Month: May 2010

Every Day is Memorial Day — to Remember the America Destroyed by Modern Conservatives

Doubt the heading? Read this then decide whether I’m right….

Bring them home from both of the lousy, pointless wars than can’t be “won” now. And if POWs were left in Nam, thank Nixon and Kissinger.

Click on the image for loads more of what BP and Big Oil's corruption have brought us.

More love for the troops here.

More of the Fail that Never Ends: Deepwater Horizon — probably more bad news than you even need to know here. And one plan here — it won’t work, but it’s a likely future. Of course, there’s now a limit to what anyone can do to clean up the mess, but it’s clear what, in an uncorrupted world, our leaders should do: Police the fuckers to prevent another D.H. — that is one, that occurs through ineptitude and deliberate irresponsibility — and making it absolutely clear how it happened, who’s at fault and who allowed it to happen. Read this and get sick. And a little (possible) perspective is here.

Asshole: Roy Ashburn. First tip for the ex-hater: Fighting for gay rights is far less important than fighting against the haters who supported you and get them out of power.

Asshole: Diana Ravitch eats shit, admits she was wrong — now that it’s too late and she did her harm.

Gretchen Morgenson’s obit for the Fail that is the reform-free finance reform bill. (Yes, it’s free of reform.) And to the think the structure for reform is already pretty much in place…. Of course, it’s the TSA syndrome: create an agency that will do nothing except suck up money and claim that it’s clearly the solution…. More of the same here.

Query: Is this dumbest story the mainstream media are obsessing over at the moment? (Answer: Yes.) I’d say far more important would be to get behind the obsessing. But I would say that….

Yes, the newsweeklies: What good are they?

Of course this is atypical, to say the least,  but the psycho’s beliefs? Not so atypical, I fear….

Enough with the jokes and the gossip industry’s manic hype: Gary Coleman, in perspective.

Now we should be satisfied; Vatican “prosecutor” of abusive priests say they’re going hell, worse than death penalty. How about starting by finding the molesters and getting them locked away? Might that be possible. Amazing how the Church goes all amoral as soon as they’re seen doing anything wrong….

It’s cute how the WinPress apologists keep making believe that once you disregard the Windows and de facto Office monopolies, Micro$oft is still a cutting edge tech company. (Hint: once you’re past the lucrative criminal enterprise, you’re left with a classic conservative operation that copies others without doing a single thing better than anyone else.)

A life-saving near-success of the Carter administration destroyed by the Reaganites. Click on the image for the story behind the car and get ready to cry.

Watch that part with the falling skier: No CGI, no blue screen, just a guy falling — and the theme’s the only Carly Simon song that doesn’t make you want to kill yourself:

Evil? Whadaya think? This is the Captha for uploading this post to my Facebook feed. Captha is owned by the good guys and no evil Google.

Here, Every Day is Memorial Day — Remembering the America that was, the America of the Founding Fathers

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. — Dr. Seuss

When in doubt tell the truth. — Mark Twain

Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company. — Mark Twain

Ain't this lovely? Ah, mental cases like the idiots who did this are far likelier to kill themselves first before anyone follows their sick command....

The Deepwater Horizon disaster: The product of business as usual — and here’s the routine, the plan for disaster.

The lies the teabaggers believe.

News for Big Media elite journos and those people who unfortunately rely on them: The Republicans are a true minority party, losing supporters. I should add that by Republicans, we include teabaggers.

Another elite journalist obsessing over a non-story because it’s a lot easier than actually reporting something competently.

My wife, for one, is starting to comprehend how corrupt society has become. Of course, it was the death of a thousand nicks — you’re not quite aware about how bad the situation is til far too late….

Corrupt: Money for pointless wars, the unemployed, long term and otherwise, told to drop dead.

Corrupt: My beloved Matt Taibbi explains how reform got stripped out of the pending “Wall Street” reform bill.

Corrupted: The Big Media elite journos get it wrong again. Incompetent? Corrupt? Either way, a complete disgrace. And here’s another piece of awful reportage from the elite.

Asshole: Nikki Haley. Of course, she’s running for governor of South Carolina so only the worst is required expected in order to maintain Mark Sanford’s standards….

Teacher of the year in Georgia is a contradiction in terms, isn’t it? I mean, what’s it mean — least mediocre, least incompetent? Or does it mean having an affair with a student?

This, too, is sad. Despite everything against him, I think there was there that he could have made something of himself if he chose to instead of being merely fodder for the gossip press.


And this is so sad….

Apparently, if they had one, Verizon Wireless does NOT want to sell me an iPhone, they’d rather be gouging thieves that screw customers. I’ll stick with a slightly inferior but less abusive network, thanks.

Genius, explained?

Genius, or the work of people with way too much free time?

One way to clean up BP’s Deepwater Horizon disaster cheap — if you can believe it.

Short and Simple, Full of Reason to Despair….

Look what I designed! Click on the image and maybe you can figure out how to buy one for yourself or your special someone!

When you’re ready to give up the struggle, who can you surrender to? — /.

For adult education nothing beats children. — /.

GOP=STH. Just saying. Keeping things simple.

Krugman despairs (before a month of travel and vacation). As well he should, given our corrupt leadership of which, I suppose, the BP Gulf disaster and Obama’s healthcare reform-free reform.

(More here. And look: It’s now thought there were signs of trouble that were overlooked — amazing what corruption can accomplish)

A man Sarah Palin loves speaks:

(Instant update: The people failed President Palin and the retard lost.)

And here are President Palin’s hypocritical, unfaithful lovers, criticizing her even as they’d be happy with her as leader.

Media Fails: WSJ can’t and then refuses to get it right.

Asshole: Bobby Jindal. I suppose he’s politically obligated to dis the Dem administration for allegedly failing to do something or other about BP’s great disaster — but why can’t he just take credit for the success of the Republicans in so weakening and corrupting government so the Deepwater Horizon disaster could happen? You’re far too modest, Sir!

How Deepwater Horizon was allowed to happen. How BP ensured the Deepwater Horizon disaster could occur. Before it happened, the Big Medial elite assured us it couldn’t happen. And it will be the gift that keeps on giving, a reminder of the success of the Cheney/Rove/Bush administration and the Ronnie Raygun American Counter-Revolution. Meanwhile, things get even worse.

If this is the per capita loss we sustained in the 2008 Global Economic Meltdown which the free, Objectivist market wrought, how is the market doing making up the loss? Wall Street’s made it back, but what about us per capitas?

Reminder: Android is still a piece of over-hyped crap. And that Google is in fact the new Micro$oft: Can’t do anything right or profitable outside their monopoly.

Videopalooza, Also Featuring the Continuation of the End of Civilization

Click on the image and give poor BP a little help.

If a man will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts; but if he will be content to begin with doubts he shall end in certainties. — Sir Francis Bacon

Nothing inspires forgiveness quite like revenge. — Scott Adams

Vindicated! Someone seconds me that the corporatists are destorying this nation.

More proof America’s collapse started with the triumph of Ronnie (“Star Wars”) Raygun.

Obama’s latest Fail: Deepwater Horizon hasn’t initiated anything change from Bushie policy at the Department of Interior yet, just more empty rhetoric, what pols apparently think is leadership — the lesson of the radical right: all you have to do is talk, nothing more. More proof of the Fail here.

Asshole: Jonathan Chait. Liar. Panderer. Hater of knowledge. Piece of garbage. Add Richard Greene too.

Asshole (still): Mark Souder. Anyone know whether he’s zipped his pants yet?

Chuck Todd is wrong about politics: It is not about issues but about power. Chuck Todd is another Big Media louse of a journalist, then. He either doesn’t know what he’s talking about or he’s dishonestly pandering to his audience.

Meet a new GOP retard:

A so-called teacher in Georgia thought letting kids dress like Klan members was a good idea. Even in Georgia, they know it’s not.

This is so quaint. And historical. I don’t believe it’s at all operative anymore….

Blumenthal’s lies (or misstatements) about his Vietnam non-service are of course inexcuseable. My question: How does it compare to the lies of a president (George W. Bush) who bogs this nation in two pointless wars? Or the draft-dodging of Chenye and Rove?

The truth about vaccines (do not cause autism) — the version for imbeciles:

I love Jim Woodring’s stuff:

If you're still bored....

Another Victory for the Retards, Another Sad Day for America [Special Frivolity-Free Post!]

Actually, I’m in a reasonably good mood… it’s just that that the news is so depressingly disgusting. I guess  the collapse of civilization always is kind of depressing to live through….

So we have Earth Day followed by the growth of the environmental industry as it were — and we still get Deepwater Horizon and it’s fallout. Looks like a historic, huge, big-time Fail….

The Secret Origin of Deepwater Horizon. (I sort of kid: it’s all about the utter corruption.)

Another victory for the retards, another sad day for America. This crap has nothing to do with knowledge and the truth, it has only to do with partisan crap and whoring for the country’s true special interests.

You know, you read stuff like this and you think maybe the corporate interests really want to kill us (albeit slowly).

A psychotic killer who thinks he’s some sort of fighter for freedom.

Should this give us hope?

Actually, I have a hope for 2012: Both Palin and Paul the Younger running for the GOP nomination. Maybe followed by the loser going for a teabagger third party run.

I guess freedom of the press is dead….

This why Android is so awesome: People who know enough about smartphone OSes want it to be as difficult as possible to update their phone’s OS (assuming they actually know whether the phone can be updated).