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Introducing The Death List: Out of My Mind for 16 August 2009

An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind. — Buddha

I guess little is doing as fine a job pushing papers over the brink as crushing debt taken by buyers when the prior owners just had to pig out, irregardless of the harm to their old paper…. I mean, there’s also lost advertising, some permanently so, as well as a failure to engage readers but still, I do think the debt is the worst.

Support the US at the risk of one’s life and then when aid and succor is requested of the US in exchange… rejected? Is this such a case?

Who does sponsor Beck and Limbaugh and O’Reilly and the other purveyors of anti-American hate? Ohhh, wait, the sponsors mostly want to reached kind of people who listen these nabobs of hate, not the listeners of Air America.

Why? I mean, really, why?

No comment: Rudy G. agrees with Sarah (when’s the divorce?) Palin….

If you want real healthcare reform, fuck Whole Foods. Figuratively, of course; actually, I mean boycott them.

Read: The A.P.’s plan to keep info from you.

As he does periodically, Alex Cockburn makes a good point which I’ve sort have known but have been sloppy making: This is not about healthcare reform but health insurance reform, a means to ensure that more people are covered (e.g. fewer people using emergency rooms as their primary physicians) and, one would hope, a reduction, if not cessation, of arbitrary denials. Obamacare has none of that…. In a way, it’s as much healthcare reform as Obama’s economic policies have brought any meaningful, necessary financial reform, which is to say, none, really. If I’m right, then, really, Obamacare is at least pointless and maybe bad. I’m ready to stick with my personal insurance plan: ready to file bankruptcy and leave everyone else hanging. They all will still have their Mercedes and I’ll be healthy and debt free.

This is depressing: The great failure of mainstream journalism and how it’s screwed up this country. Waiting to hear Steve Keller’s namby-pamby defense. Like this approach to journalism is doing anything good for anyone except the crazies. (Or you can just jump here.)

This may be part of the papers’ problem: They cover something once, late in the game, and actually think they have the influence of or can be a balance to cable having repeated the story first, and on a 24/7 basis.

Atrios succinctly shows why you can forget about reading any of the Wall Street bullshitting apologists and shows why this “great recession” will inevitably be W-shaped. More reason why it’s a W here.

How the banks are getting better: By simply lying about their finances, bad is simply called good and then taken as if they are good. There is now less than ever a place for the truth in all things political. It’s all about the lies. And the Big Journos have no problem simply spreading lies brainlessly. Well, when the profession gets essentially destroyed, maybe a few of the cream of the profession will be able to discover a clue to the reason why…. Meanwhile, where’s the legitimacy of crap like this? Inexcusable.

Wait, it’s worse! Miss a single mortgage payment and lose your building?


Hey, what is Schiavo living on? How are her bills paid? Why would private insurance pay? And if I can’t get a public option, public insurance certainly shouldn’t be paying in a situation like this. In a just world, the wingnuts would be paying….

The truth about “death panels”. Of course, the rightists are completely full of shit, without a scintilla of truth to their bleating. Attention, mainstream press: Where are you? At your death panel?


Chris Christie’s qualification for being governor of New Jersey: He was Rove’s buttboy whore. God bless the post-Regan GOP: Taken this nation ever lower, aided and abetted by a mainstream press that can’t do too much to help the GOP, journalistic principles be damned.

In tribute to the GOP lies about “death panels”, I am now instituting the OoMM Death List. This blog’s death panel will now start those who earned the termination of their lives, whose absences will make the world just a little bit better.

The Death List:

Sarah Palin and Michael Steele.

Newt Gingrich (looonngg overdue of course).

This is what the GOP think is worthy of being on the Supreme Court. The new two-party system: The America-haters vs. the Wimps, the latter too corrupted to do anything about anything.

James Fallows is a deluded candy-ass. I do wish he was right, but he’s actually dead wrong.

This is too crazy to believe.

Query: How do mediocrities like this guy and his wife get so much publicity? Is it just from loads of schmoozing?

The awfulness of Mickey D.’s cuisine.

Maybe sincere prayer would do more than this idiocy:


How Can One Rest? Out of My Mind for 9 August 2009

Atrios’ contributor is wrong about the health insurance reform, as is Atrios himself. Of course the insurers were against the bill initially. But why be against now that they got it gutted of all meaningful reform? They’re getting a windfall with all this people-will-be-required-to-be-insured nonsense, no robust public option, and a bunch of toothless requirements, the violation of which will result in meaningless wrist-slapping. The only reason they’ll keep fighting is that Obama is a clear pussy who can still be whipped some more. The insurers have essentially won’t, but they can still win bigger. Here, though, Atrios has a better description of what’s coming: neither reform nor an improvement. And here‘s the long version of the insurers’ victory. Thank God we have a deliriously popular leader and majorities in Congress. If we hadn’t…. Assholes.

This is how health insurance reform should be covered. The fact that it’s so unusual is, to say the least, damning.

Obama to the middle class: Drop dead.

Crap like this would be tacky even in a tabloid or on a cable news channel. Thank you, New York Times, for this display of your high standards and proof of Big Journalism’s obsession with dishonesty and proving its irrelevance. But then, Pinch Schulzberger never let anything like principle interfere with a helping a bud at the Times’ expense.

Sick fucks: The Teabaggers and their ilk. Indefensible. More of the same sickness here. So’s this asshole/congressman. And here‘s another worthless piece of life. Actually, here’s a different, cleaner, more accurate word for these assholes and sickos: Terrorists.

How does this happen? The mendacity (*koff koff*) of Big Journalism.

Times’ scoop: Paulson made policy for Goldman. If it wasn’t in the Times, I wouldn’t believe it…. Seriously, I wonder whether any of the editors at the Times follows news from any source but the Times.

Election 2012; Obama’s platform: “You have no alternative but me”. Actually, unlike Clinton, Obama’s predecessor was historically awful and his survivors are pretty clearly deranged with nothing to even appear to offer. Maybe Frank Rich put it best: Obama punked us (not that we had any choice).

Not only is our society about as racist as ever, ditto for sexism. Take away Big Business’ realization that crumbs of acceptance are necessary for business — non-whites and women actually buy pretty much the same stuff as white men, non-whites and women have talent and skills sometimes superior to white men — you’d be left with precious little progress over the years.

How did Ensign get ratted out? Was it by a fellow wacko? With friends like those….

Out of My Mind for 5 August 2009

Freed! From a couple of months imprisoned in North Korea: Comrade-journos (whih is to say real, non-MSM journos) Laura Ling and Euna Lee. (More here.)

Big Pharma’s deadly fraud: The story and the proof.

Sub-cretinous idiots with too much time on their hands and no sense; read about them and their stupidity here.

A tiny bit of justice: Creationist owner of creationist amusement park busted for tax fraud; him and Al Cap[one…. He would have paid his taxes, it’s just that God told him not to….

The shame that is modern journalism: a pathological refusal to deal in facts and accuracy, everything must be undercut to the point of meaninglessness. Maybe the MSM’s infected by this pathology…? And here’s another, related example of their inherent corruption and deliberate dishonesty.

America: It ain’t what it used to be (which I of course credit to what I call the Raygun counter-revolution*.) We’re ever more subsumed which is to say we’re ever more losing freedom…. (*For every revolution, there’s an equally powerful counter-revolution of one sort or another.)

What makes ours the World’s Greatest Healthcare System!

The GOP believes there’s no problem for which tax cuts aren’t the solution. Bad idea (you knew that but here’s proof.) Republicans: Only good if you hate America.

Cretinous scumbag: Orly Taitz. Can’t someone please shut her up since the MSM seems to find her newsworthy? And if you don’t believe she’s utter garbage, here’s proof.

Murderous Christian scumbag? Blackwater founder Erik Prince.

So, the next Mac OS has more pre-orders on Amazon than Win7. What I wonder: What percentage of PC owners buy upgrades as opposed to just getting them with new hardware as compared to Mac owners.

This is cool! (Warning: Site takes forever to load.)

!*%@, Yes! Out of My Mind for 13 July 2009

I can’t stop the cursing and it’s a good thing! Fuck, yes, it is!

Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana. — Groucho Marx

Obama’s success: Obscene profits for Goldman Sachs.

Meet another wingnut sicko… God Help us….

Are all Russians crazy-sick? Watch this, read about it.

Learn: How to help ensure a lost wallet is returned.

Whistle blower: In case you don’t know already, chapter and verse on how the health insurers are destroying us for greed.

Meet the Good Guys here!

Again: Even by the low standards of the average pol, Sarah Palin is especially stupid, self-absorbed and fucking nuts, to the extent that, again compared to the average pol, she is unfit for office. She is good, however, as a poster girl for the complete and total irrelevance of the GOP so for that, she is a good thing. Example: her son is a Dem.

Another failure for homeland security; Or, what happens when the crazies are in charge. Ever coming up with new ideas to put us at greater risk and less free….

Everyone has a breaking point, so to speak (and no pun intended), where they say This is it, this is proof that society is deep in the toilet. This is where I say it; disgusting, inexcuseable, and what it says about American society is scary and disgusting.

How does the neo-police state that is the U.K. plan to distract people from their loss of freedom? By promoting orgasms.

The only kind of stimulus package the GOP likes.

I’m fully sympathetic to the reason behind it, still, Hasids rioting:

Naturally Out of My Mind for 28 June 2009

I believe enduring love is primarily a commitment and an act of will…. — Jenny Sanford

National Insecurity Moebius Strip (pun intended): Comic book writer carrying script about writer busted for writing a comic about terrorism himself busted.

Financial gains from increased productivity brought by the digital revolution wiped out by gross accumulation of debt.

The world’s greatest healthcare insurance industry: They deny treatment, managing to keep 20% of premiums for their overhead instead. Remarkable! No wonder the fuckers are scared of competing with the public option!

The dysfunctionalism of Big Media journalism. Tell me, why is water-carrying essential to the commonweal, specially doing it for the destroyers of the economy and the America-haters?

Compromise (of course) sucks. So why does Obama love it so bad?

This is too sick to describe….

Christian fellatio.

Anyone explain yet why it takes a flight to Argentina and six days to implement one’s plan to blow off one’s mistress (assuming, of course, days of sex wasn’t needed)? Does anyone yet understand that the guy is clearly (if it wasn’t clear before), even by modern pol standards, too fucking stupid… — wait, I forget John McCain came fairly close to being elected, stopped only by a financial meltdown….

A thought: J.P. Morgan got his chance to save Wall Street and capitalism because there was no public sector to do the job. But what’s scarier about his one-man rescue operation is the mentality: Is there a Master of the Universe who would the same thing? I ask because there is no sign of such a person let alone the mentality from which such a person would arise.

If only this site has been obsoleted…. I’ll believe when I hear it confirmed…. And maybe men who initially turn down government money to posture and then wuss out and take it aren’t so much irresistible to women but rather must outsource their infidelities because no American woman is good enough or simply willing? I’m speaking of that scumbag, Sanford. I think he may well be dead politically because I think his wife played a crucial role and without her, he’s, well, nothing politically. I hope.

Read how Obama is reinflating the speculation bubble because, you know, it does so much more good for the economy than conservative fiscal policies and planning for the long term. I’m sure his failure is due at least in part to his fetish for bipartisanship. By all means, let the destroyers control reform of their abuses. Criminals get punished; no reason the same should not be done to the GOP destroyers.

Again, was there fraud in the pre-rigged Iranian election? For that matter, since it was already rigged, why the surprise? And do the neocons and other nutjobs who stole our not-terribly-rigged election 2000 be the ones to cry about any of this? (Last question was rhetorical.)

The quoted letter here is so pathological; it proves the complete lack of value to the public discourse of the wingnuts. Anyone who feels a need to go bipartisan with them… well, needs an immediate intervention.

This international joint venture is so gangsta.

Fair & balanced? No. Deliberately wrong? At least wrong... wishful?

Who wouldn't want to shoot these off?

Damn Straight: Out of My Mind for 25 June 2009

Why go to Argentina when you have your own Evita at home? (Read below.)

When women go wrong, men go right after them. — Mae West

Most men are within a finger’s breadth of being mad. — Diogenes the Cynic [sounds like the name of some modern Greek comedian?]

The major advances in civilization are processes that all but wreck the societies in which they occur. — A.N. Whitehead

Great moments in journalism: Weatherman harassed his anchor for years.

The health insurers confess: The industry is bad for our health. A public option is mandatory, but we’re not going to get it. But just imagine: a public option the carriers have to compete with….

Wow! This wingnut’s an even bigger piece of garbage, an even bigger scumbag than we thought! Resign? In a truly moral world, he’d be shot for massive failure of leadership. His love declared. And we gratuitously bash him ’cause I so hate rightist hypocrites. And of course I think he’s worse than Spitzer, just for the hypocrisy.

Speaking of Republican scumbags, from history: Billy Graham sucks up to “Tricky” Fick Nixon with a little gratuitous anti-Semitism.

Oooh, the secret of the success of Bing! Micro$oft found something to steal. That’s innovation, Micro$oft-style: steal. (Goes with: Don’t sell; force on people.)

Really, what kind of person cannot hate them? The wingnut philosophy:

These arguments will come from the very people who denied that the economic recovery plan created any jobs. We have a very odd economic philosophy in Washington: It’s called weaponized Keynesianism. It is the view that the government does not create jobs when it funds the building of bridges or important research or retrains workers, but when it builds airplanes that are never going to be used in combat, that is of course economic salvation. — Barney Frank

Professor Krugman agrees with me: Obama has already failed on healthcare. No need o pay any more attention to the issue, the carriers won and we will not be treated even worse. Thanks, Barack, have a smoke and enjoy enjoy your presidency.

Another idiot heard from who should be ignored. Please, Judge Posner, let’s delay reform, clearly there’s no urgency.

Wish my president had these....

A Week that Starts Like this Just has to get Better: Out of My Mind for 22 June 2009

I hate mankind, for I think myself one of the best of them, and I know how bad I am. — Joseph Baretti

I suppose we must make an effort to get here and see this….

Whichever side you’re on re the Iranian elelction, this is wrong:

Xeni has way more here and here and here.

And another vicious scumbag is found here….

…story is here.

Actually, I suppose we have personal health insurance reform: bankruptcy. Oh wait, that hurts the providers who seem to be opposing affordable, reliable, dependable healthcare (i.e. the public option)…. The wingnut argument for maintaing our over-priced, inefficient, economically-destructive system gets shot down here. (Of course, like nearly all wingnut arguements, it’s noise with no substance.)

This saddens me. I hoped one solution for the Times was give subscribers free Kindles for delivery that way instead of by paper. Well, as an alternative to the paper, the Kindle majorly sucks is completely second-rate if not inadequate. And here’s an example of the mendacity — well, utter stupidity and idiocy — destroying journalism, that and the owners’ greed and debt.

Jammie Thomas-Rasset should have whupped the RIAA and here’s how it could and should have been done.