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I’m Not Mad, I’m Just Out of My Mind for 15 July 2009


Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill. — Buddha

Going out of business is the least that should happen to these assholes.

Assholes: John Yoo and the brainless idiots who think he deserves a pulpit for his lies. Again, Philly Inky, please to explain why anyone would want to pay to read shit like Yoo (other than the few remaining people who still Rick Santorum is anything more than a nutjob).

Assholes: The C Street “Family”: They aren’t really Christian and, for that matter, they hate America.

Bobbie Jindal is an asshole 24/7; this just the latest and surely not the last. Idea for a game! Every time a wingnut says anything racist about Obama, let’s throw the same comment right back at Jindal. If he wants to lead his party, he’ll surely accpt the returned hatred.

Assholes: The ball-less pols who okayed tossing our freedoms after 9/11.

Asshole: If this soldier doesn’t believe Obama’s president, I’m sure, for the sake of our security, the military is well within its rights to have him confined to a mental facility, where, I’m sure, he’d be happy to spending his days jerking off to Sarah  Palin fantasies.

Idiots: Obama only talks but we’re led by dopes like these.

Visa will have its justice!

Assholes: Obama to America: Drop dead. And those of you still have hope. You still have yet to realize he doesn’t care about you. And here’s another thing the Liar-in-Chief is screwing up.

Assholes: The WaPo for giving Sarah Palin Op-Ed space. The idea can be rationalized but, at the end of the day, it’s just plain stupid.

Cheating: America’s true sport, isn’t it?

Watch and listen: Kids make real music.

Mr. and Mrs. Sarkozy know all this....

Almost as hot as Megan Fox....
Today's arts and craft.

Russian ass! Get more by clicking on the image.


Leadership We Need, and Hope; Out of My Mind for 10 July

Beloved Leader couldn't have done this any better....

As Big Journalism implodes and collapses and stuff, here’s one asshole who deserves — well, as one of the terminated, it’s hard for me to say fired — let’s just say he’s well qualified to seek a new profession as journalism is clearly wrong for him, given his utter lack of perspective and ability to perceive and acknowledge reality.

What do you think? Don’t you think plagiarism is deliberate or results from some form of imbecility, neither of which is appropriate a professional, legitimate journalist? I mean, how the hell do you copy something unconsciously?

Whoa, it’s Jayson Blair time at the Times again!

By all means, let’s worry about closeted gays serving in the military, not America-hating Nazis (or, for that matter, Christofascist proselytizers).

Unrest in China: what it’s about.

Are we dead in the water, with no future?

You don’t get published via Kindle; you give Amazon all your rights for your work to be available on a Kindle. Sweet! Not.

GOP family values: Getting your parents to pay off your mistress.

Palin lies. (More here and here.) Yeah, yeah, what else is new?

Palin’s enablers. (Remember, the whole GOP loves her, don’tcha know.)

Levi: Greed, not insanity, made Palin a quitter.

IT departments of small amd mid-sized businesses are interested in Macs and iPhones. I see it as cost-cutting in the IT industry created by the shitty difficulty of maintaining windows systems. Ditching one IT guy can save far more than the expense of switching to Macs and iPhones (which we know works wonderfully with Macs).

Too big to fail, now too big to jail.

A single GM car outsells Buick and Caddy!

Another teeny piece of my past, gone….

Read: The autobiography of Professor Krugman’s favorite science fiction writer.

The comic book of the day is here. (More here.) Another funny book is here. Remember, kids, these are good for you! (Well, at least the second is….)

I can’t afford to eat here anyway.

Picture 30

Out of My ^&%$ing Mind for 24 June 2009

I haven’t spoken to my wife in years. I didn’t want to interrupt her. — Rodney Dangerfield

One is one’s own protector, one is one’s own refuge. Therefore, one should control oneself, even as a trader controls a noble steed. — Buddha

Big Journalism, at least the print division, really wants to die: Gannett is expected to die from drowning in debt (I actually don’t believe that although I’m sure the debt will be a drag). But why rely on growth through earnings and planning for the future when you could do the Time-Warner thing and just service debt and claim all is well? And for those with simple financial strains, clearly taking money and stuff from those you cover, thereby devaluing your word, is a pretty smart idea — not! — guarantee to turn away readers. Smart!

Is Iran headed for its next revolution? Actually, Iran once had a true democracy once. But the American conservatives destroyed it. Meanwhile, they’re busting real journalists over there.

Let’s say the worst happens; who cares? And the story is weirder (as you’d expect from a lying wingnut), much, much weirder. This fucker truly is presidential in a Sarah Palin sort of way.

Tricky Dick Nixon wanted Obama aborted.

Obama’s still talking the public option for healthcare reform. That seems to be it. Talk. No persuasion or, you know, action. But, you know, the public option is the only actual reform needed. And with a public option, the carriers would have no choice but to reform. But, of course, that was never the point of reform; it’s really just a matter of wealth-transfer, like any other bailout. And the CBO numbers? Essentially bogus. And would real, actual reform have prevented this?

There were green shoots in 1930. Of course, when the middle class in a consumer society has so much wealth destroyed, it actually doesn’t turn around as quickly as it went to Hell, huh?

Weee! More corporatist bullshit; another slap on the wrist.

Want action? Say it to the right ear.

Out of My Mind for 9 June 2009

The seventh step of the Eightfold Path is Right Mindfulness, meaning to regard everything as being impermanent, ill and corrupt.

No need for tort or medical malpractice reform: hospital lets woman lay on floor til she dies, pays family $2,000,000.00.

And here’s how else the medical profession cares less about you than they do their E- and S- and GL- and M- and R-classes. (More here.)

See who’s screwing you now without telling you.

Another vote that Sarkozy is a complete asshole.

She may be pretty, but when she sleeps, there's two assholes in her bed.

Bank joke! Yes, not funny, just truthful!

The Pre: Its moment has passed, huh?

Reminder: The Times is wrong on the DOJ torture memos.

This is funny/sick: counterfeit meds made in China with “Made in India” labeling.

GE buys gummint-financed patent, refuses to share. So much for public benefit… you know, like all them bailout moneys….

What the terrorists really accomplish (actually sort of old news if you’ve been paying attention).

(The rest of the show is here.)

Cop beats guy for obeying other cop. Clearly, the beater earned ten years in jail getting beaten and worse regularly. (See video here.)

The return of the beaver.

Proof: Sotomayor is not an affirmative action poster-girl. Now, Clarence Thomas is a poster-boy for affirmative action and all-around ass-kissing, cocksucking, etc., without which he would be nothing. And that explains why the wingnuts accept AA for Thomas but not for Sotomayor who is clearly the real deal.

E-voting fails again.

Attention, Sarkozy: All France Did on D-Day was to be Rescued by the U.S. and the U.K.; Out of My Mind for 6 June 2009

Are we not wasps who spend all day in a fruitless attempt to traverse a window-pane – while the other half of the window is wide open? — “Fingers Pointing Toward the Moon” by Wei Wu Wei

Sarkozy = asshole. However, credit is due him: He’s the only major head of government who has a wife with nude pix floating around the web:

The First %^#@ing Lady of France (and not quite ex-groupie), in all her glory.

Really, though, if Bruni is so hot, why is ex-lover Eric Clapton living in Ohio? What does he know that Sarkozy can’t figure out?

This, though is quite sad: The Grammy for Best Polka — history.

More disgusting corporatism.

For those of you interested in penguin skid marks being visible from space….

Barack Obama: Master Flip-Flopper. Obama’s change: Replace a Republican with a Democrat who will institute Republican policies. That’s change we needed — not. And Matt Taibbi is getting pissed too.

Tata has come up with the flat of my dreams (really!).

Truth: Microsoft is funny.

People never learn from genocides, do they? What is it? They hope they get their chances to kill the next time?

I’m sick of the government-can’t-do-anything-better-than-the-private-sector meme. As if recent history shouldn’t have put the lie to that one. and the health insurers’ lies that public insurance must suck has been disproved for, oh, about fifty years now: it’s called Medicare. Anyway, this guy also thinks they’re full of shit too.

Understanding Found; Out of My Mind for 25 May 2009

But if you do not find an intelligent companion, a wise and well-behaved person going the same way as yourself, then go on your way alone, like a king abandoning a conquered kingdom, or like a great elephant in the deep forest. — Buddha

Nothing is more conducive to peace of mind than not having any opinions at all. — Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

The carcinogen’s plastics’ industry’s health-endangering lies.

This Memorial Day, eat the rich. The only benefit of the truly wealthy is the trickle down effect of their wealth. When it results in economic destruction, mat as well be rid of the destroyers and allow a new constructive group to replace them, no?

Beloved Leader’s ownership society? It was really only ownership of crushing debt, wasn’t it?

Professor K sees the future in California and fears.

Remember What Made America Great! Out of My Mind for 23 May 2009

No use getting too involved in life — you’re only here for a limited time. /.

Ooh, shy cops!

Is this how to make really fast coffee?

Retired bishop claims that he didn’t know child rape was wrong and he’s sticking to his position.

Barack Obama, Anti-American rightist. Defend this. It was wrong when Beloved Leader and the Bushies pushed this and — surprise! — it’s still wrong (more about it here):

Verizon is unwilling to help save your life and is willing to let you die if you owe it money.

Dick Cheney’s principal, not principle: Big self-media campaign, raise profile for bigger advance for book. I guess he should be ignored, not that the MSM can….

Another wingnut smacked sensible:

If I had the time, I’d explain that I actually have no great antipathy or issues with old-timey conservatives, just with the deranged modern wingnuts. One’s a cancer on society, the former aren’t.

Our toilets need these.

Don’t send your kids to this school that teaches stupidity and has a student body only good for networking if you’re interested in wingnuttery.