Month: October 2010

A Big One Before Another Slide Further Down The Slippery Slope….

If followed, this would put the Teabaggers out of business.

Now I remember why to vote: While the differences between the parties are relatively slight, they’re nonetheless significant. A restoration of the Republicans to power will assuredly result in things getting worse. Dems essentially in power, not as bad, maybe even some slight improvements. (Easy tip: Ask yourself in regard to each every one of Obomba’s Fails: Would the Republicans have done it better? Of course not.)

Maybe Obomba’s playing rope-a-dope — he wants Congress in GOP hands because while there may not be a double dip to the Great Recession — since it’s L-shaped, a second dip is irrelevant — there’s some major crap about to hit and he wants the Republicans to be the ones to get hit with it. You know, make 2012 2008-redux. Not an awful plan, actually. And even if it’s not his plan, with the right timing, the voters will make it so.

This is in fact bad news: 2% GDP growth. That Wall Street failed to tank over it does not mask the reality. I mean, it does for the Elite Media’s whores, but in a real world, bad, very bad. Of course, the whores also had trouble wrapping their minds around the idea that lousy job growth during Beloved Leader’s bogus economic boom was significant.

Atrisos appears to have this backwards: Yes, deadbeats should be foreclosed on by proper parties in legitimate situations. But the victims of predatory lending practices? Why should the victim suffer or worse, the criminal be rewarded? That’s Our Leaders* policy. (*By “Our Leaders”, I mean leaders of both parties.) As for the coming crisis, here’s a clue. And if this guy’s right, the housing crisis, exacerbated by the foreclosure sub-crisis, a direct result of earlier profit-today-at-the-expense-of-tomorrow greed, will really wreck things. (Hint: The Dems may not be able to stop this but the Republicans restored to power will either make it worse or destroy a major tenet of the legal system.)

The first government waste to be cut are handouts to hypocritical pro-small government recipients of government handouts like these assholes.

A minor defeat for Big Business. I’m sure they’ll win this one next time. Of course, if there really was a God, at least the Judaic and maybe Muslim one, this issue would never arise….

From the This is No Joke Dept.: TSA wants to play with nuts and balls; the human kind.

Leaders we need: Jennifer Carroll: Thief.

The Republicans’ plan for victory: Buy votes. In part with foreign money, a major wrong in the old days. (Elite Media douchebags: I did miss your prominent coverage of this didn’t I?)

Surprised? Tom Donahue, U.S. Chamber of Commerce leader and Mr. Tort Reform is a serial plaintiff of frivolous lawsuits and asshole.

What else is burning my butt: The infantilization of America. We’re such a bunch of babies we can’t accept that a five year old should actually be capable of knowing what she shouldn’t do. Please. Enough of this idiocy, this nation of retards.


Holy 1948?! The Triumph of the Traitors is Apparently Inevitable

Doomed! Political reality. And it’s likely to get worst and then maybe never better….

Doomed! We’re becoming Japan — i’s not just Krugman, the Times makes it officially so on the front page. (On the other hand, the same front page has this idiocy.)

Another victory for the growing United Police State of America. (Link.)

Thanks to HuffPo for pointing out the obvious in the mortgage crisis: Make a mistake in your papers, you get rejected. The banks, having screwed up so broadly, get a pass. (After lending unwisely, so to speak, in the first place, essentially defrauding borrowers.)

ABC News quits the fact business for the horseshit business. Here’s the proof.

Anderson Cooper does a journo’s job.

Retard: Jonah Goldberg.

There you go; an answer to the coming Triumph of the Traitors Republican blow-out:

This is amazing: Apple is the number 4 cellphone manufacturer in the world, after three volume crappo manufacturers; the only one of the top four doing only smartphones. Forget my love for Apple and the iPhone; what’s significant is that it shows the triumph of the smartphone.

Who Will Win Election Day? The Corrupters of America. Who will Lose? Just About Everybody

No one who cannot rejoice in the discovery of his own mistakes deserves to be called a scholar. — Donald Foster

Doomed! Still: The guys making policy don’t know what they’re doing and they’re simply wrong.

It’s going to worse than Prof. K. says. And he’s wrong to say that after next week’s Republican blow-out, we should be afraid. Actually, the problem is nothing constructive is an option….

When they regain power, the Republicans want to do this wonderful thing for America. Note to Obomba: This is what we get for your gratuitous, stupid “bipartisanship” in which you empowered the destroyers of America. And at the moment, I’m unsure whether it’s so awful.

Screwing homeowners: Obomba sounds right when he says undeserving homeowners shouldn’t be helped. But he’s wrong: What’s wanted is in fact a system that helps the deserving and indirectly helps homeowners not in trouble by shoring  collapsing home prices. Requiring those suing to foreclose to prove they’re the party entitled to the relief and enabling bankruptcy judges to modify mortgages ensure that, yes, only the deserving get helped. Of course, HAMP only helps the banks.

The EFF sues the government to prove it needs to reduce our freedoms even more. (Link.)

I’m sure the capping of Deepwater Horizon would have been a disaster if handled by the public sector. Thank God Haliburton handled it. Oh, wait — it’s a Fail? Is that possible??

Shameful: That great immigrant-hating bill in Arizona? Drafted in part by private prisons who wanted to increase business.

Shameful: It’s not just Rand Paul supporters who are violent psychopaths but all Teabaggers.

Clearly, I’m missing something: When someone runs on a platform of chastity, a life as a slut is fair game for exposure. Otherwise, of course it isn’t. This outing of Christine O’Donnell is fair game. Indeed, not running with it would have been wrong. Still love you Christine!

Reminder: When China rules the world, it’ll because they were enabled by Westerners maddened with greed. Could this have happened without Western enabling?

Micro$oft’s latest quarter shows that without the Windows and Office forced sales, they’re nothing terribly successful or profitable.

Coming soon all over the NBA?

This makes me a Secons Amendment absolutionist:

A Citizen Surrenders?

Sad but true but it isn’t but it is:

Democrats: ‘If We’re Gonna Lose, Let’s Go Down Running Away From Every Legislative Accomplishment We’ve Made’ (Link.)

I’m considering not voting this cycle. The best I got last round was a grossly inadequate stimulus, relief for home lenders at the expense of homeowners, fiscal reform devoid of all reform, a gratuitous consumer protection agency when it’s laws that are required, and a crumb of healthcare reform passed at a time when real reform could have been had (no time to explain but Obomba and the Dems essentially passed on making a real effort for reform — here’s a big clue why). In the cases of the last two, they can be perverted by inappropriate appointments and maybe strangled with inadequate budgets. Weakened Dems will do even less. Given that, how much worse harm can Republican victories provide? Really? That’s the question. We already have great destruction of wealth, significant weakening of the middle class and longterm near-doubling of unemployment. How much worse can it get (although the Republicans are already on it). In other words, for us progressive-types, it’s a lose-lose election. Who knows; a Republican victory can set up another 2008, this time done right….

Watch Obomba defend his failed leadership here. And this is a) not coming out and b) not enough.

Doomed! An arch-capitalist agrees with Prof. K. Do the math….

Flash! Our leaders now run for office solely for the money and as for us, drop dead.

Note to self: When working on treatise of how and when America collapsed, add the Clarence Thomas story, the triumph of absolute cynicism and disrespect for institutions.

The Elite Media’s inexcuseable failure on the Wikileaks Iraq dump, explained for the simple-minded. And more on the Times’ individual Fail here.

The Right’s obsession with quantifying everything is pretty much just a delusional sickness.

The Afghan Fail: “Quagmires don’t just go away.”

Teabaggers: Question’s not whether they’re sick but whether they’re all sick. This is indefensible thuggery. And then the assailant makes it even worse. They fully deserve the country they ignorantly believe this is. Id America really wants to be led by Paul, Miller, Angle, O’Donnell and the other sickos, maybe America deserves them.

Teabaggers=brainless puppets.

Retards: Sen. Christine O’Donnell and her primary campaign manager, Jonathan Moseley. Leadership America needs.

History has proven whether Ballmer’s right:

(More here.)

Murdoch’s Fail.

More on Firesheep. And how to protect yourself.

I found these rather funny.

America’s Condition: Clearly No Improvement


I’m often right, not because I’m so smart, but because I’m liberal-minded enough to accept that obvious changes are in progress, rather than conservatively maintaining that things can’t possibly change because the way they’ve always been is the only possible way they can ever be. — Daniel Eran Dilger

A disgrace to America:

This weekend, Tea Party Nation (TPN) sent an email in support of Lynne Torgerson, who is running against Rep. Keith Ellison in Minnesota. In the email, TPN lists the reasons Ellison should be “retired.” Among them: “He is the only Muslim member of congress.” (Link.)


Modern Republican campaign tactic: stomping on people who won’t vote your way.

(More about the story behind the image here and here — and yes, I know I referenced it yesterday but to me it’s important enough for a repeat.)

Doomed! Because this is the minority view:

So the point isn’t that market are always right; it’s that if you’re going to claim that appeasing the markets trumps rational economic analysis, you really should have some evidence that the markets care at all about what you’re demanding. — Prof. K.

Query: So how can MERS sue to foreclose?

Asshole: Meg Whitman: A lying piece of pandering garbage, which is to say a leader for our times.

Assholes: All the Teabaggers who support and aid their oppressors….

Proof Teabaggers are not racists:

Al Reynolds, who is considered the Tea Party candidate in Illinois’ 52nd District, has been out of the spotlight since saying that African American men preferred dealing drugs to going to college, because it is “easier.” (Link.)

Big Media Fail: Wikileaks documentation of the disgrace that is the Iraq “liberation” apparently isn’t ery important. I guess likewise the continued existence the old Big Media….

The Republican talkers the talk here because they never, ever, practice what they preach.

Things are even worse than we think… something new to worry about….

So. Is Google truly evil or what?

I love books (just have no time for them):

Unlike America, this works:


What’s Wrong with this Post? Nothing, Everything

Why liberalism is essential.

And open note to confused Professor K. (who’s right where he isn’t confused): Some simple steps to the foreclosure/housing bubble crisis: Require plaintiffs to prove up front entitlement to request foreclosure i.e. they’re the proper party entitled to foreclose. Require loan mods (I know why the banks are against them but in a normal world, the lenders should suffer a little punishment for bad acts; do the crime… and all). Alternatively, if a homeowner requests court leave for a short sale, grant it. Part of the problem is lenders who lent at inflated prices; why they shouldn’t give back that “inflation”…. As a nuclear option, allow homeowners to go to bankruptcy court and request that the mortgage get wiped out or modified like every other debt. Lenders, don’t worry: Our leaders would never sign off on any of this. The preceding is merely a short answer to what should be done.

Election 2010 will also be stolen by the Republicans by simple violence:

See how corrupted your candidate is here.

Technological breakthrough risk of the day.

Props to these four SF Bay area Gold’s Gym franchises for putting their money where their mouthes are.

Google=evil: The video. Is Eric Schmidt even creepier than Bill Gates or Steve Ballmer? I’d maybe say so….

A big clue why Micro$oft can get so little right. More here.

How pride is being restored inAmerica: By letting the inmates out and putting them in control:

To me, the Yankees  are the very embodiment of all that’s wrong modern America: Money is all:

Is this some sort of joke? It can be real, in this era.

Special Monday Apocalypse and Healthcare Edition

Who thinks Election 2010 will be fair and will not essentially bought by special interests adverse to our nation?

Doomed! Because the conventional wisdom is we can’t spend our way out of  a depressed economy, except that is dead wrong:

Doomed! The short version.

Ask yourself: Why do our leaders set policies based solely on lies?

Why we need the old, dinosaur elite media: So when Wikileaks dumps a load of records about the failure that is Beloved Leader and the Republicans’ Iraq liberation, someone can put the focus on Wikileaks’ chief instead of the substantive revelations, right, Times? (Of course, the Times repeatedly put Judy Miller’s patent, deliberate misreporting on the front page….)

Retard, asshole and pig: Juan Williams. Good only for preaching to crazies.

Doctors can be really stupid. Parse this: Medical malpractice premiums are out of whack because of the insurers’ greed, not lawsuits (repeat: not lawsuits; not lawsuits), and especially not frivolous lawsuits (no reliable proof of that being a problem, ever; latest is here). The doctors’ solution: unnecessary ass-covering gratuitous, unnecessary tests — which could per se be malpractice by being, you know, unnecessary invasive tests. In other words: Protect yourself from malpractice by committing malpractice. Still, they’re the guys who know best. (Link.) Meanwhile, malpractice reform fails to do what it was supposed to do and attract doctors. (A discussion of the reasons for the American Healthcare Fail start here.) Far more about tort “deform” — you know, the Republican and Big Business’ policy of preventing you from getting warranted redress so the courts are free for Big Business’ abusive, frivolous suits — is here. Reminder: The freed0m-loving Teabaggers are pro-tort deform (til they feel a need to sue someone, I suppose). Surprised? (Note: Somewhere amongst these links is also the conundrum: Ass-covering “unnecessary” tests at times reveal theretofore unknown conditions in need of treatment. Typical of the modern conservative: A mistaken solution to a non-existent problem.)

That was then, and what made America great:

“Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

Love the song: