Counting Our Blessings….

For those who have trouble with the concept that the Bush administration engaged in fiscal irresponsibility. Well, actually, it was a disaster, deliberately so. (Click on the image for details.)

I love Barry Ritholtz, nearly as much as I do Krugman. But saying the Chicago School of Economic Horseshit has collapsed is wrong, awfully so. They’re still setting globally disasterous policy, ensuring we’re going have years of depression — at least as bad as Japan.

It is 1937 again, but this time probably worse because a) WWII ain’t gonna save the economy and b) our political system is so much more corrupt.

America: Hollowed out by the Bushies, and after getting hollowed out, we now have the inevitable implosion — and maybe another reason why it’s worse than 1937.

Idea! Bachmann and Palin as co-presidents! Now, more than ever!

I can't choose!
I really can't choose!

Idea! If the Republicans Our Leaders can reduce spending and increase unemployment, we’ll have years free of inflation.

Or maybe Our Leaders don’t care about this.

A lie that sets policy, a lie the Big Media professional journos can’t manage to expose.

Doomed! A classic lie used to justify problems that exacerbate the problem.

Doomed! Spelled out nice and simple.

Doomed! The housing market is still in the crapper, in the crapper.


Big Media pundits: Pretty much all retarded? Again, how can you relentlessly spew shit like this? Is the money enough to be a destructive liar? Is it just greed? Society-destroying lying is okay with them all?

Joe Nocera worships a past we’ll never see again.

Corruption. Since I’m sure you don’t believe me. This crap is way more common than you think. Enough of this shit.

MAestro Greenspan said there wasn't a housing bubble nor was one possible. Greenspan would spend hours a day poring other data to come up with insights like these, and look where it got us. (Actually, Greenspan never thought any bubble was his concern....)

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