Doomed Enough?

The American middle-class: pretty much dead, dead, dead.

So I was wrong. I thought as the hardships trickled up from the poor into the middle class, so would the will to address them. I figured that if altruism weren’t enough, self-interest would spark a spirit of shared sacrifice motivating Americans to focus their government’s power to fill gaps in the private economy. Instead, the only people who gained from the trickle-up theory were the recipients of government bailouts at the very top of the financial hierarchy, which housed those who got us into the mess in the first place. — David K. Shipler

Doomed. For real. An inexcuseable, shameful failure of thge Whores who Rule Us.

See what a superior job in the economy Republican leadership performs.

If this doesn’t say it all, it says close enough to it all….

Lies rule.

Anyone surprised that Nikki Haley’s a complete dishonest, thieveing of garbage wasn’t paying attention — and not much was needed to realize it.


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