Back from Involuntary Hiatus; World Pretty Much Unchanged; Just More of the Same….

Holy Groundhog’s Day! Isn’t this what HAMP did in part — set up what turned out to be a grossly underused fund to help refinancing? What is this — if at first you don’t succeed, fail, fail again?

Doomed enough?

Doomed! The American Banana Republic is not a good idea. Of course, it’s what Republican leaders have lusted for for decades….

From the Cut the Crap Dept.: The hugely popular Republican superstar Chris Christie’s approval rating: 38%, 56% disapprove. Clear presidential material. Run, Chrissy, run!

Sweet American Justice: This’ll teach them to come to America and get battered. Victims should always be the ones punished, yes?

Isn’t this the most fucked up thing. Oh, wait; it’s a Republican proposal. Of course, it’s D.O.A., still sick.

Doomed! We don’t learn from mistakes, we just make them again.

Hey, look! A terribly unimportant Republican retard.

Doomed — and sadly retarded, this partisan relativism.

Let's try and do this ourselves!

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