After Reading this Albeit Short Post Drenched with the Dishonesty of Our Leaders, One May Well Wonder Why One Shouldn’t Just Go Back to Bed….


(More here.)

The lies of Scott Walker:

(More here.)

Twenty (20) of Walker’s lies, excluding the part of the bill allowing the governor to give away ownership of state resources to private sector cronies.

The truth about Walker’s lies about the state pensions.

Traitors and tax cheats. In the old days, they'd get prosecuted and, at the least, Mr. Justice Thomas would be disbarred. But of course, now things are different.

The Radical Right may well be on to something, sort of: Is education in fact overvalued?

It would be lovely if the unrest in the Mideast and collapse of old oil regime would spur development of alternatives… not that I expect it to happen….

Any self-serving corruption here? In modern journalistic practice, the ultimate question goes unanswered: The director was required to recuse herself when personal conflicts arose. Did she in this case?

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