Return to Normalcy! Hope-Free Blogging Returns!

So, the states’ fiscal condition may be improving already with increasing revenues — but it’s not stopping the rightwing’s lies about the need for draconian austerity (the better to funnel more money to speculators and the private sector). (Use Google to bust through the Journal’s paywall if you need to.)

Fiscal austerity: Clearly needed by still-collapsing home prices (a/k/a destruction of wealth) and Obomba’s failure to help underwater homeowners.

The failure of the Reagan Skool of Economics (as if the recent economic meltdown isn’t enough proof).

TimesFail! The Times opines on the failure of the Fed to jumpstart the economy overlooking that that isn’t really the Fed’s job, it’s the job of the President and Congress and they have failed mightily. And here’s how else the clueless Big Media fail….

Asshole, whore: Judge Beryl Howell.

Actually, far too close to reality to be funny.

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