Truth and Lies

-- unless what you love is doing bad acts....
Welcome to America....

Squeeze the poor: That’s the solution to the economic crisis.

The Times dishonest headline:

Job Growth Suggests Resilience of U.S. Recovery

— debunked by Timesman Prof. Krugman here. (And the Times exacerbates the article with a dishonest analysis as well!)Shameful…. For years, I’ve wondered whether the paper was edited in any substantive way, that when editors approve something, they put any thought into it. Now I wonder whether, alternatively, they’re just stupid.. May be so at the Times: Look at Pinch and Keller.

Sure looks like strong growth *koffity koff!* to me -- specially since the Times sez so....

And another story the Times missed.

— And McClatchy nails one the Times just keeps missing….

And here’s dementia at the Times.

Doomed! Speculation up, investment down.

I dunno about this. I believe next time (soon!?), Too Big to Fail will be replaced by Too Big to Save…. Or maybe not. TARP fixed nothing but enabled the banks to speculate their way out of disaster with free money from the government so maybe despite all the government’s economy crippling policies, TARP 2 can be afforded….

Leadership we needThe Wisconsin cancer:

(More related sordidness here.)

What happens when giving back to supporters is more important than doing what needs to be done (buried in Sunday’s Times). Republican government is little better than racketeering, huh? We get shaken down for no better reason to give money to the mob and get no benefit more than not being shaken down til the next time.

So it ever goes...



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