As Usual, the Important News is Here

Doesn’t it look like a direct correlation? The worse the news from Fukushima Daiichi, the more the news is buried?

(More here.)

This broad censorship is simply obscene and un-American. And here’s the scumbag, preserved in all his glory:

(More about poor Sean Duffy here.)

Doomed! Liar, liar…. (Of course, the liars are the ones setting policy….)

The Wisconsin cancer metastasizes to Ohio. And maybe Maine.

Reminder: It neither matters what a publicity queen says nor anything at all about a publicity queen.

Really, what Fannie and Freddie actually did to foster the housing bubble is lost in a cloud of horseshit like this. Sad fact: If the public sector wants to attract private sector “quality” people to do private sector related work, maybe private sector salaries are, you know, required. And what a pathetic failure of an analysis of their alleged failure that this is a finding of any significance.

Bad news for the jobless… but it’s so old fashioned to care about the poor and jobless and powerless… no money for Our Leaders in caring for them….


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