Stop the Insanity! Please?

You knew the initial news from Fukushima had to worse than they said. It is. Question now is how much worse. Got rods in one reactor on the concrete floor; isn’t the next step melting through? (More here.) And thus we also get to the Big Media Fail: The recent meme is that nukes are far safer than we think. However, usually left un-noted is the obvious — when they fail, it’s a massive disaster. (And the Times, for one, is doing a most excellent job burying the news.) Looks like Copacabana may be getting really hot in the near future….

It must be me: You nearly never read criticism of pols that hypothesize that they don’t say things in ignorance but are deliberately lying, pandering. Has it not been so since the dawn of time? That they do know better but say stupid, dishonest stuff ’cause that’s how they get votes?

More proof of how weird I am: I cannot stop wondering why anyone would put an orthodox Objectivist in a position of great power over the American economy. They per se cannot do even a competent job, no matter how much they fellate and so on the D.C. press whores corp.

Just another reason we’re doomed.

Hey! Maybe if Obomba had balls principles and was honest, he wouldn’t be in a position where he’d have said this because he would have instead done the right thing.

Odd that the Times finds it odd that Republican rank and file have Big Business manipulating them. Who wouldn’t pay a couple hundred dollars a year for this “quality” “journalism”? Maybe people want free news because the quality of too much journalism is too crappy? I mean, if you pay what it’s worth, free is approximately a correct price.

Big Media "journalism" in three panels.
Vey ist meir! Another funny too close to reality to be funny.

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