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Whither the Wingnuts?

Robert Parry asks, more or less, whether the GOP can get its act back together?

Well, on one hand, its act went no where other than being somewhat repudiated.

Problem is whether there has been a sea-change among the electorate.

If so, they have a problem and that the GOP is not set up to fix.

After the Goldwater debacle, the wingnuts got control of the party. The establishment loves the wingnuts because they’re such great shock troops. The crazies keep talking up the Christofascists and time after time, all they deliver is a license to steal for the establishment, culminating in the historical Cheney/Rove/Bush administration.

For decades, the Dems had an untenable majority: a liberal, pro-civil rights coalition of which blue collar southerners were a major component. Do the math (Team Nixon did).

The GOP has a similar problem: Venal capitalists and religious Christian. And the latter may well be learning that a moderate Dem administration, without talking the talking, may well be a more Christian one than any of recent GOP administrations since they started talking the talk.

Meanwhile, getting back to Parry: With leaders (well, Sarah Palin, showing what she’s good for and can bring America) exciting wannabe assassins, I expect the answer is no; the party is seriously weakened and is now led by those who cannot regain a national majority status. And here’s my other theory (call me in late 2010): the GOP actually did as well as it did this round because a large enough number of voters did the old split vote: One party for president, the other for congress. That can go either way in 2010; time will tell. Maybe a lot.

The Round-Up

Election2008: Gone, but not yet forgotten….

Voter fraud? Maybe the claims were the fraud.

Obama on his grandmother:

Another libel unsuccessfully used by McCain-Palin to grab the Jewish vote.

The greatest video you’ll watch today:

Two wingnuts get screwed by the policies they support.

See banks that have recently gone under here.

Class and patriotism: Wingnuts show their support for the nation by burning a cross on the lawn of Obama supporters.

A prediction from May 2008:


It’s September 12, 2001. You’re sitting in front of a TV, watching footage of the World Trade Center collapse over and over and over again.

All of a sudden, someone from seven years in the future walks out of a tiny temporal vortex, and tells you: George W. Bush is going to fuck this up so badly that in 2008, the United States of America will likely elect as president a black man whose middle name is Hussein and whose father was Muslim. Oh, and he also admits he’s used cocaine.


And lest we forget:


And remember, as long as Sarah keeps huntin’ and killin’, Maggie’s going to stay naked:


Dude need $40,000.00 Worth of Clothes Just for Hisself


Me, I never cared who paid for the clothes, or even the need for wardrobe enhancement for Sarah and the Dude (or “Dud”). The kids were another albeit minor issue.

But the amounts??? Are these numbers for real? If not, where did they come from and why? Or was this all some sort of Team McCain anti-Sarah leak?

Weird. But then, well, they ain’t called wingnuts for no reason….

More wardrobe stuff here.

And I ask you: Isn’t this all the wardrobe Sarah needed?