I’ve not always agreed with Governor Perry’s politics, but Rick Perry is a nice, personable guy. — a reporter we don’t need in view of his inability to recognize what’s important.

I love this kind of stuff — gives you hope the world can be fuctional, somewhere:

(More here.)

Pathetic Teabagged* Wisconsin. (*Oops! Forgot I’m trying to avoid labels and go strictly for acts and substance, I suppose allowing the Reader to figure out whether one group is worse than another. Of course, labels are a great flag to enable better electoral choices but I got spanked on the Facebook for it so it’s getting cranked down….)

The Federal version of Wisconsin starts.

Looks more and more like Obomba is going to help the, uh, opposition party destroy Social Security. (Must… remember… 2012 opponent… even worse….) Immediate prior Fail: Punishing banks — never’ll happen.

The nuclear disaster in Japan possibly has a minor silver lining.

If not traitor, at least disgrace. (I'm sure he didn't mean it the way it sounded. They never do.)

This says something about our times.


Another one reality keeps from being funny....

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