Doomed! Professor K. says, per Our Leaders, we are not to be worried by this. Click on the link for the imaginary issues we are supposed to worry about, per Our Leaders.

Doomed! When the government insurers speculators’ losses, the incentive is to take on ever greater — more insane — risk. Even Herbert Hoover didn’t set policies to ensure a second Depression. Our Leaders are though!

Assholes: Paul Ryan and the assholes who treating as if he’s serious and not a bullshitter.

Traitor. (Yes, the photo's been 'Shopped, but it's funny. And relevant to the linked article.)

Lucky Jersey! Chrissy Christie, America’s Most Beloved Republican, has found some money to piss away. Not on a stupid train tunnel that would have cost Jersey nothing but on a waste!

Lucky Pennsylvania has their own Scott Walker!

What’s not to understand? The Big Media press is full of water-carriers, slaves to the 1%, fools putting themselves out of work by alienating their audiences, the shock-troops of a corrupted society.

At the end of the day, they have to pander for a living.

Asshole Someone I hate for what he’s doing to hurt America: Bobby Jindal.

Oklahoma not OK. Unless by OK, you mean full of racist cracker retards.


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