Your Pride in America Restored Yet? Or Do You Just Need Another Fiscally Irresponsible Tax Cut and More People Living on the Streets?

The Ryan plan: Fiscal responsibility:

1. Savage cuts in programs that help the needy, amounting to about $3 trillion over the next decade.

2. Huge tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy, also amounting to about $3 trillion over the next decade.

That is, no savings, just treating the poor like garbage for the additional benefit of a fraction of the 1%.


3. “Base broadening” that makes those tax cuts revenue neutral. Ryan hasrefused to name a single tax preference that he would, in fact, be willing to get rid of; all he and his party do is keep repeating “revenue-neutral” in the hope that people believe them.

4. Unspecified cuts in spending outside Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security that would shrink the government — including defense! — back to 1920s levels.

5. Replacing Medicare with vouchers that would leave most seniors unable to afford insurance.

You read crap like this and you might think the Big Media is pathologically detached from reality. Well, it’s clear which role the Media have in “The Emperor’s New Clothes”….

Read this now! Obomba’s Big Fail for Wednesday, 4/13! It’s the worst possible time economically to cut debt. But thank God Barry Obomba is president.

Criminal recividism on the rise. Well, duh; always is in a down economy. And where else would they go on release into the current economy but back to the Big House?




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