Month: June 2010

What a Wonderful World… Where? When?

Television is the first truly democratic culture — the first culture available to everybody and entirely governed by what the people want. The most terrifying thing is what people do want. — Clive Barnes

Less than Hoover: Obama gives up on doing anything for the economy. It’s now in the hands of the people who got us into this mess. (Link.) And Our Leaders clearly lie here.

Straight to Hell: The Republican plan for after victory in 2010. Lucky us.

Again, unlike in the 1920s and 30s, none of our leaders feel the need to actually do very much about the Global Economic Meltdown other than funneling money to Big Finance speculators, not their victims. The establishment feels a compulsion only for spending cuts (which is to say make more funds available for more speculation, not for profitable investing) — and they’d be a complete disaster. And their puppets have chosen doom. Did I say doomed? And these are a lot of the reasons why.

Instant update: My feeling of doom has just been seconded by a Nobel Laureate in Economics.

Wow! The establishment economics preaching austerity (in other words making more monies available for speculation instead of, you know, fixing the mess they made) are proven wrong. Think anything’ll happen as a result of this one news story?

Our dwindling freedom takes another hit (although apparently Americans don’t care ).

Incredible but true! One reporter says another reporter did the right thing — by reporting. And a reporter with a contrary view gets rightly slammed. Meanwhile, Big Media fakers feel the McChrstal story is so important to trash that they must rely on anonymous sources. In other words, Rolling Stone got the story so wrong, only anonymous cowards can be used to dispute it.

Did I tell you things are worse than you think? Certainly worse than the Big Media fakers are making a fuss over.

Our true leadership:

…Then Time goes and reverts to norm and runs imbecilic crap like this. “Toy Story 3” would not be sad to a kid. And if it’s sad to an adult, as opposed to melancholic, the adult has problems.

Only Fox News can get away with such retarded hosts and have a large audience that accepts it:

I couldn't stop myself from posting this.

A real shakedown: Karl Rove’s latest scheme for destroying America for profit.

Asshole (long overdue, I suppose) and, for that matter, pandering, lying scumbag: Jim Cramer.

American Justice: Cops sure do loving using their tasers so much they tase people unreasonably — like bedridden 86 year olds. And all sentences should be death sentences like this guy’s, huh?

How to eat cheap during the Great Depression 2: no government handouts — private sector coupons.

Personally, I’m ambivalent about the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq — none were exactly conscripted. Still, some props are due for being on the front lines, albeit of pointless wars…..

The greatness that was Richard (“Tricky Dick”) Nixon.

Olbermann errs again: President Palin is not an Olbermann: Palin went to three colleges but still ‘is an idiot’ , but a retard.

I do not completely disagree with this. And long AAPL, I cannot afford too 🙂

We can learn from pornographers: The porn industry has, as a matter of fact, been on the cutting edge (for better or worse) of the internet for years — and they hate Flash.

I now concede Android’s greatness. The Android App Store offers an app to steal private data. Great.


As Always, This Post Is Dedicated To Those Suffering From Anosognosia

— who don’t know that they’re suffering from the disease affecting tens of millions of Americans resulting in, like, unfathomable harm….

The obituary for Obama’s financial reform Fail.

Every general who took charge in Vietnam expressed unqualified certainty of victory. Slick General Petraeus is no different, and victory will in fact be as certain as Vietnam. All we have to do is wait for defeat to force us out, or maybe just bolt before the disaster. Worked in the ‘Nam….

Assholes: The Obama administration. For their failure or refusal to rise to the level of Herbert Hoover in dealing with the economic meltdown. Here is the simple version of how their failing underwater homeowners. (The fairest thing of course is to have the thieving lenders buy back the homes.)

Assholes: All Texas Republicans. Read this and see that I’m right. This is the work some very sick minds capable only of destruction.

Assholes: Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and the assholes who elected her, support her and allow her to remain in office. The latest reason is here.

Why we’re still in Afghanistan — the longest war in which we’ve been involved, with victory essentially impossible. There’s this too.

Atrios is dead wrong (this too). There will be no true reform without a crisis that puts the establishment themselves at risk. And now that they’ve rigged the game in their favor that will never happen. The only alternative would be if enough people cared enough to rid the system of corruption but there’s a number of reasons that will never happen, not just endemic ignorance and apathy.

Much as I, uhh… accept copyright violation, I wanna see Rolling Stone sue Politico because the latter are such scumbaggy pandereers and water-carriers. Here’s why.

We got crumbs!

Asshole: David Gregory, my personal whipping boy for all that is wrong with Big Media fake journalism. Here’s why I so hate him — not to mention the simian looks. And a concise write up of why Big Media journalism sucks — maybe to the point of worthlessness.

I also hate assholes like David Jungerman. And like Bill Randall. And Linda McMahon and her WWE (she owns, or inherited, and her husband only fronts). And Geraldo Rivera, a self-promoting scumbag who has reported nothing of importance for forty years and still acts like he’s journalism’s gift tou dumb mortals:

Geraldo, you are so right: Everything our leaders want hidden should remain hidden. Asshole. Not these two scumbags are any better:

Asshole: Rand Paul.

How could I forget? Asshole: Jamie Dimon. Here’s why.

The press discovers what an utter, vile piece of crap President Palin is:

Of course, the Big Media press rests on assholes like David Brooks.

Assholes: Everyone at Murdoch’s vile New York Post. Here’s why.

Why would anyone pay $200.00 or whatever for a phone that can do this and this? Of course, I’m behind the times. I like a phone I control, and having data I control easily. And an easy-to-use music player. And I need a Verizon iPhone so I can be abused, like this woman. Maybe there’s iPhone because the company is so vile? (Or maybe a few million CDMA users are n’t so important where the rest of world only has CDMA as a legacy being phased out. Not to mention maybe AT&T’s being rewarded for enabling it in the first place?)

Frontman of the day: The incredibly wonderful Neko Case:

The real deal:

Delivered Early: Your Independence Day Firecrackers

Words ought to be a little wild for they are the assaults of thought on the unthinking. — John Maynard KeynesIllegal aliens have always been a problem in the United States. Ask any Indian. — Robert Orben

Why do writers write? Because it isn’t there. — Thomas Berger

I used to be lost in the shuffle, now I just shuffle along with the lost. — /.

Assholes: Both parties for gratuitously fucking the jobless.

The failure of Our Leaders to actually do more than to bail out speculators, seen in a single image. Click on the image for the gory details....

What can only be called obscene lies:

The Eternal Asshole: As always, retarded Sarah Palin. The latest reason is here.

The McChrystal scandal? Happened because of some real journalism, not the Big Media crappy pseudo-journalism.

How the Big Media lapdog, water-carrying journos fail: The latest example.

Why charter schools suck. (Okay, a lot of my objection is visceral, but I do think there has to be a better way.)

A lot of phones suck like this; it is not special to iPhone 4. No story here, just media mania, let’s move on….

Free registration causes newspaper’s online readership in half?? WTF?? On one hand, it’s an English paper. On the other hand, it’s the Times. Gotta be an English thing?

Watch this…:

…then go here for the story behind the video. (And this is an interesting idea….)

Assholes: Domino’s Pizza: To order by credit card, you now have to give these future identity thieves your Social Security number.

Sign of the times....

Anyone need a new hard drive?

Please. When Do Things Start Getting Really Better? When Do We The People Take Back America?

I don’t always know what I’m talking about but I know I’m right. — Muhammad Ali

Now that we have homeland security, will the motto “Live Free or Die” be changed to “Do as You’re Told?” — Anonymous

Do this now.

We’re doomed (regarding the Global Economic Meltdown). Here’s why (hint: global failure of leadership to lead as opposed to whore for Big Finance). Here’s more reason why — it’s 1937 all over again, when the crazies got their economy-destroying way. Imagine… taking advise from the destroyers….

And let’s not forget how bad off the states are. California is a special case only as to scope (worsened of course by over thirty years of the destructive cancer of Proposition 13).

Obama loves: Out of control CEO earnings unless it’s the CEO of a small business. This is, of course, completely ass backwards and no more than necessary than whoring for the corporatist masters.

Obama fails: Homeowners.

How laws are made in the corparatist state.

I love revisionism. Greenspan lionized by the lackey media during his reign, now slammed with facts. Of course, it’s far too little, far too late….

Eternal asshole: Alan Simpson and his destructive lies about Social Security.

Some media putz believes lying hypocrites have a right to privacy to protect their lies. Does this explain the media’s problem?

The Gulf Disaster, a post-mortem: Everyone shares the blame, more or less.

The Big Media want a monopoly on facts they reports. Not exclusives, facts.

Why are things the way they are? ‘Cause these are the Dark Ages redux. And we’re doomed, thanks in part to an Obama Fail.

Obama Fail: I believe that that the May 2010 home sales were the worst ever is not a good sign.

Obama Fail: Afghanistan. (Instant equal time: NOt that the modern Republicans, who jumped into the quagmire, would do a scintilla better.)

Is paying any heed to Greta Van Susteren proof of being a retard?

If only…:

Truths about the spill and more truths. For those who care about facts….

The return of compassionate conservatism. But this time, it’s real. For BP.

Asshole: Retarded Sharron Angle.

Welcome to the United National Security State of America.

Obama Fail: Thieves exempted from proposed consumer protection agency. Of course, usury remains legal, so….

Big Media Fail: CBS’ Afghanistan correspondent is pregnant. Solution: Don’t replace her, just cover the war less. That’s how news priorities are determined in the modern era.

What a surprise: Most of the Big Media are failing in their coverage of the BP Gulf spill. And I only thought they got bored….

If “lawsuit fears” lead to “overtesting”, might it also lead to saved lives?

Assholes: Verizon. Personally, can’t recall a problem with VerizonWireless in the years Iwas with them but that was then and lately, the company seems to have turned utterly vile.

To me, this is cool.

Thank God Google and other companies don’t abuse people like this (well, maybe Google’s Android is worse) — or bother to give you an opportunity to opt out to a degree from the privacy invasion that’s now endemic to our corparatist culture.

Po-mo self-referential week at the Doonesbury?

God bless the prefection of the rule of the unpoliced free market:

All I can say, she’s her father’s daughter — ain’t nothing she won’t do to publicize her modest talent:

Geek rock:

Anyone Know How We the People Got Here?

Maybe we’re just crabby because things suck so bad and instead of getting fixed, we keep electing leaders who benefit personally by letting things get worse so nothing gets fixed?

Rational arguments don’t usually work on religious people. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be religious people. — Doris Egan

Asshole: Rep. Joe Barton (R.-Tx.), for fellating BP. (You know, I really can’t think of a recent example of significant, beneficial leadership.) Instant correction: Add all the Republicans as this is not the ravings of a single retard but the entire party. (See this too.) Those $20B? Essentially a wrist slap. And let me put my personal spin on the disaster: I don’t believe it’s so much an earth-shattering disaster from which neither the planet nor, for that matter, BP will recover as it is a great disaster resulting from the corruption endemic in society: that corruption is the only reason it happened.

The Pixar sequel I really want to see. Not.

Assholes: Every rightist economist and everyone else who pushes this blatantly dishonest and utterly, provably wrong false solution for the Global Economic Meltdown. It’s provably and completely wrong. There is absolutely no acceptable reason for pushing it. None. And it thereby exacerbates a situation that needs no exacerbation.

The Global Economic Meltdown: Practically speaking, no stopping another “dip”. And here’s more bad news: It’s 1937 again and all that pulled us out of that disaster was World War II — and our current wars are actually worsening the problem….

And it’s sad that someone so wrong and, historically, will probably be seen as a great failure (wen mainstream history returns to based on facts) gets so much free, uncritical publicity. Then there’s this corrective…. Asshole: Alan Greenspan. But really, what would expect from an Objectivist — using government power to prevent abuses of the Free Market??

If the orthodox free marketers are so against government intervention in the markets, why do they accept bailouts? Doesn’t that actually justify the government role and prove them wrong? Why not just let the market punish them for their market failures?

Okay, let’s say the housing implosion occurred because of too many loans to people of amounts based on assessing a home for $X when it was worth $1/2X and the borrower could afford to pay on only $1/4X? And let’s accept the pigs’ inane defense that the government (under the destructive mismanagement of the Cheney/Rove/Bush administration) somehow compelled them to lend to otherwise unqualified borrowers. My question: did the government compel them to lend to the unqualified in such an improper manner? Oh wait, the larger the loan, the larger their fee…?

Damn, Afghanistan isn’t just an endless quagmire (our leaders forgetting one of the key lessons of Vietnam — don’t stay fighting where you’re not wanted) but and ever-growing Fail. (Wonder whether it’s just a matter of our puppet not being our puppet but the RNC’s puppet, willing to work against his country for the good of the Republicans who put him in power?)

Query: How bad could worse than Obama be come 2012? Would no stimulus be worse than the failure we got? Did the reform-free healthcare reform bill accomplish enough to be worth, among other shortcomings, taking real reform off the table for God knows how long and actually empowering and enriching the source of the problem, the private health insurers?

On the other hand, this is not a good thing: Another win for the destroyers of America; Rove strikes back.

Al Franken speaks out against the Supreme Court’s war against Americawhile the media sleeps.

The Greatest Generation? Greatest for being drafted. How about the Lousiest Generations for the louses they raised on their return from conscription?

Wow, this is so stupid. I just love the classic Republican meme about people rather stay unemployed and make far, far less on welfare than they would working. The latest asshole: Rand Paul (and Dianne Feinstein seconds him):

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul on Friday urged Americans who have been unemployed for many months to consider returning to the workforce in less desirable jobs rather than continue relying on government unemployment assistance.

Can it be that the Times has discovered that maybe pols have been corrupted?

Quiz of the day: Who’s dumber? This woman or people who would elect her president:

This is disgusting — the monetizing of everything because of the worship of profit in this country, I mean.

I bite: Why can’t BP show a little contrition, accept responsibility for what they unleashed? Here’s what they’re doing instead (not counting giving marching orders to the Republicans at least.)

How America failed; a clue: The election of utter shit like this guy:

This guy is so wrong: President Palin is a historical expert at pandering to retards and self-promotion.

Asshole: Then there are the members of that branch of Christianity who believe Jesus-supported power-grabbing and attendant personal profiteering, like Rev. Floyd Flake. I dunno… there’s something about a religion that enables all sorts of immoral behavior that rubs me the wrong way but clearly that’s me. I guess there’s a need for a religion that at the end of the day is essentially amoral if not actually immoral….

Apple antitrust: Apple only controls Apple. Apple has competition up the wazoo. No one is forced to use a single Apple product or service unlike, say, P.C. makers can only offer a crappy OS — which apparently isn’t a significant antitrust violation. So time to move on now — no story here.

My God, when did Ed Norton die?

The Bleating of the Voiceless to the Deaf…?

Ain't this the sad truth? No crisis can get our corrupted leaders to function.

Cultures which make a public fixation of virginal maturity, of a stylized maiden’s reputation, tend to be backward superstitious cultures that impede people exercising autonomy and making responsible choices. — Adam Posen

So the Gulf disaster is even worse that we we’ve been told, thought or feared. Anyone surprised? What I’m wondering about is exactly what is expected from the government? Clearly no aspect of the system is functional. The licensing process requires what — thousands of pages? — of lies. And who would review all of it? No one with experience would take such a job. And the system is too corrupt to require a short version, yes, that can be parsed, and actually get the drillers to commit to anything sensible. And of course, deep sea drilling is clearly ahead of its time if the technology still isn’t there to stop leaks like this one. Speaking of which: Who in their straight mind would think the government has the technology the drilling profession doesn’t have? Here’s one limited solution though that the government could push: enact policies for the significant reduction of use of oil and encourage us to use less. The time for non-renewable sources of energy is now, more than ever. And what’s wrong with making BP cuts its dividend and pay to clean up its mess as best as possible? And their option is that or liquidation. Of course, I’m an Old Testament guy.

Fiscal austerity in the midst of a global recession is bullshit and here’s the proof. And what’s behind this crock of shit is still what I said it was, I’m sure.

Apparently the Times hasn’t yet heard the news: They got this one wrong.

The modern scoop: Reporting what everyone knew for years but failed to report. Memo to the Times: That is not something to boast about.

How we can make BP pay for the clean-up. And there’s an app apropos this all.

Wish I could embed this.

ACORN: Not guilty after all. What a surprise — not.

An explanation why people believe lies? I can’t think of one I believe other than President Palin’s implants and that Bristol is Trig’s birth mom (but maybe the First Dude is the father). And I believe those lies only because they’re true, dammit.

Sad but true....

Click on the image for the whole strip -- it's worth it!

Wish I could embed this….

Flash! God blasts Jesus.

Apparently, no one’s interested in the iPhone 4G — not. No one. Really. (Unlike Sprint’s 4G Evo which Sprint was interested in enough, if the market couldn’t care less, to announce crazily inflated sales. And apparently has a lot of problems and therefore kind of actually sucks.) And Nokia is still in business? Is anyone using any Nokia phones?

2012 will be a year late??

Victimized comedians. Sad, really, just not Gulf (and related government Fail) sad.

Awake and sing:

As Ever, the Failure of Leadership, Which We’ve Allowed and Then Embraced

There is always time for failure. — John Mortimer

A cynic is not merely one who reads bitter lessons from the past, he is one who is prematurely disappointed in the future. — Sidney J. Harris

What happens when your leaders are essentially venal liars? Our present. Today’s example is here.

What Arizona wants to do with kids of illegal immigrants isn’t just sad — it is — but inexcuseable. In Arizona’s defense, though, other than profiling people, isn’t the state precluded by federal law from doing anything much about immigrants, other than treating them like crap? Isn’t a lot, although not all, of this posturing, sound and fury?

That scumbag, Christie’s, New Jersey, loves pollution.

The failure of the press, explained?

This isn’t of any great importance but sucks and shows the depth of modern corruption in the Raygunite era where money isn’t the most important thing but the only thing….

The wingnuts may have gotten one right: Maybe the Canadians really are no better than us –read this.

How does an unemployed man raise no money, doesn’t actually campaign, and wins a Senate primary? Fraud? (Of course, we’re talking South Carolina, so sufficient stupidity amongst the voters cannot be ruled out.)

Cutting corners to increase profits isn’t per se wrong — but taking it too far is another thing, a recipe for disaster, right BP and telcos? Or food companies who want to feed kids lead.

More bad news from the Gulf Disaster — volunteers cleaning up are risking their health. And more new disasters here.

The continuing Global Economic Disaster: Why we’ll remain f***ed and more reason we’ll remain f***ed. It’s in the interest of the speculators who created the disaster to have higher rates and government cuts in order to have more money, not to help the economy but to use for yet more speculation.

As they say, the Gulf Disaster is America’s worse such — it happens elsewhere all the time but we don’t care about elsewhere:

Now Apple has maybe gone too far for me….

We do have just a little World Cup fever: