Another Great Day in Clearly the Greatest Nation in the World


Indescribably vile. A true prince of lies.

Let’s see who gives a crap about that vile pissant, James O’Keefe.

Miranda rights? They still around?


More destroyers of America.

Policy: Continued fiscal irresponsibility with no societal benefit.

Asshole: Sen. Ron Johnson.

At least our judiciary, troubled as it is, isn’t anywhere as corrupted and dysfunctional as the other branches of government, federal and state. Score one for the rule of law.

What isn't quite happening at Fukushima Daiichi

(More here.)

Professor Krugman gets it wrong in his headline for this; these are low-profile victories of the Republicans in their War Against America. And here’s another victory: yet another blow against the future — raising a generation with massive unemployment.

If this guy wasn’t something of a deranged psychotic liar, would he play a reporter on Fox News?

Leadership we almost had: President John Sidney McCain III, the constant flip-flopper.

USAToday drops a chunk of news, goes the advertiser-promoting route. Flash: There’s a tipping point where a journal or news show has such little news of any importance that it loses the minimal audience needed for survival. Maybe the younger people aren’t disinterested in news but just don’t feel they need to pay a premium for old news wrapped in bullshit.

Thanks to WikiLeaks we know who armed Libya?


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