Slow Start

Careful. We don’t want to learn from this. — Bill Watterson

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Bad as the nuclear plant disaster in Japan is, it would be worse here because we’re far less preparedfar worse.

But Japan could have done an even better job, maybe. But who in their right mind would possibly think a private actor would do a better job in regard to safety without government requirements and enforcement than without?

Doomed! Another Fail for Obomba: He apparently supports and enables a government shutdown. How he loves to empower his, and America’s, enemies.

I will be pleasantly shocked if this accomplishes anything much. Minimum requirement: Walker's ouster, Dem majorities in both houses and the Godawful bill completely legislated out of law. Unless something that can't be corrected happens first. This Teabag revolution must implode but the question is what permanent harm gets left behind.

Doomed! Policy is set based solely on lies, no facts or truth allowed. I mean, if you ignore what worked in the 1930s, you’re not going fix the current economic crisis unless you’re willing to wait a couple of decades….

Doomed! According to Ross Douthat, idiocy like a third ongoing war rules Our Leaders and that’s a good thing.

Another obit for America: What’s being lost.

Now I’m scared….


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