Hello, Sunshine!

Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. — Albert Einstein

Spewer of lies. Click on the image for the latest.

So retards like Megan McArdle actually get paid for writing ignorant and/or dishonest crap like this? No wonder America’s in a terminal decline….

Austerity: Proven disastrous.

Obomba strikes another blow against freedom.

If a poor jobless mom is a welfare queen, what does that make, oh, General Electric? Or these greed addicts.

The Wisconsin cancer spreads to Maine. (More here.)

Sweet! An eighth grader gets sent home for wearing a pro-equality shirt. Guess it should have had the stars and bars on it; that kind of equality rocks down there in Louisiana.

Nuclear power: If you know, unacceptable. Read this and know.

The headline of the day, in which Newt Gingrich clearly demonstrates his qualification for the Republican nomination — shameless lying:

Newt Attacks Obama For Bombing Libya Weeks After Demanding Obama Bomb Libya

History, delirious history:


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