Ah, that was then… no more:

In journalism, there has always been a tension between getting it first and getting it right. — Ellen Goodman

Tennessee has the Wisconsin cancer.

Doomed! No one cares about long-term high unemployment.

Doomed! We’re Japan, economically, and that’s not good.

In my paradise, the money goes to renewables instead of nukes.

In the 60s, the Republicans were ostracized as the party solely for the wealthy (which is to say a little un-American) — it really still is, just way more so.

Sometimes, real leadership is needed but when it’s needed after decades of debasement, you can have a problem, right, Japan?

Leadership we need: Terrorist-supporting Teabagger Joe Miller.

Leadership we need: Mentally-questionable lying whore Spencer Bachus.

The healthcare system in a nutshell: Providing fairly priced and safe healthcare is second to enriching executives.


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