Our next president: Another one who’s Pawlenty bad.

I don’t agree with Prof. Krugman at all. Our Leaders are not failing because of fear of acting or “fatalism” but because the 1% doesn’t want a cent spent on what they don’t need done and pols have learned that more than enough voters are willing accept the right talk instead of action — abetted by the relative silence of the Big Media.

And I disagree with Prof. K., and all the others, who don’t understand that at the end of the day we suffer from bipartisan corruption. That’s the way it is in an oligarchy, which is what the Repubplicans have worked for since Reagan.

Mitt is apparently a fine replacement for the feeble-minded flip-flopping President John Sidney McCain III.

A thought: No Republican is as tough an opponent for Obomba as the Dems failure on the economy. Or was that 2010? And will the electorate react to their imbecilic reaction in 2010? And then there’s this.

Correction: Anyone with a bat, say, can beat Paul Ryan — and for America’s good, maybe should.

Doomed! The Really Short Version.


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