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Even More Out of My Mind for 8 July 2009

Let’s try (plug) Firefox and see if we managed not to have posts get eated by… WordPress has no explanation….

What I neither quite understand but amazes me too: People can’t or refuse to get their minds around the idea that just maybe Sarah Palin is quite stupid and/or (more or less) borderline insane. Or, for equal time, that Obama is simply totally dishonest, that he has no interest in actually accomplishing anything of note, that by and by he is simply continuing Beloved Leader’s failed policies with a slicker (or maybe just more liberal-friendly) line of shit. Consider this: is he really significantly better than the pre-Palin John McCain? Given the good will and popularity with which he took office, it is, at risk of understatement, an utter shame. And we re-elect the fucker, shame on us. (Yeah, yeah, I know, the GOP is all out of centrist alternatives to Brother Barack.)

Another policy of Beloved Leader’s Obama likes: Keeping acquitted detainees imprisoned.

Wow! The Times just discovered that the health reform bill is actually the private insurers windfall bill! “All the old news you’ve heard already that’s fit to print….”

GOP idiot: Michael Steele. (Yeah, yeah, an organization whose head is brainless…. But what des one expect from a parody?)

The Just Say “No” generation: They said “No” then did their dope. What else would one expect from the children of Raygun other than good old GOP hypocrisy?

Let’s watch a little good old American nativism:

It can’t(?) happen here:

Anyone care about about one more demon who brought on the financial crisis or can we focus now on the clear need and imperative for structural reform?

Modern leadership: attract whores, do nothing for your people. IThis is Berlusconi's current ho.)

Michael Jackson: Another opinion a sort of dissent.

iPhone app of the day: Smash the $treet.

(More about that last video is here.)

Of course I condone this image. (Click on it for the story.)
Ditto, I'm sure.

Likewise, I guess.