The Republicans Strike at America Again; Who Needs Terrorists When These are Your Leaders?

Great traitor. And in 2010, they dishonestly ran as defenders of Medicare -- and retards believed them!

Scott Walker: Uncompromising union-buster — as predicted — and destroyer of democracy. This is not old school conservatism but anti-Americanism. You know, since the extreme rich and powerful love them and the Big Media enable them, there’s only one solution…. Hey look! Too little too late — the modern American way! (Note: It is not a “shocker” when a psycho acts psychotically.)

Traitor. Enabler of terrorists.

The paper of record draws the brightline when it comes to waterboarding = torture: It’s only torture when everyone does it except U.S.A. Times, you may have crossed the line where, like every other Big Media outlet — every one — your continued existence is irrelevant. Well the Schulzberger/Ochs family put shitheads in charge because the overall company was profitable, so this is what you get. Shameful shit. Greenwald:

So according to The New York Times, it’s journalistically improper to call waterboarding “torture” — when done by the United States, but when Nazi Germany (or China) does exactly the same thing, then it may be called “torture” repeatedly and without qualification. An organization which behaves this way may be called many things; “journalist” isn’t one of them.

In the land of bullshit, here’s a real American hero.

All I can say is one vile, enabling mouth of anti-American Beltway idiocy has finally been shut. One can only pray he isn’t replaced. More likely, we just get a slight break for a few days or a couple of weeks of one less mouth spewing shit. Why, this makes one wish there was a hell for this guy, and all like him….

The utter and complete asshole that is Newt Gingrich.

Wait a minute! The Teabaggers aren’t xenophobic? When did they stop?? To me, enabling destroyers of America’s worse than being xenophobic but what do I know?

Oh, wait here: The Times did a little reporting and discovered Chris Christie is a big fat fucking liar — surely a scoop. You know, what a responsible journalist would do regularly when any pol makes any claim. But that was then, now the lies are just given credibility instead…. Here is more typical reporting from the Times; is this necessary?


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