Sad, Sad, Sad

The genius of Paul Ryan and his awesome budget plan: Trigger another recession long before we recover from this one.

Japan, we’re comin’ to join you with a decade-plus of essentially no growth.

Lies still rule.

The disloyal, classy opposition.

See the massive job growth this century. See, too, how well the Bush tax cuts worked.

And apropos the above: When you give the middle class meaninglessly small tax cuts, like the Bushies did, also deprived of real benefit are the small businesses actually powering the economy (as opposed to the speculators). Pure fiscal irresponsibility. Or just part of the plan to shrink government and funnel more money to the corrupting speculators. And a note on that awesome job growth here.

Query: All this economic growth: In which sectors?

The threat of civil service workers. Oh, wait, it’s a factually-unsupported lie.

Hey, look! Inflation! Rather, the non-existence of inflation.

Not how we got here but why we’re stuck her, in part:
What DC considers a despicable scare tactic: accurately describing a proposal to dismantle Medicare.

What DC does not consider a scare tactic: misleadingly hyping the costs of not bringing deficits down now now now. — Prof. K.

Assholes: The Washington Post.

The future of the American job market: The job that can’t be outsourced.


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