong is some form of rational.

Assholes: Sarah Palin and all her whiny-ass, stupid supporters. Again, even by low pol standards, she’s dumb and extreme and inconsistent.

Asshole: Still Sarah.

Assholes: Jeff Sessions and the Big Media dopes who cover for him.

Assholes: All those Big Media journos who don’t understand that their job is to investigate and report, not be water-carriers.

Ooh, just got last year’s iPhone 3G and I’m ecstatic!

Query: Doesn’t putting Micro$oft stores near Apple stores makes Apple products look all that much better, what being seen next to crap and all?

Assholes: Indian tiger sanctuaries that get rid of all their tigers.

Assholes: The people who turn these people into dopes.

Find mortgage info here (and at the adjacent video).

Cupholders for rifles.

The world’s oldest known tat?

Today’s arts and crafts: make art from Starbuck’s garbage.

No comment, check it out for yourself.

And for people with too much time on their hands and/or too obsessive….

How synchronicitic; I had just had a craving to watch “Thunderball” again (although the book, silly as it is, is a little better, specially the beginning):

Leadership We Need, and Hope; Out of My Mind for 10 July

Beloved Leader couldn't have done this any better....

As Big Journalism implodes and collapses and stuff, here’s one asshole who deserves — well, as one of the terminated, it’s hard for me to say fired — let’s just say he’s well qualified to seek a new profession as journalism is clearly wrong for him, given his utter lack of perspective and ability to perceive and acknowledge reality.

What do you think? Don’t you think plagiarism is deliberate or results from some form of imbecility, neither of which is appropriate a professional, legitimate journalist? I mean, how the hell do you copy something unconsciously?

Whoa, it’s Jayson Blair time at the Times again!

By all means, let’s worry about closeted gays serving in the military, not America-hating Nazis (or, for that matter, Christofascist proselytizers).

Unrest in China: what it’s about.

Are we dead in the water, with no future?

You don’t get published via Kindle; you give Amazon all your rights for your work to be available on a Kindle. Sweet! Not.

GOP family values: Getting your parents to pay off your mistress.

Palin lies. (More here and here.) Yeah, yeah, what else is new?

Palin’s enablers. (Remember, the whole GOP loves her, don’tcha know.)

Levi: Greed, not insanity, made Palin a quitter.

IT departments of small amd mid-sized businesses are interested in Macs and iPhones. I see it as cost-cutting in the IT industry created by the shitty difficulty of maintaining windows systems. Ditching one IT guy can save far more than the expense of switching to Macs and iPhones (which we know works wonderfully with Macs).

Too big to fail, now too big to jail.

A single GM car outsells Buick and Caddy!

Another teeny piece of my past, gone….

Read: The autobiography of Professor Krugman’s favorite science fiction writer.

The comic book of the day is here. (More here.) Another funny book is here. Remember, kids, these are good for you! (Well, at least the second is….)

I can’t afford to eat here anyway.

Picture 30

Exclusive Message from Sarah Palin; Out of My Mind for 9 July 2009

Sarah says: "Read this blog every day and tell all your friends, relatives, and enemies to read it daily too or I will blow my brains out!"

Grab this then thank me. And your Big Government.

2010 Vancouver Olympics fascism: Read about it here.

Essential reading: Obama; Less than Hoover (I said it first, this guy lays it all out). It’s the July 2009 Harper’s cover story. Can’t find a public link to it yet but here’s a taste. And a little Obama porn is here for the believers. (And again, I apologize for besmirching Hoover by comparing Obama to him. Obama clearly falls short of Hoover. And Obama has the benefit of the lessons of the Depression, which Hoover did not have.)

Dallas police chief to Beloved Leader: Drop dead.

Professor Krugman wonders how Big Media journos decide to fuck up. Sadly, he has no answers, just the question. Of course, maybe the Times’ ombudsman would at least like to answer address the question.

Joke: 60 Dems in Senate actually means anything more than 60 Dems in Senate. Specially with a president who refuses to lead them.

Another thing that amazes me: How people fail to comprehend just how totally and deeply screwed up nuts some pols are. Sarah is not the only pathological leader out there in the wild….

Another loser for Obama: an anti-science scientist.

Obama’s true agenda: Get rich for screwing the middle class. Even Hoover didn’t do that.

Steve Jobs’ secret ingredient is revealed here.

The economy is about to get much worse. The second phase of the housing meltdown is starting….

But Big Banks are doing okay. They cook their books to make all the bad stuff disappear and they steal from us.

Sad: Ex-Met Lenny Dykstra manages (pun intended) to get $31 million in debt, files for bankruptcy. Least I can do is embarrass him. I’d rather see him hung but only Bill O’Reilly can do and get away with stuff like that.

More GOP family values!

I have no issue with the Iran election. I do have a problem with post-election brutality:

What a line of shit! Clinton out b.s.’s Obama!

Rice paddy crop art.

(More like those last two are here.)

Admit it: You know Miley and her creepy dad in a remake of "Lolita" would rock more than you can imagine.

No Hope, Out of Love, Out of My Mind for 5 June 2009

We are formed and molded by our thoughts. Those whose minds are shaped by selfless thoughts give joy when they speak or act. Joy follows them like a shadow that never leaves them. — Buddha

Early on in his (I use the term most loosely) administration, wasn’t Beloved Leader pretty damn popular? Given his bullshit policies and betrayal of the American people, it’s quite possible the love for Obama will be as fleeting as that for Beloved Leader.

Speaking of which, if it’s true that GM’s workers are being screwed by the Obamaite in charge… well, it shouldn’t really be much of a surprise, should it?

See here all the poisons we slap on our faces and bodies.

This is awesome!

And speaking of awesome, the pathological greed of the destroyers of the economy is pretty damn awesome as well. These people weren’t our best and the brighest but simple sociopaths — who Obama clearly feels are the ones who need true help as opposed to, you know, an impoverished middle class in a consumer society. (But you know, he just wants to get the economic numbers up enough to get re-elected, he doesn’t care about fixing anything substantive or structural.)

Read here how one congressman brings home the bacon.

Fine: The first zero-G wedding is planned; but when’s the first zero-G honeymoon?

This should not be news: Major colleges lie and worse to boost their “ratings”.

WTF: Russia probing Microsoft for improprieties.

Great moments in the world’s greatest health care system: Computers go down, the ill and injured get turned away from ERs. Tell me that makes sense! Tell me that society’s cumulative intelligence is so low you can’t even call it intelligence.

You know leaking secrets, even en masse, is OK when it’s the GOP betraying and endangering our nation.

See what’s on Obama’s Crackberry(R) here.

Awww! See and hear apes laugh here!

(Click on the image to see it legibly and for the story.)

This is awesome-cool, this is moreso.

Tiananmen @ 20.

I can’t believe this is kosher.