Your Winning Reality Check

Just in case you actually might think the private sector would do the right thing on its own without pressure from some public sector policing — Hah! Not at Fukushima Daiichi.

Leadership we could have had....

I suppose the people destroying America will over-reach at some point and everything will collapse — you know, sort of 2008 but longterm, not momentary — but the question isn’t if that’ll happen — it’s the nature of the beast — but how much longterm harm will have been done first.

Let’s say the airstrikes against Libya accomplish something. What’s next, I mean really next?

So. It would be illegal to refuse to hire or give tenure to a stupid, ignorant teacher of lies.

So much for the “A C.E.O. Can’t Know Everything Going on at His Company” defense.

Always wanted the South to secede again. Here’s hopin’ and prayin’.

You'll have to click on this to see it but my big question about Fukushima Daiichi compared to Three Mile Island is answered (a fraction, thus far).

If you still think the nuclear aspect is so awful — me, I say it’s the least of the three disasters, at least for now — this’ll help you worry.


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