Happy Days are… Somewhere….

Traitor. Asshole. Our next president. Needs a batting.
Still: Traitor. Asshole. Our next president.
Shameful how we raise taxes on our wealthiest citizens.

Why is America in the toilet? Because of leaders like this guy:

Doomed! Prof. Krugman left out those who pontificate without caring to know what they’re actually talking about.

Doomed! The Republican effort to increase out of control healthcare costs. (A GOP win-win: Bankrupt the government a little, send a little windfall to their true supporters in Big Business — and leave everyone else worse off.)

See the wealth of the 99% disappear....

Cute how the Big Media forgot or can’t accept that the Heritage Foundation is simply a horseshit factory and offers nothing of any greater value. Always was, still is.

Wow, looks like we have the worlds greatest tax burden. Well, a fact or two wont set Our Leaders straight....

Hey, look! Medicare just got hit with it’s first mortal wound! Anyone really think the Dems can prevent it’s death now?

It couldnt hurt.

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