Month: March 2009

Tuesday Slog; Out of My Mind for 31 March 2009

What 30 March (“yesterday”) was the anniversary of.

The wingnuts are so crazy they want more revolution.
Here’s a reality check.
Most revolutions end up doing no more than destroy.
Second, the Raygun revolution set the rightists on the path of destroying everything this nation is about, throwing out all the properly accepted truths, and, oh, yeah, in the course of the revolution, tanking the global economy.
So we need more of this destruction??
Failed, bankrupt, America-hating “leadership”.

Chrysler: It’s not a matter of letting it die, it’s a matter of letting it die with dignity. Company’s pretty much been dying since Daimler took control. Each new vehicle is worse than the last. Awful. And sales and losses prove it.
The Fiat deal might actually work. But without, Chrysler is dead and, yes, that’s sad. But it’s been a long time coming, although not as long as GM’s board’s slo-mo destruction of that company.

More on China’s spying on like every computer in the world.

Look, look, look!

Just watch.
And watch this too: The King!
And this!
And this too!
And maybe this.

A thought: If the leaders of Big Finance refuse to get with the (necessary yet unimplemented) program, and Our Leaders are unable to toss the bums out, how about jacking up capital gains — speculation has nothing to do with whatever reason capital gains get taxed at a lower rate. Capital gains for investments involving start-ups would remain low, the investments that have nothing to do with anything involving creating businesses would not get the benefit.
And also tightening the use of off-shore tax dodges would be seriously outlawed. And monitored.
Personally, I think going back to Glass-Steagal era would be good.

How are the banks getting their mojo back?
By stealing from us.
I know for a fact Chase is pulling crap like this too.
These guts are just too vile for words….
Speaking of which, the fuckers’ hero.
And just another reminder what scumbags the Lords of Big Finance are.
And here’s someone else who can’t make a profit, apparently, but can only steal it. Sick: The thieves and Our Leaders who are content to allow the thievery to continue.

Humongous ceiling fan…. Perfect for a rapper or NBA player’s bedroom….

Modern youth; dumb bimbo edition. (And this is what Hugo Chavez is fighting.)

Message from a New Yorker:
Hey, Rush, you sick pile of oozing garbage: You can drop dead yourself! (Oh, wait, Rush: You live and work in NYC! Yeah, since you don’t want to leave, yeah, I guess the only alternative is to drop dead. Please.)

This is truly a bummer. And I feel the kid’s pain. I, too, have yet to receive my bailout.


To You, this is a Light Day? Out of My Mind for 30 March 2009

How to get ready for tomorrow!

Buddha feels for the AIG crybaby (and others!):

Have compassion for all beings, rich and poor alike; each has their suffering. Some suffer too much, others too little. – Buddha

Good news for Rick Wagoner: we won’t be kicking him around any more (except, maybe, you know, in a historical context).
On one hand, it feels slightly nauseating that he was fired per an order from a government task force. It would have been so much nicer if the GM board heard the yelling of the marketplace or understood, for that matter, the business and GM’s product well enough to recognize what a God-awful job GM, led by Wagoner and Lutz, was doing. If I recall correctly, Wagoner was hired in great part because he was young, then Lutz brought in soon after because Wagoner, apparently, didn’t quite understand “product” nor, maybe was able to, you know, lead the troops. Two major failings in an auto CEO (but what does that say about Ford’s Mullaly and Ford’s possible success?).
I mean, the guy’s limited abilities and track record were more than enough to get his ass canned years ago,
And when he had his chance to do something for America — push to take care of Detroit’s legacy costs by the implementation of a national health insurance program like those in competitors’ nations — he went the GOP route and absolutely punted.
Well, as Al Goldstein would put it, “Rick Wagoner, fuck you!

Query: You got a service economy in a recession, an economy that makes ever less, where a greater share of the GDP rests on financial speculation: So how does one get out of the hole when all the nation has to offer is wealth, which has disappeared?
And the level of self-sufficiency is questionable (I mean that more in a macro-economic way than in a literal sense).

This is not not good news.

Farewell, N.Y. Times?
Crappy as it’s been under the the dauphin, if it goes, Big Journalism is essentially dead.
Good job, Big Media, at destroying yourselves! Your great disservice to the nation will be, I hope, properly noted.
To again quote Al Goldstein….

In honor of the G20 meeting, the only edition of the Financial Times you need.

Wow! Death by SMS text message! Now you know it can happen!

Big Sunday Post! Out of My Mind for 29 March 2009

This is absolutely as close as we get to Sunday at church at this blog:
First, watch this! Read about the video and the legendary performer here and more about him here.

I agree with this. What kind of national health insurance plan can be effective if all it does is push the uninsured into the monstrosity of private health insurance? If I was relatively poor (oops, I am!) and had my druthers (don’t), I’d do the premium-free emergency room and bankruptcy combo. Dealing with the latter is far easier than the work needed in ensuring that a private carrier actually, you know, insures anything necessary to one’s health.
Thank God America has, all in all, great health care. It’s needed for all those dealing with the carriers makes sick.

I second this. I don’t understand how or why this is the time to cut back on services needed to stay employed and to raise taxes. I mean, for those who are more fortunate than the AIG crybaby yet make less than he.
Hey, the crybaby implicitly raises a point: by the same logic that the destroyers are entitled to bonuses no matter what, shouldn’t the Nazis (and surviving families of the dead ones) not be entitled to huge multi-million dollar payouts because Germany became so prosperous and killing millions for absolutely no good reason is no reason why they shouldn’t be entitled to a windfall?
Matt Taibbi says the same thing but more eloquently and fully makes the case.
And actually, AIG is in worse shape than it admits.
Of course, retaining incompetents doesn’t help….
And a higher up at Bank of America thinks all bank stocks are crap. (Of course, he’s taken his ill-begotten wealth and has bailed.)

The failure of Geithner’s plan in a nutshell. And this.
Is this why Obama’s plan to help the economy won’t actually help the economy (other than maybe re-inflate the bubbles)?

Defined: Bank robbers: The banks who rob from us.
Thank you.

Query: Can we expect the economy to helped, fiscal health restored, by those who believe in tweaking stock prices for fast gains over, you know, profitable (responsible) management of companies?
President Obama clearly believes that as do pretty much all our leaders as well as Big Media.

Oooh, look, the GOP’s confession of their utter intellectual bankruptcy: not a single fact-based proposal….

Whooaa, China is spying on the entire world!

And this is scary, too!
Speaking of bankruptcy….
Big Media has a scoop: torture doesn’t work after all!
Thank God we have the Big Media to tell us what’s happening in the world even if it’s usually too little years too late.
What does Big Media think is an important issue? Nothing. So who needs them?
And one of their stars explains how Big Media makes themselves essential to society: By deleting substance from reporting, leaving the anodyne and irrelevant.
And then some Big Media types actually hate news.
Another confession is here.
The Big Media mass suicide continues….

I have never been sexted 😦
Of course, the war against sexting is serious. Siick attacks are described here and here.

The present predicted 20 years ago — by Larry Summers. And the details are here.
To which Larry responded not by doing nothing but by enabling the disaster that inevitably occurred.

I must try and shop here — as soon as there’s a sale.

How wingnuts do it: Sponsor an anti-rape program, predicated on the claim that the sole cause of rape is provocative dress.
And for the guest speaker, bring in a man who has his producer stalk a woman. Brilliant.

Actually, I’m with Faux Nooz on this.

Finally, Rudy Giuliani, successful prosecutor grandstanding scumbag.

Saturday Fun, Light on the Sturm und Drang; Out of My Mind 28 March 2009

Just watch this.

The lies of AIG.
Altered to reflect something a lot more truthful.
From financial scam to America’s pathetic insurance company….

90 days in the slammer for a desperate act….

Bizarre and NSFW.
Words fail me. Just look and figure it out for yourself.
Me, I’m disappointed that there aren’t any paintings of Beloved Leader or Slick Willy of Obama….


Education… has produced a vast population able to read but unable to distinguish what is worth reading. — G. M. Trevelyan

A boy can learn a lot from a dog: obedience, loyalty, and the importance of turning around three times before lying down. — Robert Benchley

He who finds a thought that enables him to obtain a slightly deeper glimpse into the eternal secrets of nature has been given great grace. — Albert Einstein

Professor K makes the joke: He references a paper stating that mainstream economics circa 1930 were limited by certain beliefs and then opines that we probably aren’t as closed minded now.
I guess an addiction to greed and destroying the future at all costs aren’t as badly close-minded, or worse, huh Professor??
He has to be joking….
I mean, where’s the accountability? Rewarding isn’t quite the same as holding accountable, huh?
Of course, here’s the first twelve ready for punishment. Must be at least hundreds of thousands more….

Do we really need this?
More about it here.

Are they all crazy at CNBC??

Cause of journalism’s death: Suicide.
Of course, too, the IQ of the national sensibility, as it were, dropped about 50 points upon Ronnie Raygun taking office so you could say Big Journalism has merely reflected that and is now too stupid to get out of its way. Too bad it just consistently refuses to give the audience what it wants….

One giant step back for mankind….

Oooh, nostalgia when TV was TV…. There was stuff to watch once….

Oooh, brainless entertainment, old style.

Time waster! And another one!

Lots of Fun, Little News; Out of My Mind 27 March 2009

Download the whole bootleg — but watch this NOW!!! And this cool too! And this is fun! (But the audio on the bootleg is loads better.)

Soon, we;ll all be like this very special birthday girl. Read what makes her so special, besides being a harbinger!

The true leader of the GOP is the unsexiest man of the year.

Mr. Mickey Mouse; a tribute, yes.


The little girl expects no declaration of tenderness from her doll. She loves it — and that’s all. It is thus that we should love. — DeGourmont

Pervert in power of the day; confuses nude and partially dressed.

Cigarette lighter of the day. Don’t think it’d work for joints, won’t work for crack and other pipes….

Interesting: What’s availeable and what isn’t at this site….

IBM to its American workers and customers: Drop dead.
Same to you, Big Blue.
And I, for one, haven’t forgiven you for enabling Micro$oft to be come the bully crap factory it is.
Speaking of which, a milestone of sorts for M$: caught with a half truth, which is 50% more truth than normal. M$ confesses to the cheapness of PCs. Next: an admission that most are crappy, to match the crappiness of most of the machines and their M$ OSes.

Is black going to be extinct?
Or only outlawed?

Remember when Alan Greenspan was God? He’s now not so impressed with himself now….

By God, the GOP actually, no kidding, have a plan!

Ahhh, finally: The bailouts explained.

Someone else with no sympathy for the AIG crybaby.

Still can’t understand why the free market must be an exception, why its — its practitioners, of course — but be entitled to absolute freedom.
Till then, can we possibly have a free sex market? I mean, if the economic market can be free to destroy, what’s the problem with the occasional rape? (I deny responsibility for the preceding; it came from a suggestion from Rev. J. Swift.)

So what? And this comes from the same fine journal that had no problem running the lies of Judy Miller and essentially never saw a need to criticize the policies of the Cheney/Rove/Bush administration.

This is for my wife; maybe now she will acknowledge the greatness of the iPhone. What other phone offers this??

Something to consider: Dr. Doom approves the Geithner plan.

A technicality: I insert here the name Nicholas I. Timko so at such time as he gets Googled, this blog should appear within the first couple of hits. I have no more to say about the person, it’s only about the hits. Thank you.


“There are two kinds of people who never amount to much: those who cannot do what they are told, and those who can do nothing else.” — Cyrus Curtis

“Clothes do not complete us – we are complete beings just as we are.”
— T. H. Pine

Deluded? Out of My Mind 26 March 2009

There was a brief moment yesterday during which I was hopeful that maybe tossing all this money at Wall Street without any significant quid pro quo (which would be the fiscally responsible way of doing things) and a flaccid stimulus bill would in fact be something of a solution, that the destroyers really are the most qualified people to do their jobs and if out economy went all Japanese, it wouldn’t be awful….
Also had something of a happy day, or at least as happy as it gets.
But when I put it like that….
Still feel a little delusional now.
But I expect to recover.

And something like this sure helps as a massive 2×4 to the back of the head of a reality check!<> (Yeah, yeah, linked to it before but a second time doesn’t hurt — it’s major!)

Bitch President Palin can’t control her family (those who can’t, lecture) and can’t even control her hand-out-loving legislature.

Stock tip! Tents and camping supplies! Thank you, President Obama; this tip has been made possible by your great plan to aid the economy!

Heeeyy…. Is this movie necessary??

President Obama predicted more than thirty years ago!

It should happen here. Direct action! Payback!
If criminals are allowed to get away with their crimes, vigilantism is understandable if not inevitable….

Paging St. George! Mission unaccomplished! Dragons attack again!

At least one reason to visit Boston?

WikiLeaks at risk??

IBM sucks.

Our ally, Pakistan, struggles in it opposition to America.

A well-deserved defeat for the RIAA. Maybe they all can work on getting good music made and to the people….
Is this the solution, sort of, a high tech version of the old bottom up system. Make the music, get it out there as best you can and hope it spreads? You know, start with uploading tracks for free listening to websites, perform live whenever/wherever possible… and then? (Yeah, it’s work but a) NBig Music is no longer interested and b) I believe it will prevent another Britney.)

An AIG crybaby self-martyred in the Times. A response to the crybaby.

This week’s fix of Thomas Frank.

RNC leadership; two idiots: Michael Steele and Bobby Jindal. Steele’s just an utter idiot but Jindal is kind of creepy….
Speaking of which: Wouldn’t be a good thing if Arlen Specter got whupped in the primary by some vile wingnut? The Dem is likely to win and would surely be an imrpovement….

A big bunch of brilliant How-to’s like you’ve never, ever seen.

My email to my congressman (which, upon hitting send, resulted in a 404 error message):

Do you truly believe that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act the one and only thing needed to fix the economy? And if not, is there any liklihood of a “next step”? If so, what would it be? As I’m sure you well know, our economy is a consumer-powered one. How does the ARRA help consumers as opposed to financing the failures of Wall Street without any quid pro quo for the taxpayers?

And what is being done to reset the clock, as it were, to an era when the Federal watchdog agencies did their jobs with competence?

What about the great failure of the Obama administration to address the, well, perverted Big Finance culture of irresponsibility and the insistence on being awarded for incredibly destructive failure among other failings that have brought us where we are now? And what’s so special about the “free market” that it must be free from effective policing.

I would truly appreciate a substantive response, not a canned response. I am deeply disappointed in this administration; on the biggest issue before it, there’s no hope, no change. By the end of the day, President Obama will have in fact destroyed all hope.

Another failed plan from Obama? As he pisses away trillions….
And is he no better than Beloved Leader? (Yeah, yeah, asked before, and the answer’s too clear….)

I think I feel less delusional now… 🙂

Just a Little Lighter…. Out of My Mind 25 March 2009

Why do I do this?
So there’s at least one more voice railing against the corruption destroying our nation and the world.

Awesome!!! Boomboomboom! An allegory of these times!!

Rvealed: Harry Potter, Zionist Satanist. Calling your lawyers yet, J.K.? You have the money to fund the case….

No wonder chimps are Tarzan’s BFFs!

Major breakthrough in underwear technology! I’m a little surprised it wasn’t made in India….

More meshugas: Freedom in Mississippi!?

We were warned at least ten years ago. What was predicted — the inevitable — has come to pass.
Larry Summers looks like he was part of the problem and still is. Imaging: Placing solving the great disaster in the hands of a prime creator of it…. “Change”….

D’uh: The political system has been hopelessly corrupted by Big Finance; the long detailed version.

More delusional supporters of Obama’s failing:
Two. This one thinks the fiscal disaster may help us change. Hasn’t worked at the top down, including President Obama.

Someone remind me: We know what Our Leaders are doing for the poor souls on Wall Street but what have they done for Main Street? Maybe they’ve done alot but Big Media is slipping up reporting it?

Charity for the wealthy? Who’s more deserving in this era?