Answer: What. Question: Is this a Great Nation or What?

That budget crisis in Wisconsin? Not so bad that there’s no money for kickbacks to Walker’s backers.


Oh, look, Prof. K. is finally expecting a Big Fail from Obomba. I ask: Anyone doubt the sun will rise tomorrow? Robert Reich deludedly hopes Obomba will do the right thing. This time. I forget; has he done anything right on anything important?



Doomed! The American voter never learns.

Welfare queen.

Why would “The Right” ever care about “journalism” as long journalists keep spreading the lies uncritically?

Single solution for the quality of Our Leaders: Public funding. that’s it. End the endemic corruption.

When I first saw a headline about this, I thought it was surprisingly (considering the source) sensible. It’s not.

Just in case there’s still any doubt that Bristol Palin is her mother’s daughter — a complete lying, unprincipled whore.

Daughter of a traitor.

If this is what it takes to save Medicare, I’m for it. (Almost written with a straight face.)


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