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What You Won’t See During Super Bowl XLIII


The Round-Up!

See all the GOP sleaze here!

One my favorite memes: crazy closeted gay rightists (this one maybe indirectly killed by his lover/protege/successor).

Speaking of the failure to support their man, the GOP congressional operation and Team McCain are in conflict, the former positioning themselves for the latter’s defeat. (Not to worry: The GOP congress will goose-step behind McCain if elected, and all this will be ignored and forgotten, even by the thin-skinned, hot-tempered JSMcC3.)

Care about President McCain’s copious lies about his “position” on Social Security? (Yes, he lies about it.)

A little wingnut dementia can be watched here.

Another of Joe the Plumber’s failures: Fails to give President McCain traction.

Sarah Palin proves she’s a party man — not: has stopped campaign for McCain-Palin, is now campaigning for herself. More about it here. (Another thing I love to watch: GOP infighting — it’s so vicious and only hurts themselves.)

Sweet: The Times writes Rachel Maddow a love letter.

Reminder: As long as we eat meat, Maggie Q will refuse to put her clothes on.