The Downward Spiral… “No Brakes! No Brakes!”

One picture....

The success of Republican fiscal policies.

My new obsession: Sovereign debt. Who holds it and should really care when the creditors’ speculative “investments” tank? Iceland proves the answer is No. In a normal world, investments aren’t guaranteed.

I’ll take this as proof of corruption. In any case, it’s bad.

Doomed! The War on Competent Leadership’s victories.

Doomed! A recap.

Obomba’s New Fail. And here’s at least a partial reason.

Destoyers of America.

I know pols by and by are, let’s say, pathological and dysfunctional but Joe Lieberman just gets worse and worse and won’t stop with the sick crap….

The Afghan Fail: General Betrayus: Just another bullshitter, another failure.


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