Obomba Attacks Again!

Traitor. Click on the image to read how dishonest a piece of garbage he really is.

Prof. Krugman‘s safe bet:

I’m sorry to say it, but I expect the worst from the upcoming presidentialspeech on deficit reduction. OK, maybe not the worst; I don’t think he’ll call for privatizing Medicare, but who knows? But I do expect a lot of preemptive concessions to the Republicans, which will, as usual, be the starting point for further concessions.

Also, Obama’s recent policy speeches have, one and all, been letdowns, completely lacking the vision thing.

I hope for audacity; but I don’t expect it.

Hey, look! The Big Media fails on the Ryan “plan” (actually, not so much a plan as a simple line of shit). No one here is surprised by the failure, I hope.

The stench from Wisconsin just doesn’t stop growing. Our political Fukushima Daiichi….

Louisiana and Tennessee teach kids lies in order to raises the most stupid, ignorant kids possible.

Doomed! 1937 on crack! The budget compromise was a disaster. Of course, leaders with principles and balls would have told the mentally deranged in the House to propose a meaningful budget if they were in fact interested in a budget passing. But not Obomba, not when he can cave, further weaken the economy, and then be able to lie about it and run on a platform that he’s better than whoever’s running against him (which would be true, specially if you add “insignificantly”.) So. The Republicans won the first battle. Anyone doubt they’ll win the war?

Scott Walker’s version of fiscal responsibility: Give the last of the public funds to supporters as rewards.

How’s this? Tax retirees for income including Social Security above a certain level, with somewhat lower rates than for working people to encourage some early retirement, and thereby increasing employment of younger people? I mean, other than the fact that Our Leaders would never go for something like this…. (Link of sorts.)

Times’ only off by $30+ billion.

Great the Times is covering this on the editorial page, where it will be noticed, instead of the front page, where it can be buried and missed.

Guess it’s time to ask: Just how legit is the Kaplan business that supports the Washington Post and how much is essentially a scam to nab government funds? Bottom line seems to be WaPoCo is both a Corporate Welfare Queen and Media Whore, hence all the water-carrying. They know where their money comes from and it isn’t from the readers. (On the other hand, I think the problem is the Big Media are obsessed with the 1% and sadly, other than being our abusers, their interests are of little interest to everyone else….)

Progress -- further down the slippery slope....

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